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I am a unrepresented scriptwriter currently offering to write script for small production companies and aspiring film-makers. My first film, a black comedy currently untitled is in pre-production for next year and I have been recently short-listed in short comedy sketch writing challenge. I am working on my own script to establish myself professionally and until then am networking and trying to create writing opportunities for myself to hopefull land me some much desired credentials!

I completed my degree in combined media production and drama in 2012 and am really eager to create ideas and scripts for films. I am capable of directing, producing and editing as I have access to certain eqipment and final cut pro but my ideal film-making project would be a collaborative one.

I completed my combined degree in 2012 and since have been doing short films and theatre. I am only willing to work unpaid on productions that offer an IMDb credit or that has the promise of being entered into festivals and gaining mass exposure

I teach street-dance, hip-hop, break and contemporary and compete in the open category in SDI and UDO streetdance competitions.