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Liverpool, Merseyside

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Get a free quote from this professional


With over 15 years of experience, Chris Greco can make your special event, a party to remember. Chris works locally around Merseyside and deals personally with every event, only to guarantee the success of your party. No DJ assistants. You ask for DJ Chris Greco, you will get DJ Chris Greco and only.

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There is no secret keeping a party dancing all night long. There is talent though. The dj should 'read' the guests from their age, possibly the way they dressed and they speak and then experiment with genres. Big mistake for a dj is to have a standard playlist that follows every time. You should always 'read' the party and be ready to react, if your musical guess is not right.

I do not belong to a specific musical 'style'. I am a mobile dj that covers from new business opening parties, weddings, birthdays to hen parties and loads of special events. So, the ranges of age, cultures and backgrounds are massive. A dj has a 'style' when he stays at a specific location (bar/ club) and guests go there to listen to him. When the dj goes to a special event, there should be no 'style'. Just 'row with the flow'!

Landmarking someone's special event with good music and joy.Making people happy on their special day. Making people enjoy the party.

Through my life, I understood that for every dj, there are certain factors that may affect your job. Even if you are the best dj in the world, but you're working for an unpopular club, or for an unfriendly manager, the people that like your music would never come to that club to listen to your music. So, I decided to become a mobile dj. Now instead of my guests visiting me, I am going to them!!

Local, self employed dj with over 15 years of experience and with loads of respect for my clients and their hard- earned money. Motivation, punctuality and professionalism are the keywords. For me, every single event is a new 'first day at work'. You should always try your best to impress, leave no space for mistakes.