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I offer online and face to face coaching, helping clients find solutions to their needs.

For the last 10 years I've been coaching individuals from many different backgrounds and industries. As a naturally curious person the skills required in coaching have provided a doorway to discover unforeseen opportunities and answers to questions that have changed my own life and the lives of others.

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12 November 2020

Carla helped get me through a time of stuckness. Which had been going on for some time. In a way that was gentle and precise. Instinctively knowing when to prod and when to give me space.
We met every few weeks over lockdown (April-Sept 2020) and it was good to have that point of reference over a weird and wobbly time. And a space to ponder and reflect with Carla walking alongside me.
It's good to know now I can look back on the sessions if I get stuck going forward again. And take heart from them. Knowing that the way forward is there. And the tools to get there are in my hands.
Overall, a very positive, affirming, empowering experience. Which has led to a new found confidence and pro-activity. I'm moving forward again in the things I love doing!
Thank you Carla!


Journeying with clients as they realise they already have everything within them to find the solutions to the questions they are asking.
Seeing clients have aha moments.

The flexibility of being able to work anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Because they want to make profound, real life changes.


Working with individuals and teams I specialise in
- team building through creativity
- improving sustainability and the 'green' aspect your company.

As well as an ICF (International Coaching Federation) trained coach, I'm also a professional artist and permaculture specialist. Putting these strands together means I bring a creatively environment edge to my business coaching.

Being 'greener' can bring tax benefits as well as improving the wellbeing of ourselves, our staff and the planet. I can help you think through and create a plan to become more green, more sustainable, which, as the problems of climate change get worse, could be a life saving move.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

And if the tax relief interests you, do look at what the government says about it:
You can pay less tax by applying for schemes to help you demonstrate that you’re operating more efficiently and producing waste that’s less damaging. (https://www.gov.uk/green-taxes-and-reliefs)