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Canary Wharf Academy Limited is the leading training provider in the United Kingdom with covering 40 different training venue offering vocational and career oriented courses. We have outstanding performance with huge number of learners every corner in the country.

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332 customer reviews

15 January 2022

I spoke to DAVID on the live chat service she was fast to respond and polite and explained things thoroughly.

10 January 2022

I spoke with David on the online chat who helped me enrol on my course. Very friendly and professional thank you Canary Wharf Academy

6 January 2022


3 January 2022

I have completed my lvl 3 AET with the help of my tutor . I did it all online so it was a bit of a struggle to keep motivated. I got the help that I needed from tutor when I asked for it. He was very quick with his replies and gave good feedback to tell me what I needed to do to complete the work. THANK YOUβ€ŽπŸ˜ƒβ€ŽπŸ˜ƒβ€Ž More...

1 January 2022

Very cooperative tutor and a good learning environment.
Thanks for good service.πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

15 December 2021

I completed level 3 assessment course by canary wharf academy. Alam she was supported me through the course, studying with Canary Wharf Academy was very good, I felt the progress in my knowledge and skills everyday.
Thank and recommended to all.

15 December 2021

highly recommended this course CAVA . easy way to understand and step by step explanations ,amazing .

Tutor cecilia, thanks madam by regular support and comments and kind suggestions .

12 December 2021

Very interesting course, I learnt a great deal. The course tutor Cecilia was a tremendous help throughout and always responded promptly to any questions. I would recommend the course.

10 December 2021

I recently completed a level 3 course Award in Education and Training.
The method of teaching suited me very well. You can log on line and work as when you choose. This suits a flexible lifestyle and convenient for anyone looking to study.
My assessments were marked quickly and excellent constructive feedback offered as well as encouragement during each stage.
Id definitely recommend and would like to develop my training further using on demand online training techniques.

24 November 2021

Great deal from this course and it's great to have long term access to the study material.

24 November 2021

Learnt a lot from this well-designed course.
Thanks Canary Wharf Academy.

18 November 2021

The positive handling training was very interactive and I gained more insight to how to work with young people, some de-escalating strategies, the benefits of team work and most of all the importance of awareness at all times.

8 November 2021

Emmanuel is one of the kind and great instructor i have every met!!! Happy for everything with Canary wharf academy

5 November 2021

I like the Practical demonstration of the teaching called Micro teach!!
very useful, worth doing level 3 Aet course , thank you Canary wharf academy

25 October 2021

Fantastic staff & trainer of canary wharf academy.
Got certificate today for assessor certificate course.
Recommended this company to others

25 October 2021

teaching assistance course have done successfully from canery wharf academy limited. Recommended others this company.
Good training company ..

23 October 2021

Canary wharf academy is one of the best training provider i have seen,,, I have just finished AET course from here and now waiting for certificate. Hope to get very soon. recommended academy More...

21 October 2021

myy experience with this course and academy was amazing,,
happy to enrol on more course with canary wharf academy

22 August 2021

did aet course with canary wharf academy,, hope see you guys soon 😎

8 August 2021

absolutely amazing adult teaching level 3 aet course and gave me the knowledge and some extra tips about how to deliver a session for the beauty academy, thanks all at Canary Wharf Academy.

9 July 2021

I couldn’t be anymore happier.
Huge thanks to all at Canary Wharf Academy...

19 June 2021

Canary Wharf Academy is a great academy so far i had some experience πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Over 6 months I sent 8 member of staffs on different courses . all had good experience received their qualification. I will be using them in future More...

15 June 2021

I have done Adult Teacher training Level 3: Award in Education & Training (AET) Course with Canary Wharf Academy, they are amazing people. would be highly recommending the πŸ˜€ More...

27 May 2021

It was a very organised course and received professional service..

6 May 2021

received some great service from canary wharf academyπŸ‘

27 April 2021

Informative course
helpful admin people.
The videos the sent were very helpful prior to the coursework!!!

22 April 2021

Good course with a great teacher, honestly I really liked it,, soo it's a 5 star and will recommend Canary Wharf Academy.

6 April 2021


30 March 2021

Have received amazing service and support from Canary Wharf Academy!!

12 March 2021

I cant think of anything better, really worthy and this people are professional
Canary Wharf Academy is in my short list πŸ˜€

10 March 2021

great online Level 3 Award in Education & Training AET Course. Our course tutor was very engaging and very thorough, the admin people were so helpful. Lucy

5 March 2021

done level 3 CM SIA Trainer course, teacher was very professional and whole training was pleasant πŸ˜€

2 March 2021

I am very impressed with training πŸ‘

27 February 2021

would hugely recommend this centre .

25 February 2021

lovely people
great experience
love their teaching style

16 February 2021

good course, like their service

16 February 2021

have done 2 courses with Canary Wharf Academy.
Level 3 Adult Teacher Trainer AET Course and Level 3: Award in Assessing Vocational Related Achievement TAQA course. .
have received a great service and training.

13 February 2021

I would highly recommend taking a course with Canary Wharf Academy, they are really good and professional.

12 February 2021

very helpful staff,
supportive course leader
Thank you all at this academy

7 February 2021

Great course content
very supportive team
a great tutor on my course.

4 February 2021

Very helpful. admin people
just completed aet course
I look forward to my new career as trainer.

1 February 2021


27 January 2021

Amazing Course ❀️
Will Come Back to Canary Wharf Academy again

18 January 2021


4 January 2021

have done my b1 english test to renew PCO licence.

good place and good people ,

4 January 2021

I would recommend Canary Wharf Academy to anyone looking for Adult teacher training AET course!