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Our mission at Cadmus Tutors is simple: to enhance knowledge, build confidence and inspire our students.

Our team of dedicated, experienced and friendly professionals consistently go above and beyond to ensure that each student realises their potential.

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17 July 2020

We are brothers from London. Anna is our tutor for 6 years. First she was our tutor in London when mum wanted us to prepare for the best London schools. Then suddenly in 2017 my mum got a job in a French speaking country. Anna agreed to fly there with our mum and for 2 days they were seeing all the schools to pick the best one for us. After 6 months she visited us here to make sure we were settled. She even got used to teaching us math the French way which is quite different than the British way. Still after 3 years she is in our life to make sure we succeed not only with Maths but how to take assessments and to have the right attitude and confidence. Our favourite memory of Anna is that she would call and ask to speak with us not our mum. Usually the night before exams she called to remind us we will do well, to focus and believe in ourself. If we don’t call or at least text after the exam to say how we did she will chase us. She really cares for our success. We are doing great. Thank you Anna ! More...