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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Rated one of the TOP THREE Dog Trainers in Aylesbury by ThreeBestRated®️ for 2019 AND 2020!

I want people and their dogs to be happier and more harmonious.

With a Master's Degree in Animal Behaviour Management and just under 5 years of practical experience;

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28 September 2020

So this review is over due, but we worked with Cecilia on a 1:1 online puppy training and it was great. We didn't really know how to go about teaching certain behaviours and it was so worth it, thank you!

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2 August 2020

We've been working with Cecilia since lockdown eased off. My rescue street dog Tanzy is loving but has a few behavioural issues which we have all been working on together. One of which is her reaction to my Dad. She has improved so much. We've still a small way to go but the change has been great so far. Highly recommend. More...

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1 August 2020

Ce's advice has helped to completely transform my dogs behaviour in so many situations. She is incredibly knowledgable, a great teacher and is very easy to talk to. I contacted Ce for help with my dogs pretty serious obsession with chasing birds. She gave us some excercises to try with the birds that had been successful with her own dogs and also helped me to understand how my dogs other issues, such as poor impulse control and frustration tolerance, where adding to her reaction to birds she couldn't chase and essentially making the problem worse. My dog will now walk nicely on a loose lead past birds and sometimes even ignores them completely, and if I do let her chase them, she comes back when call her! But aside from fixing the bird problem, addressing the impulse control issues has had incredible results. And made us both much happier! I can't thank Ce enough for what she's done for us. More...

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19 July 2020

We contacted Cecilia back in February after adopting our rescue dog Skip. We had some issues with barking and lunging at other dogs whilst on walks. The key to helping us was Cecilia’s ability to identify the reasons behind the reactivity. Once we did this and with the help of her own dogs, she was able to advise the best way to tackle the problem. Skips reactivity has improved SO much. We now go on weekly dog meets/walks with no problems whatsoever and Skip even goes off lead. Thank you for helping us and for giving me confidence. More...

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11 March 2020

Cecilia worked with me on my two labs Finn and Mollie. We live on a farm and whilst they know they’re boundaries at home, off the farm not so much. Well, we’ve worked together over a space of a few months and I’m so pleased with the results. Consistency and Cecilia belief in myself and the dogs proves you can get the results. Hard work, clear instructions and patience truly pays off. Learnt invaluable direction. Cannot thank you enough - from all of us! More...

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9 March 2020

Cecilia has given me lots of really good advice and tips which have proved to be invaluable, Thank you!

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28 February 2020

Cecilia helped us completely transform our dog fearing pup. Can’t thank her enough!

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24 January 2020

I adopted a 5 year old dog from a friend and was really excited and happy, having been desperate to have a dog for over 10 years. When I took my new fur baby out, I was devastated to find he couldn't go near or see another dog without going mental. I found Cecilia and I after a few sessions, I now have a dog who I can take out for walks in the knowledge that he not only accepts being around other dogs without a peep but can now fully interact and play with other dogs. (I no longer have to hide behind cars if I see a dog approaching) Cecilia was amazing and really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her. More...

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6 December 2019

I first got in contact with Cecilia in October for my 3 dogs that all had various issues ranging from aggression to people and other dogs ,food possessive,toy possessive both resulting to aggression,no self control,no recall ,no respect for me as their pack leader ,the list goes on and in two months of only a few one to one sessions and home visits the improvement and impact she’s made is absolutely outstanding their now under control,show respect theirs no possessiveness with toys or food anymore ,she has completely changed them we still have work to do on the reactiveness of them engaging other people and dogs but I’ve honestly got to say I can’t recommend Cecilia enough she’s one of the best trainers out their and I’ve tried a few ,she’s friendly ,outgoing ,answers all questions and is very reasonably priced ,I look forward to the continued sessions with her and getting all my dogs on the right track ,10/10

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25 November 2019

Our sessions with Cecilia have made such a difference to our little headstrong boys !

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14 November 2019

My year old beagle was becoming reactive towards other dogs and it was making walking her increasingly unpleasant (particularly as I have a fear of dogs). We had our third and final session tonight with Cecillia and I can now say I am back to enjoying walking her, the support and advice she gave me has been invaluable. I can’t recommend her enough, if I ever need support with a dog she will be my first call without any hesitation she has such a deep knowledge and experience. More...

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14 November 2019

Cecilia was absolutely brilliant with our 3month old collie Luna. in our two sessions she helped us teach Luna the beginnings of fetch, to settle (not easy for a collie) and to stop chasing cars. The most impressive thing was to see how Cecilia watched and adapted to Luna to find the best way to show her the way. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend. More...

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28 October 2019

24 hours after dog training at home (well, owner training really) I can honestly say it was worth every penny! This morning my dog, Buddy had ripped the stuffing out of his bed & it was all over the living room floor. This took me 2 minutes to get him to listen, stop running off with more stuffing & clear up. If I hadn’t had the training with Cecilia, this probably would’ve taken me 20 minutes or more just to catch him & stop him eating the stuffing. Thank you Cecilia More...

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8 September 2019

Cecelia has been twice to visit us with our puppy Daisy! Both classes have covered more areas than we expected! Daisy has improved so much, in fact she's made more progress with these 2 sessions than she has with her puppy classes elsewhere! We highly recommend booking Cecelia, she's everything you could wish for. It's changed our puppy for the better + helped us deal with things in a much better way! More...

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7 September 2019

From the first session onwards, Cecilia showed great professionalism dealing both with a reactive Dachshund and not so confident owners. Within a couple of weeks Mia was peacefully greeting other dogs, had almost immediate recall and even learned to patiently wait for her turn at treat giveaway! Would recommend to anyone. More...

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28 August 2019

Cecilia was very easy to communicate with to organise a session quickly to assess my dogs issues over reactivity and barking. On the day she was polite, assertive and explained everything in detail making sure we were happy throughout. She ensured that we had covered everything we had planned to and we are looking forward to another session to consolidate the training. Would recommend! More...

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22 August 2019

Cecilia was fantastic with helping us with our Sprocker spaniel who needed to build boundaries and stop stealing food. Within the first session he had already mastered it, we just have to stay persistent. Thanks so much!

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7 August 2019

I had amazing advice for my rescue puppy that cried all night and wouldn’t settle, now he sleeps like a baby and I can now have 7 hours sleep every night. Definitely recommend C3

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21 July 2019

Cecilia is an excellent trainer, our two rescues get along really well with her. We managed to improve their loose lead walking, obedience and recall in just a couple sessions. Highly recommended!

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5 May 2019

Within a few minutes of Cecilia walking through the door, I saw completely different behaviour in my dogs - they responded to her firm, but gentle approach. Cecilia showed me strategies which made it clear to Rosco and Daisy what was expected of them. Looking forward to our next session out and about. Would highly recommend More...

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26 March 2019

Excellent training and advice from Cecilia, brilliant work with our puppy and great results with just the first session, would highly recommend

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19 March 2019

Cecilia was very helpful and supportive, very easy to talk to and helpful. Follows up with you to make sure things are going ok. Thank you so much for your help and support. More...

6 March 2019

Cecilia is absolutely great. She has been fantastic with our two Akitas. There is a huge improvement after the first session in dogs behaviour. Cecilia is very knowledgebale, she can read dogs'mind. It is a real pleasure to work with Cecilia More...

4 February 2019

Cecilia spent an hour working with our two dogs and their issues, which were fairly minor but needed addressing. There were definite improvements after such a short time, and we can see further improvements when continuing to use the same strategies. Cecilia has a gentle but firm way which our dogs really responded to. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! More...

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I love the exhilarating feeling when I can help an owner and their dog work together to overcome a problem.

It always makes me feel absolutely ecstatic when I see the relationship grow between a dog and their owner, especially because I've been able to play a part in that.

After seeing multiple success with my clients and their dogs, I decided to finally take the plunge into going self-employed and I have not looked back since.

I love helping dogs and their families and being able to solely run this business meant that I could devote even more of my time towards doing this.

I have a Master's Degree in Animal Behaviour Management, meaning my training methods are backed by, and based on, behavioural science. I believe in a positive approach, which means I do not believe in using forceful methods to rectify behavioural issues.

I am also a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).


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