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Romford, Essex


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Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach who specialises in getting the very best for the client’s needs. Every client is given treatment to achieve their desired goals, be it short or mid-term or long goal, whether it’s to lose weight, put on weight, get fit, or simply want to change their life, I also provide nutrition advice.

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16 October 2020

Before meeting Bruce, I've had two other pt's that was training me but I always thought that I could do more once my session was over. I dont get this with Bruce, he will push me to my limits which is something I really like doing and I now once I'm finished my day with him I have to go home to relax. I would highly recommend Bruce.... Thank you so much x More...


It is important to know what the client's goals are before we start training. They must be realistic, be prepared to spend time at least twice per week to train, change nutrition if advisable and willing to work to achieve goal. As a fitness coach with Doctor's Referral qualification I am qualified to work with people with some injuries, health problems including obesity. Each client is given a personal program to work with and I am always available for questions and advice.

To be motivated, keep that dream even when you have a bad day and you just want to sit down, remember why you went through the pain last week and not to waste that moment. Treat your body with respect as it will recall in times if you abused it or not i.e. smoking, drinking (too much) eating badly, these are some of the things that when your body fails, it's just from what it has ben through. Exercise is a of showing respect to your body

I love to see the look on the faces of each client 3/4 weeks after they have started of what they have achieved, because I always tell them what I expect of them and what they should achieve in that time-frame. Once they can see the gains, they become more inspired and that is usually where we begin on another level of accomplishment.

I broke my neck and ruptured my right shoulder in a road accident 3 years ago. The pain and discomfort that I suffered were at times unbearable. Asking for help at the hospitals was a total waste of time, as they had one book to work from and individuals should be treated as such. As a Level 3 PT I did the best I could for myself, but I knew that I needed more information to get back on my feet, that is when I enrolled to do Level 4 Strength & Conditioning and Doctor Referral courses. With the knowledge that I learned I was able to help myself and I have used that knowledge to help others. I love to work with people who are challenged and want to make a better life for themselves

At the time of my accident I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Not wanting to use any medication I put myself through a rigorous training program to get my fitness level higher. Four months later I went for my checkup and found that my reading had dropped 5 points which I was told it had never been done before. Tell me what you want and you and I will work our socks, legs, arms, abs, everything to achieve that goal. As long as hard is acknowledged as part of the program then i am the best any client can choose.


I'm able to provide one to one sessions to those who may live close to enough to travel to Hainult in Ilford in a studio which is not crowded and very clean. Check out PT Studio One. I also provide nutrition advice as well as Doctor Referral for with some health problems and online training sessions to anywhere as I have clients in Canada as well as this country.