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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I can help you with a range of issues such as stopping smoking, weight control, overcoming habits, nail biting, fears and phobias (eg stage fright, public speaking, food aversion, fear of flying, motorway driving), sleeping problems / insomnia, confidence, anxiety, alcohol problems, exam nerves, skin problems, relationship problems, general axiety, social anxiety, confidence in the work place, pain management, pregnancy and childbirth fears and many other issues.

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13 November 2019

Bridgette helped me enormously with a phobia - she is professional, calming and works magic in a lovely non-clinical environment. The whole process was really straightforward. Highly recommended. More...

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27 October 2019

Bridgette is amazing. She has really helped me be in control of many of my fears, panic and anxieties, (fear of travel, tubes, lifts, being out of my comfort zone, dentists, hospitals, irrational thoughts and worrying about what if's are to name but a few). For a long time I have suffered with this awful anxiety which has stopped me from doing things I wanted to do especially travel. I came to see Bridgette back in April, 3 days before I was due to fly to Cyprus with my family after having a complete meltdown and not wanting to go.This was my second time flying. Bridgette helped me to get on the plane even though I was still anxious and I had a lovely holiday. I continued to see Bridgette for more sessions to help with other anxieties and after a stressful year and a bereavement. I now go in lifts, travel on tubes and trains. Bridgette helped me with my fear of dentists and hospitals, which after the holiday I needed wisdom tooth extraction in hospital under general anesthetic. Also I have driven on roads which I avoided incase of a panic attack but my most recent is that I have just returned from my second holiday to Cyprus this year and really felt the benefit from all the sessions. A month before this trip I started to feel anxious again and came to Bridgette again. She worked wonders! My family really noticed a massive difference. Yes I was still a little nervous prior to travelling but Bridgette helped to change my thinking process into the anxious feelings are excitement and not worries. Well, the night before, I slept without anxious tummy and panic attacks, got to airport calm and even though the airport was extremely busy I still felt reasonably calm. Time to board and thoughts were can't wait to get on and relax, read my book, listen to music etc. Flight was fantastic! So relaxed and happy! Was still calm when we was stuck on runway waiting for plane to find a spot to take off and then when we landed we had same problem, but still calm and relaxed.Throughout whole holiday I did not worry about any "what if's?" and had the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. No worries about flight home! Flight home was amazing and my mother in law commented on how well I was doing even though there were a few hiccups on the plane with my daughter feeling ill (which I would normally get in a panic about) and a passenger falling ill with pilot asking if a doctor was on board. Mother in law thought we might have to land at nearest airport and was feeling worried even though she is a frequent traveller, but I was so calm! No panic, no butterflies, no sweating, no shaking, no felling sick! Thank you so much Bridgette. I would recommend her services. She really has helped someone with years of suffering and not living life to the full. Only been back a day and have been planning next journey! More...

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1 August 2019

Gave up smoking using Bridgette's stop smoking hypnotherapy. It has been 2 weeks and I haven't wanted to smoke once. Highly recommend.

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3 June 2019

Just want to say a big thank you to Bridgette who helped me to reach my ideal weight with a course of hypnotherapy sessions. Not only did she help me to achieve this but also made me realise what I was eating before was just junk food and got me into the mindset to eat more healthily. I was also given simple CBT exercises that I found extremely helpful to do between sessions. More...

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24 April 2019

I have been to Bridgette for several reasons and each time has been successful. I also recently took my very needle phobic son to see her recently in advance of school immunisations. After just one session he didn’t feel as anxious and actually decided not to go for a 2nd session. He breezed the injections! Thoroughly recommend Bridgette for helping you through phobias, smoking cessation or any of her other treatments. More...

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4 March 2019

I cannot thank Bridgette enough for how much she has helped me with hypnotherapy. I started seeing her in October as I suffer with generalised anxiety disorder which I have had from a young age. Different things trigger me and at the time I was struggling with my commute into London on the train & was having panic attacks. I also had a long haul flight approaching in the January which I was dreading (to say the least) & was fearing going away which I should of be been looking forward to as was a dream holiday.From my first session I started to feel more myself and she made me feel so comfortable with no judgement what so ever. Every session I would learn different techniques which I still use now and automatically if I’m in a situation that triggers my anxiety I know how to deal with it.I got on my two flights which were 20 hours in total with no problems at all and had a great holiday. I now try and go to see Bridgette every couple of months for my general well being as I find it helps me to be myself and enjoy life as well as addressing any issues I’m having.People can be skeptical but I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is worth every penny and I couldn’t recommend her more. More...

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4 November 2018

I have been to Bridgette for a number of sessions for different matters and she has helped me on each occasion. She provides a relaxed and calm environment and eradicates any fear of hypnosis by providing a clear explanation of the session and how it works. I have recommended at least 10 people to her for smoking cessation (which can be achieved in just one session) and none of them has ever smoked again! I thoroughly recommend Bridgette. More...

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4 October 2018

I can recommend this service for rat phobia 'fear of rats' which I had immense anxiety until I had a session with Bridgette Mansfield Hypnotherapy. Bridgette performed 'hypnosis for anxiety' to help me deal with the phobia which was affecting my family and own state of mind. I was able to move back into my family home and deal with the rodents in a calm and measured manner. I still use the techniques she taught me to control my feelings when I get stressed or feel anxious in other areas. Thank you Bridgette you were a life saver! More...

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4 October 2018

Bridgette is absolutely "magic" - she helps so many people to overcome so many things effortlessly - from fear of flying, to giving up smoking, from getting children to eat healthily who had never touched fruit, just pizza, after just one session were eating foods they'd never have ever tried, from weight loss, to getting over phobias. And Bridgette also helps many couples to give birth via her fantastic hypnobirthing classes and 1:2:1s.Bridgette makes such a difference to peoples lives - totally recommend her More...

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I love to help people overcome their problems, fears, phobias, unwanted habits etc and seeing the transformation in a short period of time.

I decided to become a Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing educator after the birth of my second son. I had wonderful experiences with both my sons but at that time, I had not heard of HypnoBirthing until I read about it afterwards and realised that during birthing my sons, I was in a state of hypnosis without even knowing it!

I felt so empowered by the whole experience, I wanted to be able to share the knowledge and make other women aware that there is an alternative from the "a Cesarean section is the norm" mentality, or that birthing is always accompanied by excruciating pain. I am enthusiastic and passionate about HypnoBirthing techniques and want to help mothers achieve a more natural, calm and joyful birthing experience that they can look back at with great memories. I therefore decided to train in hypnotherapy and then hypnobirthing.

I have many years experience in hypnosis and NLP and have had fantastic results. I am proud to say that I am a recommended hypnotherapist in Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Southgate and surrounding areas and referred to for hypnotherapy on a regular basis as I aim to provide lifelong solutions to a wide range of issues.

I am also extremely passionate about how hypnotherapy can help with all kinds of problems especially hypnosis for stopping smoking, weight control hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy for anxiety, habits, insomnia, fears & phobias and hypnobirthing and I am confident that my hypnotherapy in North London can help.