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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


My company is at the forefront of providing businesses and organisations with up to date brand awareness online and across social media platforms to reach their clients where they are now more than ever. I provide my clients with effective up to date digital marketing strategy that can gain them more customers and sales.

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6 June 2020

So far so good, since I started using it just over a week ago. No issues with quality or exporting.

28 April 2020

Will recommend it, because it has really helped my page by advertising my business ,thanks alots.

25 April 2020

Eruvwu has a passion for social media, good marketing skills and her book Branding 101 has useful tips and tools to effectively create a brand identity.

Branding 101 Book

Reply from Branding 101 Book

Thank you so much for your vote of confidence Gloria.

24 April 2020

Eruvwu has been the go-to media manager for our company since we went digital, creating our website, Facebook fan page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. With her help, we have launched our very first advertising campaign. We would highly recommend her services. More...

Branding 101 Book

Reply from Branding 101 Book

I appreciate your saying so.

23 April 2020

Eruvwu has been the social media manager for Pneuma Christian Centre for a few years and through the creation of our Facebook page has created huge engagement for us. We have an active Instagram and Twitter page because of her tireless work in creating our online presence. More...

Branding 101 Book

Reply from Branding 101 Book

Thank you so much, I am grateful for the opportunity. It's been a wonderful and rewarding experience.


The versatility of it all. I could be creating banners one day, posting engaging contents another day, helping to create a website or advertising and marketing another day. Especially with the current lockdown situation, I love the benefit of remote working, being able to consult virtually and showing my clients how to do the same.

My children. I know the importance of leaving an inheritance to my children that will even extend to their own children.

I have a range of experience ranging from affiliate marketing, network marketing and working from home since 2003. I have seen the benefit of advertising and marketing on businesses and organisations and aim to bring my experience to my clients business. Now, with the new normal, I am showing business owners how to move their business online and provide the right solutions to current client problems. I also show clients how to get paid even when their customers don't buy from them and most importantly, how to protect their income and save a portion of their income in affordable gold. I go even further and help my clients get paid in gold as a way of protecting the value of their income. Ask me about virtual working solutions and or opening a free gold account today.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a new normal for all of us and things have changed, this includes the way we do business.

Contact me today for a consultation on how to take your business online and how you can best provide solutions to your customers' present struggles.

The old way of doing things no longer works, you need to know how to work virtually, provide solutions and be profitable. I can show you how.

Businesses are going online to gain an online presence which is a great idea seeing that's where their potential customers are interacting.

Having a Facebook fan page, for instance, is a great way to start gaining recognition for your brand and getting engagement. The reason being is a Facebook account is free and advertising to your niche is quite cheap at the time of writing. My research has found it's the cheapest of all the major social media sites.

Also, owning a website is a great foundation for creating brand awareness and where you have full reign of your creative content. Your customers are going online, shouldn't you be also?

I have been creating videos and banners for many years and it a quick and fun way to share interesting facts about your business, product or service on social media.

I love tailoring marketing tools and resources to my customer's needs and it's what I have done for many years.

So, now with the current lockdown and more people spending time online, this is the time to get creating to draw in the right customers to you using the right working methods.

Having a secure website is the foundation for all viable businesses and where potential customers can find out about what a business has to offer.

I recommend that all my clients have a website, which I can help them with and if they already have one, I encourage them to transfer to my host provider.

The reason being it has a wealth of resources which is hugely beneficial for the traditional and home business owner. Chief of which is the advantage of having the potential to pay for itself and earn a residual income to boot. It truly is second to none (and I have tried a few over the years!)