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Brand Buzz Incorporated provides creative and innovative design solutions, web/app development, video production, content and digital marketing services to the most discerning clients.

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2 September 2022

We would recommend Brand Buzz to anyone who is looking to get their brand out there. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and always doing what they can to help. We are lucky to have found them!

2 September 2022

Thanks for creating a user friendly website for our organization. We love the simplicity and ease of use. Our members are able to easily signup and get involved in campaigns.

1 September 2022

We have received nothing but positive feedback on our new website. Our customers seem to be very pleased with the look and feel of our new website, which looks great! Once again, a big thanks to Brand Buzz for making it possible. More...


Website development is a process of developing a website for the internet or intranet. It ranges from developing a simple static page of plain text to a complex web-based internet application, social network services, and electronic businesses. There is a more comprehensive list of tasks that involve designing a website such as web engineering, web design, web server, network security, web content development, and many more.

When designing a website, there are technical as well as artistic aspects that a designer needs to be familiar with. In order to create a unique website, the designer has to understand the vision of the brand and the philosophy of the company. The process is as much mechanical as it is creative. The whole process needs a detailed description but we here present you the summary.

During the initial phase of the process, you need to understand the purpose, main goals, and target audiencewhich the websitewill try to reach out. This step is all about discovering and researching and will determine how the subsequent steps will look like.

At the next stage of the website development process, the developer creates the data that will determine what the look of the site will be. Based on the research in the previous phase, he/she creates a sitemap that describes the relation between the main areas of the website. This step provides a foundation and a framework for further steps in the process.

Once the designer has a sitemap, he can proceed with the visual content such as images, photos, and video creation. The website has to be developed by keeping in mind the customers and target audience of the website.

At Brand Buzz web designing and development is considered an art and our team of Da Vincis and Picassos strive to transform complex ideas into interactive and user-friendly web solutions. We provide a spectrum of unique designs with an option of custom designing so that your business is a stand out in the digital world.

We have a history with well-accomplished web developers with whom we plan on creating our future. Through a keen focus on business objectives, our developers have successfully launched some top-ranking websites for renowned clients across the globe.

We offer online solutions for industries, institutions, and businesses regardless of the size and complexity of the requirements.


We offer comprehensive solutions when it comes to website design and development. Our capabilities include project scoping (including competitor analysis), site architecture and wireframe building, visual designing and layouts, web development and coding, content writing services, testing and review, and site maintenance with regular monitoring and updating.

Our high-tech individuals strive to innovate high-yielding mobile applications and digitally transform the existing ones while refusing to compromise on an irreproachable consumer experience. From the beginning to the fruitful end, we make sure that our client receives an application which is innovative, interactive and, most importantly, comprehensive. Our talented team works rigorously to help you realise your true potential and deliver the best possible.

As experienced market professionals we believe branding to be your true commercial representation. Branding is beyond the company logo, its theme or its shades. It is the manner in which your organization is marketed to the general audience, corresponding to your product(s) and/or service(s). As a creative branding agency, we build brand identities that are unequaled, exemplary and classifiable. Whether it’s a brand modification or creating a new identity from the ground up, we render brands that provide a convincing, long-lasting impression.

We are living in a world of multi-dimensional motions and movements around us. When it comes to engaging and absorbing content, nothing can withstand the captivating powers of video content. Our video production department employs cutting-edge crafting techniques to elegantly design your graphics, giving your brand the desired results. We connect you to a digital world spun around fun, entertainment and growth.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, whatever your content needs are, we’ve got you covered! Our ability to undertake content development projects of all sizes and keep a lid on your costs makes us one of the best content writing agencies on the web. Internet content is being created so vastly that your content can quickly get lost on the Internet. Your web content needs to be original, compelling and informative.

Our dynamic writing team and highly-experienced editorial board continues to amaze clients with their meticulous writing, editing, and proofreading skills. From content writing for business optimization purposes to ghostwriting services that encompass diverse writing genres, our writing maestros are pros that continually exceed client expectations. Our writing team is made up of cordial individuals and creative storytellers who love discussing company visions and delivering services that match wavelengths with our clients.

Increase online traffic towards your website, generate more leads and convert potential leads into actual sales - all with the full range of SEO services from Brand Buzz. Our different SEO packages all have only one goal: make your website pages search-engine friendly and improve visibility for increased page views. SEO experts at Brand Buzz are seasoned technical gurus who work their magic on multiple fronts, e.g. strategic keyword research, optimized content development, Google knowledge graphs, local business listings, on-page optimization, off-page work including backlinking, conversion optimization, SEO site review including monthly rankings and traffic report. We are very thorough with our SEO work, conducting regular monitoring, reputation management and content reviewing, including keyword adjustments to improve your search listings constantly.