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Leeds, England


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


BPM is run by Exercise Physiologist/Sports Scientist, Jon Robinson. In terms of academic qualifications, Jon has a greater level of expertise than the most advanced Personal training qualifications by a factor of 15x (as verified by industry training providers themselves).

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11 customer reviews

13 November 2018

Put the music on loud, pedal really hard and burn loads of calories!

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13 November 2018

I am officially a spin addict! This place is awesome, the loveliest and most passionate people you could wish for and such a fun atmosphere!!

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15 March 2018

Love BPM! Jen, Jon & all the instructors are friendly, welcoming and v knowledgeable. Great mix of spin and strength classes. Really keeping me on track with my fitness as I enjoy being there and always leave feeling hyped. Thanks guys More...

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12 March 2018

Really knowledgeable staff with a wealth of experience. Im not usually a fan of "gyms" but BPM has got me hooked. Motivational cycling/spinning classes with fun instructors, strength training opportunities and yoga. They've got it all going on. Highly recommended. More...

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12 January 2017

Just in town so a once off visit (until next trip). I do a bucket load of indoor bike training as well as MTB so this was perfect while travelling for work. Form the first phone call through to the end, the staff were great! More...

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7 November 2016

Nice place, good facilities, great atmosphere and people. All the instructors are friendly and professional, I recommend checking it out if you're in the area!

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19 April 2016

Amazing! I've never stuck with anything (fitness-wise) like I've stuck with spinning at BPM. The sessions and instructors are great and the setup/sound system is fantastic. I started for the spinning but ended up doing yoga, circuits and capoeira as well. Lost loads of weight and I'm fitter than I've been since I was a teenager. A hidden gem of gym! :) More...

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4 March 2016

BPM makes getting fit so much fun! It's clubbing on bikes! It's the first time in years that I've stuck to doing regular exercise. And it's not just about getting fit either - Jen, Jon and the team really help you to BE WELL by offering a mix of classes that take a holistic approach to heath and fitness. Great service guys - Can't thank you enough! More...

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15 February 2016

This gym has 3 types of bikes (Wattbikes, Spin and Cycleops), then they've got Zwift where you can race against hundreds of online cyclists, google connected to your bike with automatic resistant depending on the gradient, and spinning classes if that was not enough.

I doubt you'll be able to get bored in this gym, as they also do personalised training plans to improve wattage, endurance, etc.

RPM Labs in Leeds is by far the best cycling gym I've ever been !!!

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2 January 2016

I love it. Brilliant atmosphere, the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet, and a great and fun way to lose weight and tone up! 10/10 :D

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17 July 2014

amazing people and amazing place ,to get it all ,Jen is a master of spinning and makes you forget about all and enjoy the ride also as a martial arts instructor i get hit with many questions so it was great to have Jon and his amazing knowledge to help me out and ,meet with some of my students and give them a diet and more ,all in all best place you can go in shanghai and meet all your needs in one place

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You know this without us telling you...but you need luxuries as well. Our nutrition plans are built into your lifestyle so don't need to be all cabbage soup and lettuce. Just good sensible nutrition.

Our expertise is not bettered in Leeds, however this counts for nought if we can't do the essentials to ensure you get out this what you came to do. We need to make sure you have the right advice of course, but we need to ensure also that we design something that will work for you and can fit into your lifestyle. We look at all aspects and variables that will affect your success; to achieve what you set your heart upon. This is a detailed approach but it's the only way it will work. If you're just left to it, it likely won't work. We can make sure you get to where you want to be.

We offer unlimited dedicated Personal Training for £24.99 a month. No join fees, contracts, or extras at any point.

You need structure. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all the good things in life, but it does mean we have be aware of what behaviours etc are doing what. There is a degree of accountability, for sure, but when you see the results, it motivates you to stay with it....and after all, you'll enjoy it anyway. Even though you might not feel it now, when you see the results and have a mastery of exercise and your body and mind, then you will.

Adherence is key. We offer a more expert service than the most advanced trainers, yet we offer unlimited dedicated Personal Training for £24.99 a month. No join fees, contracts, or extras at any point.

Working with people in their leisure time is always a great buzz. You may not associate exercise with leisure time right now, but you will soon. It gets alot easier when you start to see results, then you enjoy it all the more. To see people make life changing decisions and to carry them out is hugely rewarding for us.

It just suits me. Not to say anything good or bad about anyone who works for themself, or works for someone else; this just works for me.

My expertise is much (alot) higher than the most advanced Personal Trainer. Things is also though, that I am from a family of heavy set body types. Without any intervention I would have been fat/obese from age 13-14. I have first hand experience of what it takes to be fit and healthy.

We offer unlimited dedicated Personal Training for £24.99 a month. No join fees, contracts, or extras at any point.