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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Friendly, empathetic, positive interaction

Anxiety in any form
Panic attacks
PTSD, Traumatic events dealt with,
All these challenges are often linked

You'll be guided through permanently ridding yourself of these challenges
Often in a much shorter time than you would expect

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5 November 2019

I have Just been through the hardest time of my life, after 10 years perfect service in a career I loved, I was removed by a 3rd party in a very complicated situation (because I threatened their business model – and my direct employers were purposefully excluded from any information).

Anyway, it ended up in Court and although I won, it was a really hard and stressful time. I was suffering panic attacks and severe anxiety. Depression was creeping in and it was causing relationship issues.

Through the period I had 3 or 4 sessions with Simon and each time I came away feeling that I really could do this, more confident and brave. The panic attacks cleared and the anxiety subdued, the sessions were invaluable to me through this stressful time and I would recommend anyone suffering stress anxiety or panic attacks to go and see Simon as this method really works.

SJ, Birmingham