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Hi I’m Barry and I’m the founder of Baztex, Baztex.com and Cheap4stuff.com

I started computing as a 12-year boy when my grandfather bought me a Sinclair ZX81 Computer for my Birthday.

First Computer Sinclair ZX81

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Baztex provide reliable network design and structured cabling installations for small to medium businesses around Central Scotland and the Lanarkshire area. We work to understand what you’d like to achieve and then design and install a network which provides the reliability and scalability you require.

Scalable, next-generation network installation
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The requirements for your network will vary with time, your business will potentially grow and demand on your IT systems becomes greater. That’s why we assess your requirements or existing infrastructure and build a scalable network that grows as your business does.

Our professional, qualified engineers design, install, expand and maintain new or existing network infrastructure. We work extensively with our strategic partners (Cisco, HP, Draytek, Netgear) to provide next-generation networks at competitive costs.

Our services at a glance

We provide installation and maintenance services for small to large office routers from Netgear to Cisco.

VPN and Remote Access
Office Relocation Service
Remote workers or remote sites? VPN is a cost-effective method of providing secure, remote access.

Network and WiFi Installations
We provide efficient and scalable switching for small to medium businesses.

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Network security is vital so we offer a full IT security audit service so you can be sure your data is secure.

Structured Cabling
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We design and install small to medium sized cabled networks using the latest CAT 6 cabling.

Wireless Networks
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We design, install and manage secure wireless networks for both small to medium businesses and Home users so you can connect seamlessly to all your devices and your business.

Intelligent networks for small or large offices
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As specialists in network infrastructure design for small to medium businesses we are able to provide a comprehensive range of network services including cabled and wireless networks with superior coverage and security.

We produce tidy, intelligent, high-performing networks that are also scalable should your business grow.

At Baztex we have in-house technicians that are able to upgrade, repair and diagnose laptop computers. Our experience and network of partners enables us to fix most common laptop faults.
If you’re laptop is simply not working or just needs an upgrade, we’re here to help
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Slow Performance
Crashing or freezing
Viruses & Malware
DC Jack Repair
Screen Replacement
Keyboard Replacement
We’ll collect your machine or you can drop it off at our repair centre in Aviemore for a complete diagnosis and quotation.

If you find yourself experiencing graphical issues on your screen, such as lines running across the screen, or even something as minor as a dark shadow, we suggest plugging the laptop into a VGA/HD monitor, this way if the problem still occurs on the other monitor we know it’s a motherboard issue rather than a screen problem.

Or if you find that your computer switches on but you have a problem with your:
• Sound
• Powering up but no images
• Network errors
If you unfortunately have a motherboard problem, fear not, we supply the highest quality motherboards for many well known laptop brands and our team of specially trained technicians, who will use the best parts available and will get started fixing the issue so we can get it delivered back to you usually within 48 working hours.
Currently we stock various parts from motherboard companies such as:
• Asus
• Gigabyte
• Intel
• Rest of brands

We can provide 4G internet insulation and networking services.
if you experience slow landline speeds but the mobile network has at least 3 bars , this could be an option to get fast internet.