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Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Ruddington, Nottinghamshire


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29 August 2019

I’ve just recently had 3 sessions with martine to help with relaxation for upcoming ivf as felt quite stressed out with all the negative results and was looking for something to help with the stress and anxiety to help me feel more calm I didn’t expect the results I’ve had feeling more positive about my next cycle and got rid of some hidden demons that I didn’t realise were there and with the relaxation I can do at home is great so when I’m feeling stressed I have the tools to help

8 September 2018

I have recently been seeing Martina for Weight Loss & Stress. I found hypnosis both pleasant & fascinating. Martina was able to identify the root causes of my problems, and gave advice on how to recognise & deal with them. I now sleep well, am very happy (can't stop smiling) and losing weight. I would highly recommend Martina, and wish that I had visited her years ago! More...

8 August 2018

i developed a terrifying phobia which prevented me from going to work or even going out sometimes. Quite literally thought i was going to die, Martina saw me over Skype for 2 sessions and i was on the road to recovery. Back to my normal self but forever changed by my experience. There are lots of charlatans out there, Martina is the real deal, don't even hesitate, if you have a problem, just allow yourself to accept the best help there is, email her and set up a session, it will change your life. There aren't enough thank you's in the world ! More...

8 July 2018

Excellent experience and very professional, set me on the right road, thank you

8 June 2018

My experience with Martina has been absolutely fantastic. I have overcome my fear of birds/feathers and controlled my anxiety to a minimum. Still seeing to this current day for other issues! Would highly recommend! More...

8 June 2018

Visiting Martina about my fussy eating has changed my life. She is so welcoming, friendly & professional & made me feel at ease the whole time. I visited Martina for selective eating and discovered a lot was to do with anxiety, and after working on that not only have I been more relaxed with trying new foods, something I was never able to do before, but I have been more relaxed with everyday life situations, so much so the people around me have noticed a difference. I really cannot thank Martina enough for this. I've been recommending her to everybody for her fantastic work. More...