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Men's transformation and personal development coaching service that offers men various types of coaching centred around the 7-Step Path of Initiation.

The 7-Steps sees you complete a full inner audit of any blocks, this type of deep inner work is highly effective in removing past pains, fear and obstacles holding you back.


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26 September 2020

Male suicide counts, mental health cases and pleasure-based lifestyles, are ever-increasing symptoms and indicators of lost masculinity. Cultural, spiritual and political changes have caused confusion and chaos amongst men; leaving them lost and struggling to discover and understand themselves. Authentic, healthy and integrated men, who embody positive masculinity, can show the way. These men are a rarity and in desperate need.
The Awakened Man program guided me towards understanding my true nature, purpose and potential. The program and coaching sessions shedded much needed light on existential, personal and cultural problems. It was a life changing journey, mentored my Richard, that continues to transform me in to an Awakened Man, what men are destined to be.
"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is."Erich Fromm.

22 September 2020

The 7-Step Path of Initiation helped me in looking deep inside of me and identifying the areas of my life I need to focus most on in order to get me from where I am to where I want to be. It also assisted me in addressing the limiting beliefs I had about myself, clarifying my goals & values and offered actionable steps I can take daily in order to stay on my chosen path.
Richard has a unique ability to connect with you on personal level, makes you feel that you’re being fully listened to and offers specific advice tailored to your life situation. Even though I have years of experience with personal development, I always find conversations with Richard interesting and he’s able to give me a refreshing perspective on issues we discuss. I highly recommend him to any man currently struggling in his life looking for non-judgmental, emphatic advice.

21 September 2020

Richard is an excellent coach in that he never has any judgement about the personal issues you may have. He has a lot of empathy as he's had to overcome many great personal challenges and this, as well as the many other practices he's engaged in, allows him to pass on great knowledge about how to handle a range of life issues. He listens to my problems and puts a great amount of effort into making his 7-Steps work for me, but this isn't without great effort on my part as you have to be dedicated to changing aspects of your old lifestyle that hold you back. As a result of all this I have become more in touch with my emotions and how to control them. This has helped my romantic relationship as well as the bonds between family and friends, which are improving dramatically. More...

21 September 2020

Richard is the consummate professional. He made it clear right from the outset that he would never judge me and that he could empathise with anything I said. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in a rarefied field of subjects and brought that to bear on the coaching he gave me, whilst maintaining a very grounded, non-egoic personal touch: I can’t recommend him highly enough! He will be an extremely valuable asset to anyone using his services More...

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