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The founder of Assist Coaching is a trained coach and NLP Master Practitioner, she has seen first-hand how coaching can have a real effect on people’s lives. She was trained initially in education to performance coach but realising that peoples personal lives affect deeply

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I ultimately like helping people. I have a firm belief that anyone can achieve change or become better at something, everyone has the tools but someone they don't know where to find them. What I love the most is seeing those aha.. moments when the client or student gets it and the fog lifts and they know then what to do next.

Although I loved teaching and I still do tutor students privately, after performance coaching in education I realised that I had a real passion for coaching. I had spent years in a classroom teaching people how to set up a business and although I enjoyed teaching I realised instead of talking about setting a business I just wanted to do it myself. I had realised that whilst I was coaching teachers people were not ‘machines’ and personal lives and work lives were deeply entwined with working lives; this is where I developed a passion for supporting the whole person and ‘wellbeing’ and I knew this is what my business focus should be.

I am an experienced NLP Master Practitioner and coach who was trained by the Department of Education. I have written my own coaching model and I am a Master NLP Practitioner. I have given talks at theBestYouExpo at Kensington Olympia on the NLP Stage, spoken at the Ideal Home Show on the Wellness Stage, presented my coaching model to Kingston Coaching Group and I am an active member of various coaching groups. I have no preconceptions of clients, I see myself purely as a facilitator of taking the client where they want to be.