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A garage conversion can add value to your property as well as additional living space to your home. We take a look at what to consider when converting your garage

Design and space planning
Planning permission
Building regulations
Insulation and damp proofing
Plumbing and wiring
Windows and doors
Pros and cons

I'll start things off. On the most basic level, I enjoy talking with people. My job provides me an opportunity to put that basic urge to use for a purpose. I'm a very social person, since before the word "social' meant anything other than in-person.

They give me some tips if how will make my business successful. They help me much when i am starting my business and i want to share it to you. I hope you would like it!
•Sell how you want to sell. Online? In person? Inbound? Outbound? It’s your call.
•Create your own environment. You can set the formality and culture of your organization.
•Pursue your passion. You can do what makes you happy.
•Create something from scratch. Watch your organization grow from start to finish.
•Meet new people. Network with other entrepreneurs and professionals.
•Build a team. You decide who to hire and bring into your company.
•Create jobs. Improve the economy with new job opportunities.
•Help people. Use products and services to improve people’s lives.
•Become an expert. Learn the ropes of your industry through first-hand experience.
•Invest in yourself. You take the risk, and you’ll gain the rewards.
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I have listed them here by hierarchy. Only one of those reasons is price. If you understand and can align to those decision factors, you will win and retain more clients and not compete on price, fees and rate. On the other hand if cannot build preference up the decision hierarchy, you are condemned to lose or compete exclusively on price.
•Good customer service
•Financial planning
•Retirement planning
•Individualized recommendations