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27 June 2019

I have just completed three sessions with Amanda Kirtley and I am very impressed as to how I was taught how to use the teachings related to my own set of circumstances. I have been lucky enought to meet Alison and her teachings are incredibly simple so with your own disipline to remember to use them and let them become part of your daily life you feel alive. I now know that it comes from within you and as a result I have become myself again. More...

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24 February 2019

Like many of us, I met Alison through unforseen circumstances. I knew of this beautiful soul through a friend but only through stories and conversations. 2017 was an extremely difficult year for me, the summer in particular was life changing. With slight hesitation I reached out to my friend to ask for Alison's contact number and honestly after speaking to her once, the rest is history. This is only but a short testament of how Alsion has impacted my life through her guidance and counselling. I can not put into words how amazing and uplifting her energy is. She has really shaped the way I process things and how to achieve the goals I set for myself. My initial sessions were centred around the hardships I was facing at the time, which were multiple and scarily hit me all at once. Over time this unravelled and showed me areas of my past life I hadn't dealt with and from that point I started my journey with Alison on decluttering my life and stepping into my true power as a woman! I am ever so grateful to have met Alison, the exercises and reflection tasks that were set were so insightful and priceless. We co-created a system which worked for me so that any challenges I face in life, I am able to think with a balanced view of logic and emotion. I can definitely say I am much more organised in all areas of my life and definitely a "doer" and not a "thinker" anymore. I am very proud of myself and so proud of all of Alison's achievements too, she really is gifted and has a beautiful approach to life. Lastly, if you feel uncomfortable asking for help, you really shouldn't. Alison holds so much compassion and empathy and with your openness and your will for change, she will steer you in the right direction. Sometimes we all need that gentle nudge. I can assure you will be empowered to be the best version of yourself, and I know that I will never forget working with her. Thank you, and I send my absolute gratitude to you and for the work that you do. More...

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18 February 2019

Hello my name is Jayne Passey. I started to work with Alison Ward three years ago when I was suffering from PTSD after nearly losing my life in surgery. I had already had two years of NHS CBT with a psychologist which had only made me worse in my experience. I was getting nowhere and nothing was helping me. I was in a dreadful state. When I was introduced to Alison I just seemed to spill everything I had been holding onto. I found her to be the most amazing person who shared her “bringing you back to you” methods with me. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would’ve been now if I had not found Alison. I can never thank her enough for tuning my life around so now I am able to life my best life full of joy and happiness. I couldn’t believe how simple these tools were but how they work so effectively! After enduring two years of CBT that just made my stress and anxiety a lot worse, this was truly life changing for me. I would recommend Alison to anyone of any age as I know anyone will benefit from these methods. I still use mine today. I am always happy to speak to anyone about my experience with Alison and how it helped me if you would like to get in touch please do. Thank you once again Alison your a life saver. More...

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14 February 2019

Hi, my name is Amanda Kirtley and I am training to become a Life Fulfilment Trainer for Alison Ward Training Limited. I have just completed a 1:1 10-week Self-Development programme with Alison based on the tools and techniques used in her book ‘Bringing You Back to You’ and it has surpassed my expectations! At the beginning of the programme my mind was full of fog, life lacked direction and goals seemed unattainable, however all that has changed due in part to Alison’s core values of integrity, professionalism and a ‘genuineness’ which is hard to find these days. Her no-nonsense, telling it how it is approach meant I did not detract from my end vision, remained focus and embedded the teachings in my everyday life. I can honestly say that by working with Alison has improved my confidence, self-esteem and outlook on life and helped me to remain focussed, learn new goals and techniques to facilitate future development and even the realisation of my life’s purpose. I would recommend working with Alison, whether you are seeking personal or professional development as her life experiences have brought her a wealth of knowledge and empathy for others. She truly is a real Earth Angel and am so grateful our paths have crossed as she helped me find myself again, learnt the importance of Self-love and now lead a life full of optimism, love and hope. More...

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