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Alex Greene

Liverpool, England

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I write prolifically. I blog about everything. I perform erotic hypnosis on my clients. Take me on if you want someone who can really write well, or if you want to put people into trances. Either way is good.


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Prolific freelance writer, able to produce output (any size, from a few hundred words to book-length) on a variety of topics, in a range of languages. Am willing and able to conduct a lot of research, and as an alumnus I can access academic and other resources to provide citations for my work where necessary.

Vedic Mathematics (VM) is a form of mathematical practice which is considered a lot more efficient than standard mental arithmetic and mathematical practice. Through mastery of sixteen techniques, called sutras by practitioners of VM, one can perform the most complex calculations in your head, without needing to use a calculator.

VM can be used for practical things, such as budgeting your finances, keeping a running tally of shopping in your head, working out how much a full tank of petrol in your car will cost - even maintaining household finances. All very efficient and hassle-free.

Further information here:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedic_Mathematics_%28book%29

A means of verbal communication.

The ability to come up with a poem for any occasion, whether on the spot of for publication elsewhere. I have written poems in more than one language, after researching the poetic forms of foreign cultures to ensure conformity with their expected norms. I have been a resident poet, had my poetry published in anthologies I have self-published an anthology of my own and I am now collecting material for another anthology.

I run a number of different blogs, across a variety of platforms.

My oldest blog, "The Plainclothes Clown" on Livejournal, began in January 2004, and I have maintained it for more than seven years.

I have a second blog, Dreams of The Plainclothes Clown, on Dreamwidth - which I mirror onto Livejournal and, from there, onto Facebook.

Other blogs include The Serpent's Tongue and Hypnotic Erotic on Blogspot, a Tumblr account - "Sweetly, Temptingly Erotic" - and the blog of the Chester Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers' club (admin access) and the Vedic Mathematics India blog, of which I am a guest blogger.

I have extensive experience of social media, moderator experience of a forum called Shadownessence, and can code HTML, CSS, Javascript, BBCode and PHP in my sleep.

I hypnotise people, for pleasure. Mine. Theirs. This includes erotic hypnotic sessions, where my client enjoys a somewhat more interesting exploration of his or her mind.