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I offer relaxing massage (Swedish massage as well as Hot Stones Massage).

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23 July 2018

Having previously done a lot of distance running among other things, and having always been very active, I have suffered from M. E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for several years. I am getting my fitness back and at uni again etc, but still get days/time periods when I have a lot of muscular pain and struggle to sleep at all, leaving me physically and mentally drained. A lot of my recovery has been about the right attitude and being sensible, also listening to my body. I also suffer from acral cyanosis, so I have very poor circulation and can sometimes hardly use my hands when the condition is at its worst.

I have had some massage treatment in the past, both deep tissue/sports massage and also hot stone, and earlier this year went to Agata Kosonowska for hot stone massage. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I sent an email with relevant details about general health etc, so was very quick to fill in the form on arrival. Agata is always very friendly and makes you feel completely comfortable. The massage was AMAZING. Sometimes with hot stone it is only a very light 'stroking' movement, but Agata uses good deep pressure, which I much prefer because you can really feel the heat and pressure working deep into your muscles. The treatment is also very much tailored to what you request and what Agata 'finds' during the treatment, so very personal and therefore more beneficial. e.g. smaller stones between toes to get the circulation going there, deep rolling of hot stones down the back in different ways, loosening joints.

Both of my conditions are really helped by this treatment and I always feel a lovely 'melted' sensation afterwards, and I would strongly encourage anyone with anything similar to give this treatment a go :-)

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