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Dalston, Greater London

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Our company was established in 2006 to offer pastoral support as well as vocational and life skills training and employment support to individuals seeking to progress in their personal and professional lives.

In order to offer a holistic service we also sourced and provided training and employment opportunities and to date we've helped just under 8,000 people to enhance their personal and professional profile, widen their repertoire and take steps for further growth.

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14 February 2020

We partnered with this company a few years ago and they were very professional. It was a really good experience and we have no hesitation to recommend the services of Act Training.

11 February 2020

If ever there was a service that is worthy of praise - it is the work that the people at ACT do for their clients. It is no wonder they are so popular with their clients - me being one of them. They make you feel special and they are very empathetic. I had a series of one-to-one coaching sessions and I could feel the love from day one. It was like a drug. Although I was on the right path after the first session I kept going back for more as it felt so good. I've recommended a few friends to the service and they too are singing praises. It is wonderful to see such a small team of people working with vulnerable people and making such a difference. Such a pleasure it was to have met and interacted with them. More...

11 February 2020

I had one session with ACT's director and it was magical. She was gentle but thorough and she made me feel respected. She asked questions which made me think and importantly she listened. I left the session feeling refreshed and I will never forget that session. More...


I love to see the transformation. Unless you experience it, you cannot imagine the feeling when after several years you meet upon a client whose life you touched, and see them thriving.

In my social enterprise I've worked with thousands of people at no cost to them and this too gave me utter joy, knowing that I was able to remove the financial barrier and thus be able to empower the most vulnerable.

I decided to start my own business some 14 years ago because I was witnessing human suffering. There came a time when standing on the sidelines was no longer possible and so I decided to get into the game and offer an alternative that made a difference to people who were treated as "underclass". I started the social enterprise and searched for money to be able to provide not only training and qualifications but also an inroad to employers who offered our clients an opportunity to attend an interview and a chance to shine.

It's now approaching 15 years and though our company has evolved into other areas, the inspiration, love and support that formed our foundations are still at the core of our operations.

We have developed a unique methodology which empowers people to take their lives forward. There is no magic in this; it really focuses on individuals, giving them creative tools to work on their mindset and take action.

Most of the individuals in this space are focusing on neurolinguistic programming techniques. While those may be useful they are rather structured and will not suit most people. We approach our coaching from a human perspective, with life experience, tried and tested approaches and a whole lot of love. We take you back to basics and help you to find you and the gift you were born with. We then help you to find ways to serve your gift to the world - it's a different experience when you are operating from a place of personal power!


After hearing what's on your mind, I'll introduce an original inspirational quote that is relevant to your situation and using that as a starting point I'll guide you to explore your situation and ultimately find options.

Once you have viable options we'll work towards finding answers but those answers will come from you. I'll help you to draw out those answers from your being and we'll explore together how we can enrich those answers from the universe.

It's a journey, may be an arduous journey, but please know that you are not alone.

Creative problem solving uses out of the box methods to find solutions to all sorts of issues. It was the most valuable course in my MBA degree and one which is often not offered because of its perceived lack of academic content. However, I have learnt that life, though not necessarily easy, is simple.

Too often we get confused with the noise and clutter when all we need to do is to change our focus and use what we already have to secure what we need.

Using creative techniques I will help you find novel ideas which will present unexpected answers to the issues you are dealing with. No two session are alike as no one knows exactly what will emerge. The journey is as interesting and valuable as the destination and I can help you to enjoy that journey, difficult though it may be, and emerge victorious on the other side.

A professional Spanish-English translation service focusing on the provision of official translations of academic documentation - degree certificates, transcripts, attestations among others. Also, certificates of all sorts - marriage, birth, death, police checks (DBS) and other documents in the format of a form.

Communication is over email and via telephone and the original needs not be seen. Final translations bear the required Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) seal to confirm that they are official and can be presented to any governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as private companies and individuals.