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We are a small family run Business with years off experience in the job would love the chance two show pepole how we work no job is two big or two small so would love the chance two speak and two give advice

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20 July 2020


I would not recommend this company at all! And when looking at reviews include google reviews etc because it will help you make a more informed decision.

Job: To put a 3m concrete base at the back of garden (to be later paved) with a choice of two finishes.

To trench within the perimeter of garden fence. Re turf the rest of garden with 'A' grade medallion turf.

To put batten on fence to attach anti climbing strips.

I asked if they would also paint the fence. Patrick snr said if I bought the paint they would do it at no extra charge.

Patrick snr said he would always be there supervising , that the hallway would always be covered and things left tidy. He also prided himself that no money would be taken until after the job was completed guaranteeing the finish work to be good.

Agreed a price told me he and his men would be onsite between 8 and 8:15am the following Monday.

Monday 29 June, 2020
Pat snr rings 8:36am to tell me they couldn't start the job that morning. Because of the rain they had to finish off another job but would definitely be there the next day, Tuesday between 8-8:15am with 3 men.

Tuesday 30 June, 2020
I waited 8, 9, 10 am no show or phone call until over 2 hrs later just as it began to rain. I sent an email and cancelled.

Then Pat jnr rang apologised stating he should have told me earlier but as a good will gesture he would deduct some money from the quote given but to please try again to which I agreed.

Wednesday 1st July, 2020. They came on time but only 2 men. I was shocked to see a wheelborrow go through my hallway with no covering on the floor. I asked where was the covering? he said he would lay it straight away. They used, (he later told me) , the membrane they were going to use in the garden. They then asked me for a bucket because they forgot theirs. They did 5hrs work then left they said due to the rain. One of the workers said he would be there the following morning for 7.45am and Pat jnr said he would be there for 8.15am. They rolled up the membrane and left it in the rain. When I asked shouldnt it be covered. Pat jnr said it would be fine.

Thursday 1st July, 2020
The young man came as he said for 7:45am and started to paint the fence. No covering layed in hallway. Unfortunately, I had to tell him to stop as he hadn't masked the area and the paint was dripping on the bottom of fence frame and on the post. I then asked where Pat jnr was. He told me he was on another job. I rang him 10:25am about the terrible paint job that was done and to find out what was going on. Pat jnr said he was waiting for the machine to do the compacting and would be there in 20mins. Over an hour later he came, (no machine) saw the paint work told me he had problems with the young man not doing what he knew he should do and told him to go and buy some masking tape. Pat jnr then masked the area and started to paint the fence. Pat jnr didnt get very far when he told me they would be finshed by tomorrow (Friday) but would have to do the batton and anti climb strips another day. I said no because the whole garden was to be completed all at the same time. Pat jnr then told me that his dad had only told him about the strips the day before so was unable to get them. I wasnt happy and stated that Pat snr was told the week before when confirming quote.

I decided to look online and behold the strips were available from several companies. I was able to get a delivery for next day and told Pat jnr who then said that his dad would have to give the ok to order it. When Pat snr showed up I asked him what had happened regarding the strips. He said he tried everywhere couldn't get them. (a different story to his sons') He then spoke to his son and told me to order them from the money I was to give them. They all left that afternoon because of the rain. Leaving the paint, the brushes, masking tape and membrane outside. That evening I sent them a text to say not to do anymore painting or use the dirty membrane in my hallway. I confirmed weed killer was to be sprayed and membrane layed before returfing and doing the concrete.

Friday 2nd July, 2020
They came for 2hrs then left saying they would be back by 2 pm. Came back 12pm but was doing nothing. I asked what was going on. They were waiting for the men who were going to concrete the back. They came and the concrete was layed. Time went by but no returfing. Asked Pat snr what was going on. He said they couldn't get the turf delivered but would make sure the garden would be completed on the following Monday. He asked if he could get a retainer of half of the quote. I gave it to him. They left. I cancelled the job by email.

The concrete wasn't level or straight and the thickness was different sizes at various points. There were also cracks in it. A very unprofessional job. Perhaps had Pat snr been onsite from the start of each day there would have been better quality control nevertheless I had no confidence in their workmanship and told Pat snr by phone the next day. Although he protested saying he should get a little more for what they did. I argued that I should have got paid for the admin I did on their behalf. He decided to leave it there. His son however rang back saying I should pay them at least another £500. Again I stated I should also get paid but also said that his dad had agreed to disagree and left it there. Pat jnr was angry. I asked if I could speak to his dad. He said no so I left it there.

I have pics of their work and can assure you that the work they did was substandard. Parts of the concrete had sunk. They didnt give me the finish stated either. I also got a landscaper to give me a quote and he told me I would need remedial work done as the concrete base would have to be taken out. He told me the mix they used to lay the foundation was incorrect.

I have since found out on google reviews that the customers there are unhappy and one lady is taking them to court with the evidence of their work for all to see.

For me a lesson learned. I was foolish. The signs were there but I kept on trying since the work had started. I have taken pictures as evidence. Now considering some redress.

Ace drives and patios
Ace drives and patios

Reply from Ace drives and patios

Hi janice sorry you feel like this but as we Explained to you we can not controle delivery times off matirals as there was a shortage due to covid as you where aware off and if you could give the pics off the concrete would appreciate it because we will go back to the concrete yard where we purchased it as it was a ready mixed concrete from 1 off the uks best supplier and we did notify you to stay off for a minimum 48 hours to let it to set and with the finnish it was float finnished so was smooth and there was no agreement for any paving work to. Be done at a later date and we do not purchase materials online as explained to you

11 June 2020

Brick & Block Paving Services

I highly recommend Ace Drives and Patios. I had a new patio laid as well as new turf (front and back garden). I also had my old shed and concrete base removed (not a small job) and a new base and surrounding paving laid for the new shed. The standard of workmanship was excellent. The team were considerate and immediately made me feel like I could trust them. It is not easy to find professional, trustworthy, skilled hard working building teams these days but that is exactly what Ace Drives and Patios delivered. More...

9 June 2020


Very good job was very pleased with the work carried out. Very polite and hard working.

6 April 2019

Fence & Gate Installation

Initial call back , viewing and quote was on the same day( a Sunday). Had fence repaired / replaced.Work arranged to suit my schedule. Turn up was later than agreed but friendly efficient service. clean work, all debris cleared. competitive pricing. would definitely use again and recommend. More...

29 January 2019

Very pleased with Ace surfacing very efficient and friendly,did a brilliant job.

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 January 2019

Ace surfacing done a amazing job on my driveway, they were all very nice and also clean and tidy when working. Highly recommended

Reviewed on Google Maps


All our work comes with a 10 years guarantee as shown on all our contracts

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My dad started many years ago so came through family

Well with years off doing this job we now how to keep our clients very happy