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A Day Out Ltd.

Glasgow, Lanarkshire

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We are a graphic design studio that helps cultural organisations, makers, thinkers and doers reach their audience with irreverent and adventurous ideas.

We make these ideas into visual tools like brand visual identities, posters, spatial graphics, exhibition design and websites.


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1. Defining the brief
First, we work out what the client's goals are and what they seek to achieve when hiring us.
• What is your businesses story?
• What does your business do?
• What are the goals and why?
• Who is the target market?
• What is the budget?
• What is the time scale?

2. Research & Insight
This is where we get to know the clients market, target group, culture and brand positioning. After that, we define the client's design need (what is the behaviour that the client seeks to change?). The research stage potentially involves gathering:
• Examples of work addressing the same issues.
• Statistics and facts about the clients market and target group.
• Thoughts about what drives the target group.
• References to things that the target group likes and dislikes (Visuals, music, etc.).

We pore over our research and glean valuable insights from it, to help us during the next stage.

3. Ideation
Idea generation & conceptual development. We brainstorm, mind-map, sketch, think and discuss. A very open process to start with, that is narrowed down and towards the end the best idea is selected together with the client.

4. Development
Where we develop the agreed upon idea into an artwork, language or story. This can take the form of a visual brand identity, a poster, publication, brochure, website and beyond. The idea informs which type of media is most appropriate and the selection of say colour and font is inspired by the idea.

5. Production & Delivery
Refinement and production of the final idea & concept and artwork, for example, production of printed matter, logotypes, production/filming of any moving image required. We deliver after approval by the client.

6. Feedback/Follow-up
How did the delivered work perform? Is the client happy with the work? Was the intended change in behaviour achieved by the work produced for the client? An interview/discussion with the client following project completion in person or over phone will be conducted. It’s important that the client feel we are listening, and that we still sometimes have things to learn.

• What is your businesses story?
• What does your business do?
• What are the goals and why?
• Who is the target market?
• What is the budget?
• What is the time scale?

Collaborating with people and solving problems big and small.

The punk D.I.Y ethos, The ones before us who went on their own, and seeing that we can really offer something worthwhile.

Because we make the clients audience love them, by making design that emotes and pulls their strings. This helps the client achieve their goals and gives them more than return on the money they have invested in hiring us.