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You need to reach customers and the public in new and innovative ways. We help you do that.

We offer no nonsense, affordable and effective advice and support for marketing, sales, business development, customer engagement, social media management, digital marketing including website development, video and TV ad production, and advertising strategies and delivery.


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30 July 2020

We met Richard of RFS through Ashburton Chamber of Trade. His knowledge of social platforms which he managed to impart in a way easy to understand coupled with his enthusiasm for the hospitality sector provided great and essential advice at a time where we really needed it. He assisted all the way through our project and ensured we got the right results and information as required. Would definitely work with RFS again! More...

Thank you Nathan! It was a pleasure to assist during a very tricky time for the sector. Keep doing great things!

24 June 2019

RFS Marketing and Communications Ltd provided team training sessions on Facebook advising strategy and on social media. It was great to get advice when we needed it, and these sessions enabled us to successfully recruit the participants we needed for a large scale clinical trial. Highly recommended.

Thank you Emily! Looking forward to helping you again next time. Keep up the important work you guys do!

13 March 2019

Richard was great, certainly knew his stuff, made it easy to understand (not so easy in my case!)
I will be using him again and highly recommend.

Thank you Jeannett! It is great working with Pippi & M Ceramics!

9 December 2018

Richard has been great to work with. Together we created a good marketing plan & strategy. RMS helped us to iron out a lot of our marketing kinks for a more seamless flow. Richard is very knowledgeable in this field. Highly recommended. More...

Thank you for the kind words, Jo! It's been a pleasure working with the BUFF team!

13 November 2018

Richard and his team have created me two amazing websites and vastly improved our online visibility. Thank you RFS

We love working with you Karen!

26 February 2018

Richard and the team really have opened my eyes to the way I now think about developing the business. Its those small details and thoughts that I now take home with me and think on that pushes me to come in and hit other targets.

Having a new business that has grown so quickly, I need honest, reliable and real advice on how to manage expectations and juggle new and existing clientele. Importantly, I feel comfortable working with RFS Marketing, knowing that I can reach out to them in time of need when looking for advice whilst not worrying about a huge bill at the end of the month that I was never told about. I had definitely underrated this whole process, now I can’t see any other way of moving a business forward efficiently.

Jack Dicker, Managing Director, Archilime Ltd

Thanks Jack, we love working with exciting growing businesses too. Happy to be part of the team :)

5 April 2017

Richard brings enthusiasm, expertise and integrity to any project. A true professional who is committed to seeing the job done with humour, precision and within budget. Highly recommended.

Thanks Amanda! Looking forward to working with you again soon

5 April 2017

"Richard has been helping us with our marketing for the last six years as we have grown from a single person business to a multi-site operation. Great to work with, always on hand for advice, he is as much focused on strategy and process as he is about the messages we want to get across. Highly recommended."

Thank you Kerry! Always a pleasure to work with you guys.

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Anyone who tells you the most important thing is great design is wrong.

It's great content. And that comes from a great understanding of keywords: that means, understanding what people will be searching for when looking for a product or service like yours. That means understanding your target audience and what makes them tick.

You get the keywords right, you get the content right. You get the content right, you can build your lovely design around it.

1) Why does your business exist?

2) What is your business objective?

3) Do you understand your target customers or audiences?

4) What strategy do you have to achieve your business objective?

5) How are you measuring the success or otherwise of your objective?

6) What tactics are you employing to deliver this strategy?

It sounds obvious: Meeting new clients, listening to their needs and solving their problems.

My brother! But don't tell him that... He started a fantastic (award winning) business and has gone from strength to strength. And after 17 years working for national agencies servicing major clients, wanted to work with more SMEs and use what I have learned to help others grow too.

For no nonsense advice, with transparent costs and no fluff. Once we know what you aim to achieve, we do our damnedest to achieve that and more. Here's what one client has to say:

"Richard has been helping us with our marketing for the last six years as we have grown from a single person business to a multi-site operation. Great to work with, always on hand for advice, he is as much focused on strategy and process as he is about the messages we want to get across. Highly recommended." Kerry Lunt, Practice Manager, Finton Doyle Ltd



Much less boring than it sounds. You know what you want to achieve: we’ll work with you and your team to devise the best way to get there.

We create outstanding promotional videos for our clients, including short ads, explainers, longer format corporate promotions, conferences and events, and 360 degree immersive.

To get more customers you need to find people who are in the market for your product or service, and you need to know what’s important to them. We hunt down the opportunities that are of most value to your company now.

This is a fancy way of showing the world how you are a respected authority within your industry. The goal of thought leadership marketing is not to be too ‘salesy’, but to make people sit up and take notice of you as an expert.

We can turbocharge your sales effort with creative targeted emails or social media placements. This helps generate awareness of you and your products as well as identifies hot leads straight away.

Producing high quality content keeping your audience engaged is a challenge for all companies on social media. The better the content you produce, the more people will see your posts within their News Feeds, the less negative feedback you will receive and the cheaper your advertising. We know all the tricks and techniques to make it simple and effective.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, every organisation depends on its reputation for survival and success. Public Relations is looking after your reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.

We are experts in building powerful campaign pitches to help you win business. We don’t use scripts; instead we have informed conversations with prospects because we have worked with you and are knowledgeable about your products and services.

You’re not going to win any business unless you know how to secure the sale. We work with you on the crucial elements of the process of the sales negotiations so that you know how to convince and win.

We provide bid management and bid writing services for start-ups, SMEs and large multi-national companies to win public and private sector contracts with our efficient, professional and quality services.