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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire personal trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to give you that extra level of motivation that you might be missing. 

Whether you’re a long time fitness enthusiast that wants to take it to the next stage, or just looking for someone to help you get that summer beach body - hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ways to help you reach your goals.

How often will I have to train?

The harder you work, the more you’ll get out of your training. We recommend training at least three times a week to get the best results. 

The majority of people will work out with their trainer once a week and then use what they’ve learnt in the following sessions.

Do I have to train in the gym?

No, a lot of people like to train outside and so most personal trainers are now able to accommodate this. 

Though they might be tied to a gym, this doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of nearby parks so you can get some fresh air while you train.

Does A Personal Trainer Ask Questions About Your Lifestyle?

Personal training is quite personal! For a personal trainer to create a fitness and nutrition plan they will have to know various questions about you:

  1. Basic personal details – age, weight etc.
  2. Medical background – Do you have any medical problems that they need to know. Heart problems etc.
  3. Fitness background – Where are you currently in your fitness journey!
  4. Nutritional information – How often do you eat each day and what food do you consume?
  5. What are you trying to achieve? - Do you want to get toned, run a marathon etc.