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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a gardener and landscaper?

A gardener works on all the planted aspects of your garden carrying out jobs like cutting the grass, tending to your flower beds and watering vegetable patches.

A landscaper will work more on the physical layout of your garden and is more suited to installing your flower beds rather than maintaining them.

Will I have to pay hourly or will I be quoted for the whole job?

This usually depends on the size of the job, if it is something small like mowing your back garden this will mostly likely be billed on an hourly rate. 

However, if the job requires a few days work or multiple professionals the company will be more likely to give you a quote for the job as a whole.

You should also establish how they prefer to be paid, whether that might be bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Will I have to provide tools?

No, you should not have to provide tools for your gardener. Credible gardeners should be well prepared with their own tools.

If you have a regular time slot with your gardener, this means your relationship can develop into an employer/employee situation, rather than them just provide you with a service. The result of this is that you could become liable for any injuries they receive while working with tools you have provided.

Will the gardener need to see my property to give me a quote?

For smaller jobs just has hedge trimming and lawn mowing, most gardeners will be able to quote over the phone. You’ll just need to give them some information about the size and state of the area that needs work. For example, “20m x 30m and quite overgrown”.

 For larger jobs, your gardener will most likely want to come and see it in person so they can provide you with an accurate quote.

Will my gardener remove all green waste?

This is usually option yes (you can mention this in your Bark request) however it can incur a charge which may be more than your local council charge to remove it.

Our advice is to always check with the professional before that so that you are aware of where you stand.

When hiring a gardener, make sure to have at least two references from previous people they have worked with. This will give you more confidence in their service allowing you to feel more comfortable about hiring them.

Try to provide the gardener with as much information as possible prior to their first visit. Doing this will allow them to assess exactly what they need to bring in order to provide you with the best service.