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Frequently asked questions

What is ‘end of tenancy’ cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning process that is organised between tenants in a property. The purpose of this is to make it presentable for the next set of tenants to move in.

Do I need to organise an end of tenancy clean?

Yes, it is good practice to present your new tenants with a clean and tidy property to move into. The owner of the property will expect it to be done and if it’s not, they will usually organise to take it from your deposit.

When is the best time to organise the clean for?

It’s best to book in your cleaner for after you have moved out, so there are fewer belongings to clean around. This enables the cleaner to do a much more thorough and effective job.

Do I have to be in the property while it is being cleaned?

No, as long as you are comfortable you can clean most cleaners in the property by themselves. However, do check that they are insured so that you are covered for any damages that might happen, though this is rare it's best to be covered. 

You will most likely have to be there to let them in and to pay the cleaners at the end.

What’s covered in my end of tenancy clean?

Usually, the below will be covered:

  • Dusting and polishing of all surfaces
  • Floors mopped and hoovered
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Fridge/Freezer Cleaning
  • Inside Windows
  • Bathroom, shower/bath and toilets
  • Walls/ceilings dusted and cleaned 

There are multiple services that professional cleaners can offer if there is something you need just remember to ask before booking.

Can the outside of the windows be cleaned?

This is not usually included in an end of tenancy clean. Some cleaners may offer to do the outsides if they can reach them safely from the inside of the property but for a full exterior window clean you’ll usually have to book separately.

Make sure you defrost your freezer before the cleaners visit, this will save time and mean that they can thoroughly clean the freezer for you.

If you need to the carpets clean professionally as well, then you’ll need to make this clear before the cleaner arrives. This involves special equipment and will usually incur an extra cost.