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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to train my dog?

Training your dog is very important and will help you to establish a healthy relationship with your pet. Without training, it can be challenging to fully control your dog leading to problems further down the line. 

For instance, if they are not strong on their recall this can make walks a very stressful experience and mean that you won’t want to take them off the lead.

How old does my dog have to be to start training?

You can start practising basic sit and stay commands at home with your puppy from about eight weeks old. For formal training, involving either a class or one to one session with a trainer the usual starting age is around six months of age.

Once they are past six months, you can begin to train them at any point, though most professionals do recommend that you start training with in the first year. The older your dog, the harder it will be to teach them new things and break old habits.

What will I need to bring to a training class?

Most dog trainers will require you to bring a lead, collar and treats for training. Make sure to also bring a water bowl as training can be thirsty work. All dogs will also now need a name tag with your family name and address on it. This is now a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK, when out in public. 

All dogs will also need to have the first set of vaccinations, as well as flea and worming treatment.

What is ‘click and treat’ training?

Click and treat training is a popular, reward based training method which uses positive association to train your dog. 

The ‘clicker’ makes a strong clicking sound when pressed, so as your dog does something good and you go to reward them with a treat you press the clicker. They will begin to associate it as a positive sound. Over time you phase out the treats and just use the clicker as a reward for them.

Should I feed my dog before classes?

It’s usually recommended that you don't feed your dog for around 3 - 4 hours before classes. Hungry dogs are more attentive and much more interested in earning those treats!

Can I bring my children?

Yes, usually dog trainers will encourage you to bring your children along as it can be good for the dog to learn from multiple members of the family. However, the children may not be able to get involved in the training process for the first few sessions until the basics are covered. 

If in doubt always discuss this with your dog trainer.

Start socialising your puppy before classes at around ten weeks old, once they’ve had all their vaccinations. Doing this helps them to be more comfortable with other dogs and new environments.

For classes bring tastier treats than you would use at home, this will mean you have more of your pet's attention even though there are more distractions around them

Try and take your dog to a group class rather than a private lesson as it is important for them to be around other dogs a people so that they become used to the distractions.