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£13 - £14 / hour

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Frequently asked questions

Will I have to provide my own cleaning supplies and vacuum?

The vast majority of cleaners and cleaning agencies will have their own supplies as an option for you. If this is something that you would like to provide your self do to personal preference this is usually fine. 

Providing your own supplies can even reduce the cost in some cases.

Should my cleaner be insured?

Yes, we recommend that you always check that your cleaner is insured so that you are covered if something were to go wrong. This is usually a standard requirement with most agencies.

If you are hiring an independent cleaner you should check that they have public liability insurance.

How do I pay for my appointment?

This is down to what you agree with your cleaner. Some agencies are happy to take your payment and then pass this through to the individual cleaner. 

The most common practice however is to pay your cleaner directly.

Do I have to book the same hours every week?

No, given the nature of the business most cleaning agencies are relatively flexible as long as you don’t mind having a different cleaner due to the change.

Usually there is a notice period of around 3 working days.

What if I have pets?

Most cleaning professionals are comfortable with pets as they encounter them on a daily basis. Just make sure they are aware of your pets before they arrive so that can inform you if they’re not comfortable.

What’s the difference between an agency and hiring someone directly?

There are noticeable benefits to both. Hiring a cleaner through an agency gives you flexibility to change cleaner if you need different hours.

Many people like to have the same cleaner every week so they can build a relationship with them. The benefits of this are that you have an enhanced level of trust and you they’ll know exactly how you like things to be done.

Always ask for references from previous customers. This way you’ll know the standard of work they carry out and can avoid any surprises.

Communicate clearly before they start the areas of your house that need special attention such as the fridge or shower. This way they can work it into their routine.

If you are looking for a ‘green’ cleaner then just ask before they arrive which cleaning products they usually work with. If they are not the type of product you are comfortable with you can always supply your own eco-friendly products to clean with.