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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a caterer and not just use a friend or do it myself?

One of the main benefits is that they take one of the key aspects (the food) off your plate so that you can then focus on organising other parts of the event and ensure they run smoothly. 

Having a professional catering company take care of the food for you means that you can expect a high quality of food for your guests.

What does hiring a caterer involve?

Usually, when hiring a caterer, you’ll have an idea of what sort of food you’d like for your event. This will narrow down your search already; you can then discuss the what you would like served at the event the different options available. 

Depending on the standard you have gone for this may include a tasting process to make sure you are happy with the food that will be served.

Once you’ve decided on the food, you can relax a little and let the caterers prepare and serve your food on the night so can worry about entertaining your guests.

Will my venue not just do the catering for my event?

Some venues do have a catering option that you can take advantage of, but this is something you’ll want to discuss with them beforehand. The main drawback of this is that you are limited to the type of food that the venue specialises in.

Does the caterer need to have a food hygiene certificate?

In the UK there is no legal requirement to have the certificate, but a lot of people like to see it as it helps to show that the food is kept to a certain standard.

Is the caterer able to provide alcohol as well?

Many caterers will also have an alcohol licence as it is an excellent accompaniment to their business. If you’re interested in this, just make sure to ask the professional, if they not offer this service often caterers will know a good supplier or bar service.

Can they provide a cleanup team and table staff?

Most caterers are able to offer this, yes, often it will incur an extra charge, but it may be included in one of their packages depending on what you opt for.

If you have special dietary requirements for you or some of your guests, be sure to make the professional aware of this before booking them. Some professionals are better suited to meeting these requirements than others.

Usually, you don’t provide multiple options for your guests unless they have a requirement that prevents them from eating the food you have chosen. If you want to offer lots of options, one of the best ways to do so is to have a buffet.