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Frequently asked questions

How big does my project have to be to hire an architect?

The factor that determines if you need an architect is not necessarily the size of the project but the complexity of it. A simple larger scale project (like a barn) may be within the capabilities of your building team.

What do I need the architect to do for me?

You’ll need the architect to provide the drawn plans for your builder to follow. They provide the backbone plans the building is built and designed on. You will want your architect to take your builder through the plans initially, so they have an understanding of what you want.

What will happen when I meet with the architect?

In the first meeting, you will usually go through your concept for the structure and explain how you envision it. They will also take any necessary measurements to accompany the plans. 

Once this information is gathered the architect will be able to draw up their proposed plans and present them to you.

How qualified does an architect have to be?

To legally practice as an architect in the U.K., they must be ARB registered.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission is expressed consent from your local council that you can carry out the building work you would like to. It is usually given in the form all of a building permit. 

Often, someone from the relevant Council body will come to check the building at some point to make sure you have stuck to the proposed plans.

How will I know if I need planning permission?

Your architect will be able to advise you of this information. Often the architect should I know someone at the local council so that they can find this out for you.

Make sure you communicate what you would like very clearly from the beginning so that there are no confusions. Though this may take a little longer initially, it will ultimately save you time and money by avoiding any costly mistakes further down the line.

Hiring an architect to also manage the project can be a smart move, it saves you have to manage the building team. Builders can sometimes be harder to work with and are far more likely, to be honest with your architect than the person that signs the cheques, saving you a lot of grief!