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Julia Brewer

25 September 2019

Thank you so much for the service you provide and for being a real personable flower shop.


Chase Bootie

31 March 2019

The Ladies are the most helpful and friendly when it comes to the customers!! They have a variety of gifts to surprise your lady. Fresh flowers and beautiful arrangement can always be expected!! "Lil Red" is my favorite florist there!!!! More...


Kimberly Williamson

1 November 2018

Just all around wonderful- beautiful flowers and amazing delivery and customer service.


Wilson O.

8 October 2018

Get flowers and gif baskets here now twice a month and they are the best. The arrangements are always spot on. They are very creative and come up with great suggestions and solutions.


Michelle Y.

12 June 2018

I live in California and called Zengel's based on Yelp reviews. I ordered flowers (on pretty short notice !) for ny sister, who lives close to the florist. Krista? was very helpful & so nice! The arrangement arrived earlier in the day and was beautiful! A PERFECT BIRTHDAY GIFT! More...


Swollin Johnson

5 June 2018

Fresh product and colorful arrangements


Joy Deal

30 May 2018

This shop is amazing! I had ordered flowers from a scam place, and my flowers never got delivered so I was upset and called Zengel's to get a bouquet to my mom for her birthday. They did exactly what I wanted, and more than that, finished it early and delivered SAME DAY. Made my bad day so much better! I will be using this shop for all my flower needs! More...


Mary D.

12 April 2018

I picked this florist based on its reviews and was very pleased with their work.  Given that we had a brief discussion over the phone about wanting a special bouquet for my daughter's 40th birthday and then turning them loose they were amazing.  I did ask for a certain type of rose to be included and they waited until the last minute to make sure they had a fresh delivery to work with.  My daughter was thrilled with the flowers and everyone in her office commented on how very lovely it was.  The florist even put small gems in each of the roses - WOW!  It is now the end of the week and the flowers still look just as good as day one.Will definitely use this florist again! More...


Bettina R.

28 February 2018

My aunt sent a lovely alstroemeria arrangement to my sick mother. The arrangement itself is really pretty, with colored water in the vase, a raffia tie around its neck and a mix of colorful flowers, along with some filler greenery. My aunt, who lives in Florida, has had trouble with floral delivery, so we were very happy to tell her how nice this arrangement is. She was very relieved!The arrangement was delivered today, Wednesday, February 28, 2018. I mention that so the store knows who the delivery man was. He was younger, with long blonde hair. And he was a refreshingly friendly young man, just the type who should be delivering flowers to folks who might be sad or stressed. Please treat him well, as he is an asset to your business. More...


Kathi M.

15 February 2018

I walked into this shop on this pysudo Spring day, the day after Valentine's day with flowers on my mind. My husband and I sometimes celebrate the day but everyday is perfect so I don't see the need for the holiday. I do see the "need" for flowers when I fancy though. Although a smallish shop, and cleared out a bit from the holiday, the soon-to-learn co-owner helped me put a small bouquet of flowers together. She let me walk in the cooler with her and patiently let me build the bouquet from some of the flowers in buckets around the assembly area. I thought for sure my last "yes but no" would get on her nerves because I am pleasantly picky about flower colors and making something that makes me smile. She didn't get tense, nor frown, nor pretend to be pleasant. She simply was.This made it a really nice purchase on a really nice warm day in February.TLDR: Good selection, Good service, Reasonable price, and Good people. Worth coming to. More...


Cheryl Lahr

11 August 2017

I have been using Zengel Florist for over twenty plus years and never been disappointed. They are always on time with delivers and make all of the arrangements with the best quality flowers and greenery. I recommend them 100 percent.


Caden B.

13 August 2016

Good delivery, nice case. Flower is fresh and well decorated. Will buy again if needed.


Peter and Sally Gladden

30 May 2016

Zengel Flowers did an amazing job for our students' prom corsages this year. We have students from all over the world- and their parents were able to call in and work closely with the florist to each have their own beautiful flowers done! This really made senior prom special for an sweet group of girls! More...


Janet D.

27 April 2016

Sent an arrangement to a friend who lives near RZFG and they delivered so fast it probably was under an hour from call to delivery.  My friend said they were lovely and reported 2 weeks later that they still looked amazing. Thanks for your expediency and for using really fresh flowers in your arrangements! More...


Mary D.

16 February 2016

The most beautiful arrangement I've ever seen was prepared by this wonderful florist for my Mom's visitation.  We told them that Mom's favorite color was purple and we wanted an over the top arrangement to honor her.  I will ALWAYS recommend this place.  They are fantastic! More...


Kiki G.

28 January 2015

I had to select funeral flowers for my mother this past week. The choice between florists was difficult but I am so glad I went here. They got the flowers I wanted when another larger florist said they couldn't and the arrangements were absolutely stunning. I will choose this florist for all my future needs. More...



27 February 2011

My dad orders me flowers each Valentine's day and he ordered this year from Zengel Flowers & Gifts. When they arrived at my office, they were beautifully designed and different than any arrangement I had ever gotten. They lasted an entire week and brightened my day! More...

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