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We offer fresh salads and delicious chicken! Our fingers and wings come with 8 different sauces and our salads with our tender grilled chicken bring everyone around the table! We also have house chips, daily-made Cole slaw, and Otis spunkmeyer brownies and cookies to boot!

Zaxbys Reviews

Zaxbys Reviews

Review of Zaxbys by Alice Taylor
1 01/05/2018 Alice Taylor

Waited in drive thru for over 20 minutes while 4 other cars were waited on behind me got their orders and I sat there. Finally got my food and the order was wrong (like it always is) had to drive back around as I had 3 kids in the car and going in is not an option and then had to wait AGAIN for my correct order. Kids meals are supposed to be free on Monday nights and they only took off $2 on my $4 kids meals (newsflash, half off is not the same as free). Get home and the chicken is so over cooked it can barely be eaten. Hours later, my husband and I are sick. I'm pretty sure they gave me yesterday's chicken! I only gave this location a second (third, forth?) chance because my son loves Zaxby's but I won't be back to this location again!

Review of Zaxbys by Michael Taylor
1 01/05/2018 Michael Taylor

Hands down the worst Zaxby's I've ever been to (Walkertown Location). When they first opened the staff they hired was extremely rude and just dirty looking. I called corporate who honestly could care less that our food got ruined and we ended up having to throw away $25 worth of food (we're a family of five). They tried to make me feel bad for their mistake, and then said they would send coupons to cover our ruined meals. They never did!!! A few months later we heard they hired new staff so we gave it another try, and another try, and another try. Every single time we go there they mess up the order. Every time! Then make you wait for 15 minutes while they fix their mistake. Do they offer you anything for their mistake? Of course not, they don't care. Last night was the last straw! Me and my family will never eat at another Zaxby's again. Not only because this one is horrible, but because corporate don't care either (and lets be honest, the food is not that great for that price). If they don't care, neither do I. I'm really hoping to see this location close soon! From the looks of the empty parking lot, I imagine it wont be long. Then maybe we can get some quality service with much better food.

Review of Zaxbys by willy m
2 17/04/2018 willy m

Like a lot of places when Zaxby's first opened up they were worth the high cost of the food they serve. But after the newness wore off and all the corporate suits and regional team members went home, things began to fall apart...quickly. Service is hit or miss but mostly miss. They screw up your order often, the coke freestyle machine is usually out of a lot of drink flavors, etc etc. I can pay a lot less to get bad service.

Review of Zaxbys by Jacob Thompson
1 31/03/2018 Jacob Thompson

This place messes up my order every time I go there. Other locations provide satisfactory service, but this location could get shut down tomorrow and it would be a win for Walkertown.

Review of Zaxbys by Kimberly Williams
5 23/03/2018 Kimberly Williams

I came in the other day and the young man Joshua was so pleasant. I also notice that here lately the store seems to be ran much better. I would recommend this Zaxbys to everyone.

Review of Zaxbys by Hope Brummitt
1 16/03/2018 Hope Brummitt

Went to the drive thru. No other customers in store or out. We ordered two chicken tender meals. Both drinks were wrong. Said it would be 10 min and had to drive up. 15 min later we walk in the store to find out what's going on. Said it would be another 10 min. We got our money back and I suggest not wasting yours. Bojangles across the street is waaay better anyway. 0 stars for this crappy place.

Review of Zaxbys by Katie Devinney
5 18/02/2018 Katie Devinney

Food was great! Facility was very clean. I would highly recommend it.

Review of Zaxbys by alex ponce
4 27/01/2018 alex ponce

The food is always good been coming here for months now the waiting times are for the most part just fine.

Review of Zaxbys by A Google User
3 27/11/2017 A Google User

I can't really see how they make it----whenever I am there the place is almost empty. Employees are polite and professional but they seem to get sorta slow on getting the food out, which I don't understand seeing now they have no customers. Last time I was in there around Thanksgiving the coke freestyle machine had a bunch of greyed-out flavors, meaning those drinks were unavailable. I understand this can happen but with that many selections "out", I wonder who screwed that one up.

Review of Zaxbys by A Google User
1 23/10/2017 A Google User

Absolutely the slowest service I've ever had at any drive thru. Food was cold when I got it staying very very far away from here.

Review of Zaxbys by A Google User
5 05/10/2017 A Google User

Food was good. It took a little while to get our food. There were only 3 of us, and only 2 tables of people there. Other than the wait, the food was amazing. I recommend getting the chicken finger with Zaxby sause!!!

Review of Zaxbys by A Google User
4 11/08/2017 A Google User

Prices are high but its worth it to me. Food is light years ahead of the other joints around this area. Plus there's hardly ever anyone in there----two thumbs up for that. Quiet, clean, and good quality food. Its fast food but a couple classes up from the norm. Hope they stick around.

Review of Zaxbys by A Google User
4 30/01/2017 A Google User

Out of all the sorry fast food places around Walkertown, Zaxby's is the cleanest and has the nicest employees. Nobody seems to eat there very much though, and my guess is b/c of the high prices and lack of "value meals". They have pretty good food and it comes out hot and fresh. The employees seem to care about doing a good job. That is more than I can say about the rest of the worthless fast food joints in the area. I hope they close Wendy's soon, that place sucks

Review of Zaxbys by Wendy Eller
Wendy Eller

Havin dinner finely at zaxby

Review of Zaxbys by Brian Richardson
Brian Richardson

Again.. Can't get enough Zax sauce

Review of Zaxbys by Kent Willard
Kent Willard

Taking Emily out for her birthday dinner

Review of Zaxbys by Perry Saunders
Perry Saunders

I had to make me a pit stop at Zaxby's near Elm-Eugene and grab this Sensation Salad with Asian Slaw & Egg Roll. Pretty Good !!!

Review of Zaxbys by Jah Rastafari
Jah Rastafari

One good grilled chicken sandwich!!!

Review of Zaxbys by Darrel C Jones
Darrel C Jones

Boneless wings !

Review of Zaxbys by Dianne Howard
5 Dianne Howard

There were 5 of us and we enjoyed our meals! We were completely satisfied.

Review of Zaxbys by Daniel Bernstein
1 Daniel Bernstein

why can't the people serving your food read the reciept and get your order right

Review of Zaxbys by Ken McLawhorn
5 Ken McLawhorn

Great chicken cobb salad. Fresh, and well- priced!

Review of Zaxbys by Anthony Funderburk
5 Anthony Funderburk

Awesome !!! Food is always excellent and customer service great , the same every time , very clean and friendly people

Review of Zaxbys by Elise M Nall
5 Elise M Nall

I love Zaxby's it's so good you never get disappointed with their food I suggest to anyone that loves chicken or likes salad they have both!

Review of Zaxbys by Brandy Fann Ballance Davis
5 Brandy Fann Ballance Davis

Found my new favorite restaurant to eat chicken. So delicious.

Review of Zaxbys by Jess Falls
1 Jess Falls

Made online order at 8:25pm, it was suppose to be ready at 8:34pm. It is 8:55pm and I am FINALLY getting my food. This is unacceptable

Review of Zaxbys by Traci Denise Brooks
5 Traci Denise Brooks

As a regular customer at this location, I have to share our experience at this Zaxby's tonight. While we were waiting in line, their computer system crashed. Several customers left, but the staff managed to pull through. They were extremely professional, efficient and even apologetic. Kudos to them! We will be back.

Review of Zaxbys by LoRay Thompson
5 LoRay Thompson

I live in New York, today I was visiting my daughter who is a student here in Atlanta. She spoke highly of the $2 Tuesdays..everything was DELICIOUS! The waiter was knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. The tacos and drink specials were over the top. Called my friends in NYC and told them to make sure they stop at Prickly pear!

Review of Zaxbys by Michelle Hubbard
1 Michelle Hubbard

Not happy with service went there last weekend got the wrong order at the window called back cause didn't have time to go back well went back yesterday to get my correct order well again the wrong thing all I wanted was a chicken sandwich if the manager would have listened to what I was trying to tell him instead of him telling me what I wanted the order would have been right want be going back to that location but love the other locations in greensboro

Review of Zaxbys by LaSonya Holmes-Boulware
1 LaSonya Holmes-Boulware

My husband went to this location at 925pm to our has dinner for us. He cane back home not even 10 mins later with cold food....LITERALLY...I went back to the location and was told by Maria (a Manager) that after 9pm, they are no longer allowed to cook anymore food. They only sell what they have already cooked. SMH...they did offer to give my money back, however I told them I don't mind paying as long as I get fresh food. 5 mins later they come back to the window with the same OLD food just warmed over....what ever happened go good customer service....

Review of Zaxbys by Sabrina Lightfoot
5 Sabrina Lightfoot

Zaxby's has great food for a great price! I love their salads too!

Review of Zaxbys by Laura-Lynn Dagenhart
3 Laura-Lynn Dagenhart

The window lady was really rude tonight. I don't come here often but when I do it's always something. I tried to order the cheddar bites and she wanted to tell us they were out. She interrupted me while I was ordering and came back to ask me what I ordered. I told her and she asked if I wanted 2 of each.


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Zaxbys Q&A

Zaxbys Q&A

What’s your signature dish?

Our grilled chicken sandwich is great and comes packed in our box lunch with chips and a cookie!

How do you go about creating the perfect menu for your clients?

Our menu offers dynamic ways to meet the needs of our guests. Creativity and the ability to listen allow us to serve menus that are as tasty as they are memorable!

What do you love most about your job?

I love the opportunity to work one on one with clients who mutually understand the importance of a quality meal during a meeting or event.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our menu comes backed with reliable staff who focus on accuracy and timeliness to ensure your event goes smoothly.

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