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Fred Nivens

10 June 2019

I would recommend this company and the drivers too.


Lesley Danials

10 June 2019

Definitely enjoyed the booking process and the app is great too.
Great Drivers as well! Only firm for neark.


Steve Baily

10 June 2019

really enjoyed the booking process and the app is great too.
Great Drivers as well! Only firm for me.


Dave Jones

10 June 2019

Great Drivers. I really enjoyed the booking process and the app is great too.



11 May 2019

Booked Z cars to take us to Northgate station. Taxi did not turn up and had to take our own car to the station. Rang for an explanation. None given!


Katy Trangos

10 April 2019

We’ve been completely messed around by Z Cars Newark today - we booked one this morning a good 3 hours in advance, only for it not to show up. When it eventually did, the driver explained that the office booked it for an hour later. We made the stupid mistake of booking them again for our route back - booked half an hour in advance and we are still waiting (20 minutes later) in the freezing cold. Don’t waste your time - use a company that is worth the service. More...



6 April 2019

Zcars is not a reliable company to call if you need to be on time. Waited over 40 minutes for my car and kept being told by the call center the driver was minutes away when they knew the driver was very far and they had just sent the car off after the agreed time of arrival . I am sorry to say today was not the 1st or the 2nd time it happened , it does occur very often and I should know as I take taxis 10 + times a week and have been truly patient with their poor service. This has once been a good company and they do have many polite , nice drivers , but the commitment to the customer just does not exist . More...



26 March 2019

1 star is 100% too much! expensive, arrogant and incompetent. We ordered, over the phone & received text confirmation of booking of a six seater taxi for Saturday evening. 5 minutes after the planned arrival time we started to try to contact the office. We were told it is a busy time & they would try to get a taxi to us. Eventually 2 taxis turned up expecting double the amount of A N other taxi to do the same journey! Shocking service. Absolutely disgraceful. Will not use again. More...


Brian Hudson

27 November 2018

Due to medical issues I have been using this excellent service quite regularly of late, the drivers have been prompt friendly and professional I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

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