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West End

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YWCA Health + Fitness

West End


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Georges Younes

8 September 2019

This building attracted my attention simply because, in my mind - at least until I saw this location - I did not associate YWCA buildings with slick skyscrapers.


Richard Mowat

16 July 2019

They have everything you need, and very good quality.


Toke Hølledig

2 October 2018

Service is fine, and they have a wide selection of machines. Huge plus that the pool is 25m and new. The center is not overcrowded in weekdays.


Justin F

2 September 2018

best gym in vancouver hands down!


Vidhi Shah

3 August 2018

I recently began adult swimming classes at this location and I am so happy with this decision. The instructor has been great and helped me get over my fear of the water in one class! The facilities are nice and clean. Only wish that they didn’t charge $2 for lock rentals for the locker. More...


Gilbert Comeau

4 July 2018

Just started going here and I have to say that it's a top notch facility. The pool, sauna, and hot tub are all spotless. The gym is pretty quiet except for the odd morning. You also get all the fitness classes included. More...


John Allan

4 July 2018

Great pool with low (no?) chlorine. Facilities are clean and well maintained. Staff is friendly and helpful. Central accessible location.


pınar özcan

30 May 2018

I am taking adult swimming lessons here. I took their level 1 swimming, unfortunately the instructors changed every week. But all of them were really professional and nice people. The pool is not crowded and the atmosphere is very peaceful. A lifeguard is always present and they are willing to help with any question or problem. The lanes are tagged as "slow", "fast", "very fast" or "multipurpose (for physiotherapy or water gymnastics purposes)" etc. I think this is a very good idea, you don't have to feel stressed because of your pace as long as you choose the correct lane for yourself. The number of students for a swimming class to start was at least three. There is this blond lady in front desk, she is really helpful and always smiling (I will learn her name :D). She told me that I can register and if that class does not start, then my money will be refunded. The class opened, but it was really good to know that my money won't be hold for an unknown future class which might be opened. Finally, the swimming classes are not crowded and this is one of the biggest advantages of this place! More...


Mike Miller

30 May 2018

A great facility...Wonderful staff, a really good selection of classes.
Definitely a world class experience. Highly recommended!


Christa Watson

30 May 2017

Absolutely amazing gym and pool. I went to the pool during high traffic times and everyone was courteous and kept to their lanes. All the classes had great instructors, and the gym equipment, aside from the Smith machine, was generally available. I went from 7 to 8am and 6 to 730 pm. I switched jobs so I cancelled my membership only due to distance and cost. More...

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