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Your Personal Development Coach works with professionals who are serious about making positive change.

If any of the below resonates with you then YPD Coaching is here to help:

Internal conflicts between thoughts, feelings and actions?
Not acting on, or sabotaging your dream, goals and plans?
Do you have behaviours or habits that you no longer want, but don’t know why you have difficulty stopping them?
Do you have challenges making decisions or feel unable to motivate yourself to take action?
Do you have disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety etc?

Do you find you are working hard to keep it together? Feel you are just keeping your head at the surface enough to breathe? Maybe you are living an outwardly great life, but inside things don’t feel so great.

You have a busy life, you are feeling lost, overwhelmed and running low on energy. You experience clashes of character with colleagues or loved ones. You feel trapped in a struggle with yourself.

Anxiety is familiar and you work so hard at suppressing it that it makes you feel tired. Your harsh inner critic regularly exercises its opinions, leaving you doubting yourself, wandering why you still haven't got over this already!

You struggle to assert yourself which means you end up doing things you don’t have time for, being the one who loses out at the end of it. The disconnect you feel means you can’t show up authentically, it’s hard to know what you really want any more and you seem to be living in the wake of what life throws at you.

Have you tried mindfulness but don’t really get what it is? Have you tried meditation, but it just seemed like you were sitting there? You read the quotes but sometimes it seems like they are just words and you have no idea how you can apply it to your life. Maybe you’ve had counselling before, and it helped you understand where your challenges came from. However, you still don’t know how be any different.

You make an effort to improve your diet and physical health, not as much as you would like maybe, but have yet to find a way of nurturing your personal well-being. Time is a reason why so many things don’t get done!

When it comes down to you seeing, knowing and implementing all the things you are told you should be doing, it is just too much. Not knowing where to start, how to keep it up and what to do when you are crumbling is frustrating and leaves you drawing the conclusion that there must be something wrong with you. Friends listen in between telling you their own stories of the same or worse problem. Your partner doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, and your parents think you should be over this by now, or just worry!

You don’t know your own mind sometimes, so how can you trust yourself!

If I were to tell you that I know how you feel, because I have experienced all of the above, and, as I am not a super-human (they don’t exist!) I am still refining my own personal development in some of these areas. I am so passionate about the work I can do with you because I am living proof of the difference adopting a mindset for personal development and then applying it to whatever life throws you can make.

My recent additional training in mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) has given me the ability to help you use your whole self, not just your head, to get in touch with who you are and what you want and be courageous, creative and compassionate as you move through life.

It is possible for you to feel lighter and enjoy the present moments, instead of living in an anxious world inside your head. It is possible for you to feel in control of yourself and know what is important to you. It is possible for you to be able to fight your corner, stick up for yourself when doubt comes whispering and value your own well-being enough to set the boundaries and give yourself the compassion and encouragement needed to be resilient through life.

I will help you connect to your deeper self, crush your inner critic, speak up for yourself, set healthy personal & professional boundaries, create more meaningful relationships, step into the opportunity that is there for you with confidence and feel empowered and equipped to handle the ride of life you have been given, with an inner peace and contentment you thought were just poetic ideals.

I have put together a set of YPD Principles that underpin my Coaching which you can download on my website. If you are serious about making lasting, positive change then book your free trial and get started today!

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Your Personal Development Reviews


Review of Your Personal Development by Richard Guest
5 25/04/2019 Richard Guest

"Jennifer was a real pleasure to work with – she spoke clearly and knowledgeably about the world of work, sessions were regular, conducted over the phone and fit easily into my schedule. By exploring my attitudes and feelings about certain types of work, she helped me to rebuild my confidence and to see a way forward professionally that played to my strengths and gave me the opportunity to do work I enjoyed. I came away from the sessions feeling I knew myself and my motivations a little better and am now happily employed again."

Review of Your Personal Development by Daniel Bohm

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Review of Your Personal Development by Helen
5 19/03/2019 Helen

Working with Jennifer helped me focus on some key things which in turn have enabled me to hone in on what really matters to me and importantly what doesn’t, what I want more of in my life and what I may need to stop to make time for those things. I have explored why I haven’t been able to let go of certain thoughts and behaviours which are holding me back and what I can do about that. The sessions have felt really positive even when focusing on difficult topics.
It’s a work in progress but I now have some useful tools to help me and more than anything I’m enjoying this journey. Every week is revelatory.

Review of Your Personal Development by Hannah W
5 08/02/2019 Hannah W

Working with Jennifer was enlightening. I made more progress than I hoped and found her compassionate and encouraging approach brought out the best in me and my thinking. I feel equipped with the tools and a greater sense of self confidence needed to get even closer to meet further goals going forward.

Review of Your Personal Development by Jo Lilian
5 05/02/2019 Jo Lilian

Jennifer helped me with my confidence after a period of maternity leave and me needing a boost when returning to work. I really looked forward to our sessions and they made me think differently and more positively. Life coaching was the best possible thing I could have done and will be returning to work with Jennifer again.

Review of Your Personal Development by Hannah Mollett
5 23/01/2019 Hannah Mollett

Jennifer helped me to achieve some challenging life goals when I felt as though I couldn't do it by myself. She asked questions I wouldn't have thought to ask myself, which really helped me move forward.
Jennifer was kind, understanding and very professional.

Review of Your Personal Development by Jo W Roberts
5 18/01/2019 Jo W Roberts

Meeting Jen has been a fantastic experience for me. I was really lost for focus on my decisions and confidence in my choices. She gently guided me to ask the right questions about myself and for myself. Jen is kind, patient and thorough. I would whole heartedly recommend YPD for anyone who needs a helping hand getting back on track

Review of Your Personal Development by Ketyn Jepson
5 18/01/2019 Ketyn Jepson

Jen has helped me to find a way forward with my business and showed me how to make concise plans that I will stick to going into 2019. She knows how to get the best of me during the sessions and I now feel very focused with everything. Thank you!

Review of Your Personal Development by Gill Calloway
5 04/12/2018 Gill Calloway

I started coaching with Jen when I was at a difficult point in my life, I was overwhelmed with choices that had to be made and how best to move forward. Having Jen on my side gave me the support I needed and a safe place to work out what steps to take and how to take them. I felt positive for the first time in months and my confidence and direction grew with each session. Jen is a wonderful person to work with. She has a flexible, individualised approach and helps you explore what really matters to you. I cannot recommend Jen highly enough.

Review of Your Personal Development by Victoria Disley
5 04/12/2018 Victoria Disley

Coaching with Jen is fast and effective. She has helped me to change my perspective on many things. I've started to put 'me' first (or at least higher up the pecking order!) and completed a number of things that I have been putting off for years. Completing these tasks has enabled me to 'clear the decks' and given me the momentum to make other changes in my life that are bringing me more happiness and fulfillment. My sessions with Jen have helped me to move forward and start living the life I want to live. Jen is intuitive, genuine and passionate about helping people achieve great things..... and on the occasion when I didn't feel well enough to attend, we carried out our session by Skype which was equally effective (probably more so because I didn't have the journey to contend with) and is definitely the way forward for me! I cannot recommend Jen highly enough. If you want to change your life or need the impetus or motivation to work towards a life goal then give Jen a try. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

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Your Personal Development Q&A

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What do you love most about your job?

I love that moment when I can see my clients eyes light up with the realisation that they have control over their reactions and responses to life events and personal self-talk.
I love it when I hear my clients tell me the things they have done differently and the impact it has had on them.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having worked in education, health and social care for over a decade I witnessed many individuals who were stuck repeating the same patterns of thoughts and behaviour. My role was limited to the type of support I could offer. By starting my own business I have been able to directly and specifically help people break down the barriers to their own happiness and success.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have overcome deep, personal challenges over the last 15 years and this has given me first hand experience of what it feels like to see no way out, of how change can feel overwhelming and life events feel unfair.
The difference to my life since discovering personal development, training as a coach, receiving coaching and applying what I know to myself personally has resulted in a tremendous transformation.
Personal development is a life long practise and you can rest assured you will be understood, heard and totally supported by me in making your own personal transformation. You are so very, very worth it!!

Services provided by Your Personal Development


1:1 Personal Development Coaching

You can choose to develop your personal growth through 1:1 coaching sessions. During this time you will think about what you want to achieve and feel energised about making it happen. You will find out what is holding you back and learn ways to overcome these obstacles. You will become more aware of your strengths, increase your self-belief and see positive change happening in your life. In addition to this you will discover the power you already have in you through balanced breathing techniques which allow you to tune in with the wisdom not only in your head, but in your heart and gut. This is a new development in Coaching and has been giving massive benefits to those who sometime feel stuck in their heads, over thinking and unable to move past their habitual thinking patterns.

Personal Development Groups & Workshops

YPD Group offers a space for learning, support and reflection on your personal development journey. It is a monthly meet with a topic for discussion followed by time to work on a subject of your choice. YPD How To... Workshops take a common theme from home, family and lifestyle topics and allows you time to focus on how you can make progress in this area. It is a monthly meet and works in a similar format to the YPD Group just with a specific topic to work on.


Rural Links - West of England Rural Network (WERN)

I volunteer for WERN offering my support to isolated members of the community by helping them attend and engage with the Rural Links project.


I volunteer with the Key4Life Charity in Bristol that support young men who are at risk of entering the prison system or have recently left the prison system.

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  • 6 minutes average response time

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