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You feel stuck and unsure of what steps to take to get your life or career back on track and to feel fulfilled. I coach clients just like you to discover what matters most and co-create action plans to take meaningful steps. I offer services online on a 1:1 basis and will soon launch group retreats in Bali.



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I love seeing clients exceed their own expectations! Through meaningful discussion and questions, clients often surprise themselves and are able to clearly identify ways forward.

I loved my career as a senior retail leader. And when my most recent job ended sooner than I thought, I knew I could impact more people like me, who love certain aspects of their jobs but do not feel as if their work aligns to their values. For me, I loved connecting with my team and seeing them grow and develop. With my own business, I can also impact the communities I visit. I am currently partnered to provide uniforms for underprivileged youth in Bali, to enable them to continue education.

My passion for connecting deeply with clients means that you will be supported every step of the way, and will come to realisations about yourself that will enable you to grow across all areas of your life. One of my clients describes it like this: Kristen has a gift for coaching. She has a way of making people feel at ease which is so important in this line of work. The questions she asks get right to the point and make one look deeper into themselves. Her guidance helped me get to the core of my concerns and the method of using my values helps keep my priorities in check. I carry this with me in daily life.