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New York City and San Francisco, Manhattan

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New York City and San Francisco, Manhattan


Hi, I'm Jackie Sizemore,
Founder and Master Trainer of YouniquelyFit.
I would be honored to be the one to motivate, educate and hold you accountable in achieving your specific goals. My areas of expertise include helping clients get toned, lose weight, build muscle, alleviate back pain, boost endurance, and increase flexibility.



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*Boosting endurance: if weight loss is a goal, low-impact, safe, and sustainable cardio burst training is incorporated into all sessions
*Increasing strength: building muscle and tonality with resistance training
*Gaining core integration and stabilization: alleviating back pain
*Balance training: in the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes for improvement in functional movement and injury prevention
*Flexibility work: static, dynamic, self myofascial release, and trigger point
*Nutritional guidance, accountability calls, and health challenges for weight loss clients

Fitness doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your body, your posture, and your goals are different to everyone around you. My team and I make it our goal to build a tailored in-home program for your workouts that are safe and sustainable.

Helping people live their best lives. Here is a testimonial from a client who had been battling with severe osteoporosis:

"Two years ago, at age 53, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and osteoporosis of the spine and hips. Following a successful surgery, my endocrinologist recommended that I pursue weight and resistance training. Since that time, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met Jackie. As a result of Jackie's expert training, her knowledge of physiology, and hands-on guidance, the T-Score for my spine went from -3.0 (osteoporosis) to 1.0 (normal bone density). I owe this dramatic improvement in my health to my bi-weekly training sessions with Jackie. After two years of training with Jackie, my flexibility, agility, and muscle tone has noticeably improved and my once constant back pain has disappeared. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone desiring to get into the best physical shape of their lives.

I started out my career in the dance and theater world and transitioned into the fitness realm because it became my passion. I'm now working with a team of 12 trainers. In addition to working with my own personal clients, I love sharing my knowledge with my trainers and learning from them through our continued education platform.

Our fitness programming is based on an individual’s posture. Through my extensive education and research, I have identified there to be the following postural types: Kyphotic Lordotic, Lordotic, Sway Back, Flat Back, and Perfect Posture. An individual will possess one of these postures, maybe elements of two. We build a fitness program that pertains to your posture by strengthening various muscle groups and releasing others. Exercises that work for one posture type, won’t be beneficial to another. We incorporate elements of flexibility, balance, building muscle, toning, and boosting endurance (cardio, if weight loss is a goal).


Our approach to personal training is safe and sustainable for the long-term. After assessing your posture, your YouniquelyFit Personal Trainer will tailor a fitness program, taking into account your goals and any past or current injuries. The workouts may focus on elements of the following: *Building and toning muscle with strength training *Expanding your range of motion and flexibility with stretching *Injury prevention with ample opportunities to practice balance work *Boosting your endurance with low or high intensity cardio

Pilates is a strain-free conditioning that improves core and spine stabilization, whilst increasing strength throughout the entire body. A YouniquelyFit Pilates workout strengthens and lengthens your entire body, while flattening and toning your abdomen. Pilates work is a safe and sustainable approach to alleviating lower back pain, by engaging the transverse abdominis and internal oblique’s. Your tailored Pilates program will be based on your posture and will work around any contraindications, whilst working towards your goals.

We all know life happens and it can be tough to make the right choices when it comes to the food we eat: business meetings, family events, the holidays. You name it. There’s always a reason to eat “just one more cookie.” The good news is you don’t have to beat yourself up. If you’re staying on track with your food choices the majority of time, you will lose weight. But this can be hard.
That’s why you commit to one call per week with a nutrition coach for each pound you need to lose. YouniquelyFit’s Weight Loss coaching calls are a suggested weekly commitment with a fitness and nutrition expert from our team. Learn how to lose a pound a week without starving yourself, reach your goal weight, AND maintain that weight. Your coach will review your food diary prior to each call and will speak with you one-on-one to shed light on healthy alternatives and substitutions to make your day-to-day eating more effective for both your waistline and your overall health.

We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Let a YouniquelyFit Yoga Instructor tailor an in-home session to your posture and contraindications, helping you unwind and reconnect with yourself. Yoga is not only a form of exercise, but also a way to heal and quiet the mind. Here are just a handful of benefits: *Develop overall body strength *Improve posture *Increase flexibility *Relieve anxiety and stress The benefits of practicing yoga extend far beyond your physical body: *Makes you happier by significantly increasing serotonin levels *Helps you focus by improving coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores *Relaxes your system by encouraging you to slow your breath, and focus on the present

Many people turn to a personal trainer for help with accountability. If it weren’t for your trainer, you might not work out at all. Our in-home services create a hands-on approach that some need to combat discipline (we’ve all been tempted to skip a workout) and bad form (most of us need somebody to point out what we’re doing wrong so we prevent injuries and we’re targeting the right muscles). If you’ve been working out with your YouniquelyFit in-home trainer, you’ll get used to their style and energy. If you’re out of town during a regularly scheduled in-home training session and you don’t want to miss a workout, we’ll give you access to our online platform so you can get your fitness on with your trainer until you’re back home. Founder, Jackie Sizemore, takes on new clients who are comfortable with the online training format. She has over 15 years experience working with clients online and will build a workout program catered to your unique posture. You will find your workouts just as efficient and effective as if she were there in-person.