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My passion for fitness began when I was growing up in America having the privilege to play a number of different sports from American football and soccer to basketball.

I went from playing sports to coaching in schools (Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and University) while gaining my fitness qualifications and going on to work in a number of high end gyms as an instructor.

By being in the industry for five plus years I've gained the knowledge and experience to push you towards any goal. Whether it be weight loss, size gain, body fat reduction or sport specific I'm the man with the plan.

I know what's required to meet your goals and will encourage, motivate and guide you to reach your targets with different, effective and challenging training methods.

Lets get started towards your goals today.

YoungsFitness Reviews

YoungsFitness Reviews

Review of YoungsFitness by Jheanelle Chin
5 16/05/2016

It was a great experience working with Mr young. He has motivated me on making a life changing decision. The progress i have made is purely down to him and his work ethics which will benefit me not just at the moment, but also long term. It was great working with him & i would recommend him to anyone. Thank you.

Review of YoungsFitness by Chris
5 16/05/2016

Great trainer, got me to my goal and more. Feel and look great all thanks to Chimoi.


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Review of YoungsFitness by sandra butwick
2 weeks ago

I joined this gym at the start. Equipment is fine but nothing else is fine!!!. Suggestions and queries are never answered even when a telephone number and email are given. Many times like this morning there is not a pen to write the complaint. This morning the gym was not opened until 6.40 and the Manager who was due to take the 6.35 class had still not arrived when I left at 7.40. Trying to call head office at greatly exaggerated prices is a joke. After logging in I was told I was number 13 in the queue. Classes have been drastically cut and there are now no morning classes between 7 and 9.30. I will not be buying shares when Pur Gym goes for a public listing. I would rather pay more and get better service

sandra butwick
Review of YoungsFitness by Markus Milligan
10 months ago

Great gym in terms of equipment.. Spotless and clean, but the staff are pretty useless. Rather than deal with customer problems (such as joining on the machines outside) they just direct you to the website. They also don't manage unruly customers who mistreat equipment and cause a scene. Instead they just stand by and watch. The gym also needs wireless as there's no phone reception.

Markus Milligan
Review of YoungsFitness by Steven
9 months ago

Bloody awful gym but you pay for what you get - £22.99 to spend an hour in what I can only describe as a prison. Not just any prison but one at -10C. With the amount of air conditioning running around the place you might as well train in the Arctic circle.

Absolutely zero regard for hygiene as there aren't any paper towels to wipe down equipment, but my colleague tells me this is standard across all Pure Gyms as they make money off you buying their towels? I could only find one hand sanitisation station in the whole building - I'll get my doc to send the bill every time I get sick shall I.

The vending machines are also full of high sugar 'snacks'. Clearly they are out to make a quick buck on that too.

There are such better gyms out there but it seems Pure Gym is winning the day on price point. Shame if you ask me :(

Review of YoungsFitness by Matthew Offredy
12 months ago

This is the first review I have ever written on anything but my experience at this pure gym was THAT bad. I know that you can sign up for a membership online as I have been to other pure gyms in the country and thought doing it on the spot would be easy enough, as in the past staff have been friendly and helpful went dealing with a poor system.

When I arrived at the gym on 2nd November at about 11 in the morning two girls probably 17/18 were applying for a membership on the computers at the entrance. After the system failing to process them they were taken straight through behind the security doors into the gym. I continued to use the system after being blanked by the member of staff that was helping them out.

15 minutes past with me trying to operate the system with it not accepting the month of my date of birth and then just outright refusing to process the application even with the details correct. Around this time another gentleman arrived to apply for a membership with no success. After 10 minutes he left in a rage no staff in sight. I decided as he left maybe it was time for me to try and contact a member of staff to get the same treatment the girls recieved when I arrived.

Luckily there was a sign a fair way away from the machines saying press the button for assistance. The only button in the area was to open the exit door. I felt silly pressing it because I was clearly not the right thing. After opening the door 4 times I then tried to use my phone to contact the centre itself to get someone to the door. Instead I was connected to the national service. I tried to contact the centre manager but the call would not connect. So I waited for another 10 minutes banging on the window and asking people going into the gym to contact a member of staff.

Eventually a member of staff came to meet me. In the 30 seconds he graced me with he told me the touch screen system was rubbish and that I should try my phone before walking back behind the doors out of sight. As he walked off a middle aged woman came to try he luck at joining. I loaded up the website on my phone determined to get in giving her the same information I had just recieved. Again the same problem as experienced on the local system occurred on my phone.

After a further 10 minutes of trying the woman that had endeavoured to join exited, again in a rage with no assistance to her from any of the staff, leaving me puzzled as to why I was trying so much harder to complete the process.

I decided to call the national number. This was fairly efficient and the operator delt with my frustration well before being able to adjust the system to grant me access on the local machine as I was registered to another gym which blocked my account at the Borehamwood branch. This information would have been very useful over half an hour before and I'm sure I would not be the first person to experience this problem.

I proceeded with my application accepting the term and conditions making it to the payment information when the system returned to the home screen. I appreciated rather reluctantly to myself maybe this was a one time glitch and spent another 10 minutes filling in the information.

When I made it to the payment information again and the system crashed for a second time. With no member of staff around to voice my concerns to I left and this is the first thing I have done. DONT GO TO THIS GYM.

Matthew Offredy
Review of YoungsFitness by Sheenie Shaikh
1 year ago

The latest machines, spotless changing rooms and squeaky clean showers. Why pay £70 to othee gyms who still haven't updated their equipment? Also nice, friendly personal trainers who run the classes.

Sheenie Shaikh
Review of YoungsFitness by Mazi Pita
1 year ago

Mazi Pita
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84 Shenley Rd, Hertfordshire, Borehamwood WD6 1EH, UK

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