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Maria Bermejo

29 May 2019

Very nurturing classes. It is a pleasure practicing with Paul. He is caring, precise, knowledgeable and very humane. Thank you Atma Namaste


Jenny Cruise

20 February 2019

I came to AYI after practising yoga for several years and had put Ashtanga yoga in my " way too hard box" however Gillian explained clearly at the first workshop I attended that this was a deep spiritual practise and deeply cleansed the nervous system


Paul Kearns

3 April 2018

Paul is an incredible teacher. No matter what level you are at he will give you the support and advice to move your practice on


Claudie Greene

17 February 2018

I discovered Ashtanga yoga with Paul. His approach of this fantastic practice is both compassionate and caring. His adjustments are always right, just enough to be comfortable and challenging at the same time. With him, the practice is always a discovery journey. I'm a big fan! More...


Laura Friday

28 April 2017

Lovely shala guided by a passionate and dedicated teacher. Gillian took the time to really look at me and assist me accordingly. She is gifted.


Aileen Cox Blundell

13 February 2017

To say that Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is my sanctuary would really be an understatement. I had practiced Ashtanga yoga for about 8 years and when my teacher moved away I lost interest in the practice for a few years. It wasn't until a friend recommended Gillian with the words 'she really is the best Ashtanga teacher in the country' that I decided to make the trek from Swords into the city each week. As a busy mother of 3 running my own business, I rarely take time for just me, to switch off and to actually breath right down into my very being. When I started coming to the shala I had been going through a really busy time in my life and had reached that point of really needing to relax for my own health and well-being. Gillian could see my mind racing, my breathing not switched onto my practice and each week she would patiently bring me back into the room, and help me focus on what I was there to do. I only make it in once a week as life is busy but for me it is the best thing I do each week. I leave feeling balanced, focussed and I really feel like a better person because of Gillian and her teaching. I would be lost without this class each week and after trying many Ashtanga classes in the city I can honestly say this one is the very, very best. I can only say, give it a try and see what you think yourself. You won't be disappointed. Aileen More...


Louise Leonard

8 November 2016

AYI is a first class yoga shala headed up by an exceptional, intuitive teacher living and breathing the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Here you'll find a warm community of yogis ranging from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, everyone's welcome. You are encouraged to explore the practice of Ashtanga yoga at your own pace with one on one teaching that acknowledges the place you are in today, rather than racing ahead to where you want to be tomorrow. I can't recommend highly enough, it's my refuge and slap, bang in the city centre. You come! More...


Camie Mae

24 October 2016

Lovely traditional Ashtanga Shala in Dublin. Thank you for the warm welcome and sweaty practice :-) Namaste


Rory Hynes O'Reilly

2 April 2016

Gillian's vast experience and warm touch makes her a precious gem in the Irish yoga community. Maintaining traditions originating from Mysore India, her Shala cuts no corners and has been transformed into a wonderfully welcoming place for people of all age, shapes and sizes.


Eileen Tobin

13 February 2016

Paul is a great teacher, I love his classes and he caters for all abilities.


Kat E.

7 October 2015

Feeling good after a one to one session with Catriona today, it was tailored to my fitness level and really helped identify where i was going wrong even with basics moves.... I don't believe i will be balancing on a tree branch tomorrow but i think with a bit of practice and Catriona's guidance i will improve in line with my personal goalsThe initial session started by talking through what i wanted to achieve and look at what can help me get there, this was then followed by yoga practice, where Catriona watched and corrected my posture.  The session ended with relaxation.  The room was bright, spacious and comfortable, mats and blankets were provided.Looking forward to my follow up session More...


Bryony Bird-Kock

23 April 2015

Dedicated, knowledgable and loves a good laugh!


Anna Ch

10 December 2014

Very good teacher, strong personality, beautiful woman. Thank you, Gillian, for everything!


Bev Porrino

10 September 2014

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. Fab vibe, amazing place, dedicated and committed teacher and super supportive community.


Renata Sikorska

5 February 2014

Paul is an excellent teacher and I would recommend his classes to anyone, no matter the age or level of fitness.