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Viniyoga is the application and adaptation of traditional Indian yoga practices to each individual practitioner or student. Viniyoga adapts the various means and methods of practice to the unique condition, needs and interests of each individual, thus giving each student the tools to individualise and actualise the process of self-discovery and personal transformation.



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Yoga for Balance teaches a gentle form of yoga based on the classic Indian yoga tradition. This approach, viniyoga, aims to integrate physical poses (asana) with the breath (pranayama) and with a mindfulness practice. Classes are taught in small groups to allow full attention for each student. Generally, a series of six classes is offered en bloc, and the cost for the series is €75. Individual, one-to-one classes are also available, cost €50 for each one-hour class.

Sometimes a person doesn't want to be in a group class, or can't make the advertised times. Yoga for Balance provides individual tuition by appointment, with each one-hour class costing €50.

Ann-Marie Larkin is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist, recognised by the British Council for Yoga Therapy, the British Wheel of Yoga and the Association for Yoga Studies. Yoga therapy uses the tools that you find in many yoga classes; postures, working with the breath, meditation, awareness of the body and/or mind, and relaxation — directed to the needs and ability of the person concerned. The aim is to promote good health for the person as a whole. The emphasis of this work may be towards the body, the mind, the emotions or a combination of these. Yoga therapy helps to promote all-round positive health, as well as assisting particular medical conditions. The therapy is particularly appropriate for chronic conditions that persist despite conventional treatment. I will design a programme that, ideally, is performed at least four times weekly. The physical and breath exercises are tailored to the time you have available, anything from 10 or 15 minutes to over an hour in length. The programme is adjusted over three months to keep challenge at an optimum level, without strain. There is an initial complimentary session to discuss your needs. Subsequent appointments cost €55. Concessions are available.