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Steve Utley

22 July 2019

A friendly staff & a great place for a variety of strength training


Jessica Boren

10 July 2019

Love the classes! Everyone is so friendly & helpful


Brandy Neiswanger

11 June 2019

excellent place to go and exercise class instructors are on point very helpful swimming is great to all around great place plus free child care while you take a class what is not to love


Danny Simmons

24 May 2019

Best place to approach a healthy mind body and soul ! God friendly ❤


Mandy Bell

9 May 2019

Amazing hot yoga experience with Megan!!


Hannah Reagan

9 March 2019

Our family has been coming for 4.5 years since we moved here. We’ve used so many programs including sand volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, birthday party rentals, swim classes, childwatch for our kids ages infant to 10 years old, community events for holidays, soccer, exercise classes, and more! This is the best place for everyone! #duniganymca More...


Paul Campbell

27 January 2019

Alot of community involvement. Great event today! Keep up the great work Heather.


Valois Vogleman

17 January 2019

everything they have wonderful classes


Vicki Taylor

13 January 2019

pool & plenty of other macines& etc.


Angela Pike Koewler

13 January 2019

The place to be in winter to play basketball and get a good workout or walk/run.


Mallorie Cloum

16 November 2018

I grew up loathing exercise and struggled to find my “in” until almost two years ago. The group classes are so full of passion from both instructors and classmates. I love how encouraging the right group of people can be. Finding the right class for you takes time, but it’s so worth it! BodyAttack, BodyPump, Grit, and Boxing have changed my life and really helped me find a natural way to manage my anxiety and a gym family who continues to hold me accountable even as my schedule shifts and I have to switch my classes around. More...


Linda Smith

11 October 2018

I love the chair yoga classes. We all have fun in the class. The teachers are knowledgeable and friendly.


Mike Primus

10 October 2018

the staff is super friendly and welcoming, facility is always clean, the ladies in child watch are awesome, and the group classes are amazing! highly recommend trying a group class regardless of your fitness level ... they are designed to accommodate all fitness levels and all ages! More...


Jessica Cannon

11 August 2018

The Dunigan YMCA has been good for our family.



11 August 2018

Great place to begin fitness again. However eastside needs some attention at times in the fitnesd area when individuals are hogging two machines exclusively for them and an individual screaming during workout - with a Y trainer. The trainer should request better control from their client. More...



11 August 2018

Good place, great basketball court, great workout room, recommended


Sichong Noh

11 August 2018

주차 시설 읶고요 ,장애인을 위한 주차 시설도 있습니다 남녀 구분 화장실도 앴고요 장애인 화장실도 구비되어 있습니다 탈의실과 샤워실도 구비되어 있습니다, 가족 탈의 실도 구비되어 있고요유아를 돌 보아 주는 시설도 구비 되어 있습니다 특별한 날을 위한 행사도 진행 해주고요어린이를 위한 수영,농구,축구등 다양한 프로그램을 준비하고도 있습니다성인들을 위한 에어로빅, 수영,농구,태권도,헬스장 도 구비되어 있습니다월 회비는 성인$39이고요 가족 회원에 따라 가격도 다양합니다


Andreina Lairet

11 August 2018

My family and I have been members since last July and we love it. Lots of programs and activities for all ages and all levels of fitness.


Jeffery Motyka

11 August 2018

I like the Y because it is clean and it seems if you never have to wait to use equipment. The staff that work there are always polite and helpful if I have questions


Kaitchris Clayton

9 August 2018

Such a fun inviting place to be! Everyone is so kind


Elizabeth Skelton

21 June 2018

I love our downtown and east side YMCA. My only recommendation is the east side location should have a steam room like the downtown location does. When you rebuild the downtown location please don’t omit the steam room. I know several of us ladies that go to that location based on this alone. It really helps from not being as sore the next day. More...


Cindy Drake

15 June 2018

Everyone is so friendly and facility is very clean. My grandson loves the swimming pool


Dwight Nestrick

11 June 2018

Evansville has been blessed for many years with an outstanding community focused YMCA. With two locations serving Evansville & Tri State. It is a great investment for families of all sizes. More...


Ben Lara

16 May 2018

Ive been a long time member. I love the atmosphere of caring that the Y gives. We wont go any other place.


Lisa Bartz Tate

20 April 2018

Absolutely love Angie’s Hot Yoga class on Thursdays!!


Nicole van Doorn

2 April 2018

I do the group exercise classes and I love them. They offer so many classes and at all times of the day. The Y is def the place to go if classes are your thing!


Cristi Drake

25 March 2018

The workers and staff are great to helping you how to work out and getting a good work out plan!!!


Billy Osborne

20 February 2018

Great gym they have a wonderful facility equipment and a friendly staff


Sonja M Brackett-Harms

15 December 2017

I love this place. I make new friend while accomplishing all of my fitness/nutrition goals. Awesome knowledgeable staff. Very friendly staff and comfortable environment. Equipment/class options are outstanding. All employess are employee of the day Just my opinion, I love you all More...


DL Williams

24 November 2017

It's a really good place for kids and adults with kids. I've thought about joining!


Antonio Rodriguez

28 October 2017

Love this place. Has the most wonderful people working there. They care about all their members very knowledge about their work. To me this YMCA is the best thing that has happens to me. More...


Dusty Walczak Fiester

27 October 2017

The Y is a place of fitness, fellowship and encouragement. It has been my home gym since 2002. I love the people and the fact that new equipment and class options are always being added.


Andre Dewayne Sherman

27 October 2017

Always a true blessing to be able to show & encourage others to better themselves.


Sammy Keach

30 August 2017

I absolutely love the group classes at both locations! Also, very impressed with the youth sports programs. So glad our family finally decided to join!


Anastasia McCarter

11 August 2017

We love this beautiful ymca campus. I love the child watch. The only reason I rated 4 instead of 5 stars was that, being a homeschool family of a child too old for the young kids' child watch, I'm not able to go during the day. I have to wait for more crowded hours. Overall, I really love this place. More...


Amanda Smith

11 August 2017

Great place for the whole family!!! Very reasonably priced but needs to be a 24 gym or open much later!!



11 August 2017

new and clean


Dawn Nunning

22 April 2017

Started in Feb of this year, go 3-4 times a week! Evenings are quiet in the small gym at 6:30 or so, perfect! Staff is very friendly!


Carolyn Farmer

13 April 2017

A wonderful facility. Have a lot of classes to choose from and plenty of room to walk. Love their yoga classes. Price is extremely reasonable, too.


Ron Unfried

23 March 2017

All a person could ask for in fitness and community commitment. A gym where one can play the ever popular pickleball game, a fitness room, pool, and a helpful staff make this my home away from home.


Beth Andres

13 March 2017

I love that even at my first class I felt included! The staff and members are so welcoming. I go do the classes mainly and love that they have such a variety.


Bobbi Barnes Brown

11 March 2017

We love the downtown YMCA! The staff is friendly and helpful. Our kids are on the swim team "Evansville Riptides" they love it! So much fun, and great friendships made! More...


Corsica Fox

18 February 2017

Great .. Love all the staff .. They all helpful and friendly.


Chris Black

3 February 2017

I love it there can't wait until I get cought up on my bills and get my car so I can drop 1 of my jobs so I can go more regular


Darius McElroy

13 January 2017

Been a member of the Ymca since I was a kid and still go...love to play ball here and workout the atmosphere is so friendly and everyone cares!


Monica Ehrhart

5 November 2016

Everyone is so friendly; they're willing to step in and show you how the machines work whenever - this includes other members, not just workers!


Nicole Blum Schenk

27 September 2016

It is an amazing karate class for students of all ages. The instructor is great with kids and very patient. I highly recommend LifeTrek!


Carol Head Williams

24 September 2016

Friendly atmosphere. Great for the whole family and it's religious based


Danielle Simons

22 September 2016

Great instructors especially when you are a newbie to class I go to both locations dunigan and downtown love them both!


nick helfert

11 August 2016

I love the place...nice staff...but the only thing that I want to see is...I wish that they could be a 24 hour gym...I think alot of people would utilize this.



11 August 2016

I purchased a day pass here while on a business trip. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Weight lifting area is very spacious. Not as cramped feeling as other YMCAs I have visited. More...


jai Patel

11 August 2016

It so fun


Nelson LeDoux

11 August 2016

They have great coaches on staff here. They're great with kids' sports.


Clarence Young

23 March 2016

Courteous staff beyond being friendly. A complete facility lacking nothing inclusive of professional trainers and coaches.


Molly Brost

24 February 2016

Have been a member for just under two months now. So far I'm loving the group exercise classes (particularly Fitness Boxing, Zumba, and most recently, Sh'Bam), and the indoor track is a great option when it is too dark, cold, or rainy for me to want to run outdoors. Everyone is so nice, and I love the variety of classes and times. Would definitely recommend! More...


Nicole McCormick

14 February 2016

This is a wonderful facility. The classes and instructors have a wonderful and positive attitude.


John Freed

5 February 2016

The facility is beautiful and the staff are so kind and helpful. They gave me a tour of the whole facility and answered all my questions. I highly recommend you and your family give the YMCA a try! More...


Ruth Howard

31 January 2016

I would recommend giving the group classes a try. The instructors are knowledgeable and ready to assist with any help you may need. I have many friends from the classes that hold me accountable to working out on a regular basis. Zumba, body pump and CX Works classes are fun! More...


Billy Cundiff

28 January 2016

The YMCA has it all! I recently joined and took the tour and came away very impressed. There are numerous programs to try from aerobics to zumba. The staff are ready to help you reach your goals no matter what fitness level. More...


Merredith Hetherington

17 December 2015

I love the Y. It helps so many people and is Christ driven!


Brian Thomas

11 August 2015

great location. new equipment. great classes. clean & friendly


Cissy Alvey

11 August 2015

Great place for our whole family


Laurel Griffin Meny

17 February 2015

My home away from home. Love the people, classes and instructors.


Tiffanie Greenwell Wolf

16 October 2014

I love the Y. My favorite is the group classes. There are some many good instructors. Dusty, Christa, Carrie, Cori, Bridget, Nikki , Lisa, Jessica, Paula, Becky, Stephanie and there are many others.


Keri Thorkildsen

11 August 2014

Friendly employees & a super place for healthy lifestyle activities in a family friendly environment! The pool is a great temp & the splash pad is a big hit with the little kids.


Leigh Anne Lancour

22 July 2014

You have done my friend good!

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