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Rex Vision Media is a multi-media platform that provides photographic and video content and services for various clients needing our services both here in U.K and international.
Rex Vision Media is a company founded by Yinka Idowu. We have specialized in various forms of visual mediums ranging from professional portraits, business pictures, magazine covers.



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The secret to taking a great picture is connecting with the client and making them feel relax and by doing so you will get the best photographs.

What are you hoping to see in the picture?
What makes you happy when you are taking pictures?
What are your favorite things that you want in your pictures?

What I love most about my job is the ability to bring out a smile on someone's face when they see the picture I just took of them.

I like creating stories with the pictures I take, So I then decided to make it commercial and share that experience with everyone.

They should choose me because I know what it means to see a beautiful image and appreciate it and because of that, I am your best choice for the job. I will provide the best service for you.



We provide bespoke family portraits for every occasion.

We provide photography for all sorts of fashion shoots/brands and campaigns.

We can cover all types of events ranging from Weddings/Birthday Partys/Office Parties/Campaigns/Business Functions/Brand Openings e.t.c We offer both Photography and Videography.

We can do portfolios for any model looking to build their portfolios and also ones that are already established in the industry.

We can do professional headshots for different clients looking to great headshots to promote their images in all industry.