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Jillian R.

14 August 2019

I'm a huge Yats fan. This location is great and the staff are great as well. The food comes out at a reasonable time and tastes absolutely amazing. There are vegan and vegetarian options for non meat eaters such as myself, and every single one is so good - my personal favorite is the B&B (vegetarian). More...


Jennifer M.

4 August 2019

I'm glad to have this addition to the Grandview area restaurants! My husband and I really enjoy creole food and Yats is always consistent and yummy. Yats is almost a fast casual type of spot because the food comes out so quick. Great for lunch! They have specials every day and always have some offerings for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diets. Prices are great, food has always been delicious New Orleans style and they have some Abita beers too! More...


Rob D.

30 July 2019

This review for yats cajun creole. Super nice people here and the food is spectacular. The Gumbo might be the best I have ever had. The drunken chicken is lights out good. I would make an effort to come to this place as the food is that good. I really love this place and I will be back. Awesome food. More...


Breanna A.

22 July 2019

I got my food ordered from Postmates. It was pretty good. Not quite was I was expecting but super tasty! The baguette was seasoned nicely. They put Cajun seasonings on it. I got the Cajun Jerk Etouffe. It was a good portion of food. It said it could feed 2-3 people. It lasted me 3 meals! I'm a happy camper! More...


Erin M.

20 July 2019

We stumbled upon Yates enduring our visit to Columbus. We were able to taste all the food before hand. Which may I add was ALLLL delic. The bread is to DIE for . Great atmosphere and even better food! More...


Corey H.

16 July 2019

Food is excellent and we love coming here for lunch.  Dinged one star because lately it has take alot longer to get your food than previous visits.


Taylor A.

4 July 2019

We went here during  a slow time . We were the only ones in the building, but they had a few carry outs . We had never been there so the employee recommended some items . The food was delicious and served quick . Even my 1 year old liked it.we were in and out in about 25 mins if that. The prices a cheap and the food is filling . Will definitely return. More...


Megan H.

25 June 2019

Second time here, the Drunken Chicken was just as great as I remembered ... perhaps better. Staff was friendly, helpful, and attentive.


Rachel B.

22 June 2019

Definitely filled us up with hot yummy rice and Cajun meat sauces. Simple dishes. Packed with flavors that are not found often here in Ohio! Glad we gave it a try!


Eric S.

10 June 2019

This place is fantastic! Amazing food and knowledgeable and friendly staff! Clean establishment as well. Nice array of beers which is always a good thing. Also if you want to kick it up a notch just as for some hotter hot sauce and get the stash they don't put on the table, but beware it is HOT! I recommend the Crawfish which is amazing, I also had that side by side with the Drunkin Chicken and it made for an out of this world combo! I will for sure check out this establishment when i am back in the area, If you're around... for sure a place you should stop! More...


Will C.

31 May 2019

Tasty, Reasonable Cajun Fast-CasualBeen wanting to try this place for a while, and was glad that I did.  Got the spinach & mushroom etouffée and the jambalaya.  The spinach etouffée was creamy and delicious, strongly reminding me of an Indian saag paneer: turns out that the chef does put a little green curry in there.  Jambalaya was less good, but that was mostly my fault because thought it was a lot of rice, what I should've ordered was gumbo.  Shows how little I know of Cajun cuisine.Service is very considerate.  I was disappointed that their Macque Choux wasn't ready yet, but the chef was kind enough to give me a small sample and to answer my enthusiastic questions about the spinach etouffée.  Would love to see some more green sides, as well as using plates rather than disposable bowls--it'd make for a nicer display. More...


Jess S.

29 May 2019

I've been to Yats a few times a couple years back and remembered really enjoying it so I decided to go today to see if I still liked it. I LOVE it. I had errands to run so I placed a pick up order (through Yelp) and grabbed it while I was out. I was pleasantly surprised to see they used recycled material for their take out box and not styrofoam like many other places. The food was amazing. I love doing 1/2 and picking out two. B&B was spectacular! I heard the drunken chicken is popularbut decided to go with the chili cheese etoufee which I really enjoyed. Friendly workers and I know they'll let you taste whatever which is always nice. It's also pretty affordable which is a plus. Definitely will be coming back soon. More...


Raneem B.

20 May 2019

The absolute best Creole food in Columbus! Ever since we visited New Orleans we've been trying to find a place in Columbus with soul food just as hearty as that in New Orleans. This place is exactly that! Very limited menu but the few items are gold. Definitely​recommend​d the Chili Cheese and the B&B. Absolutely​ delicious and filling food! More...


Caroline S.

23 April 2019

I've been to a previous location in Indianapolis so I was happy to try this location right here in Columbus. All dishes are served with rice, cajun bread, and a hearty sauce with various meats. You can choose to have one sauce or do half and half. I got chili cheese etouffee with crawfish on half and gumbo on the other half. I tried three of the other sauces and the one I liked most was the etouffee. I also got an extra piece of cajun bread for checking in (yay!) The food was very filling. I'd come back for a visit when I'm in the area. More...


Scott F.

22 April 2019

A great place for Creole/Cajun food.  Always friendly and helpful and serving great food.


Pex D.

20 April 2019

Great food. Atmosphere was amazing. People are having a good time. The vegetarian options were also pretty good. as a vegetarian I felt like the food was better here than in New Orleans


Elle H.

16 April 2019

I ordered this through postmates and I'm not disappointed. It's VERY good. Nice amount of food for the price, and the spice is spot on. I LOVE spicy food and it's good for people who don't like super spicy, but spicy enough for people who live the spice. The bread was my favorite part of the meal. Make sure you get extra bread. It's so worth it. I ordered chili cheese etouffee with crawfish, drunken chicken, and spinach and mushroom etouffee. I only wish there was more meat in the dishes. Other than that it's amazing. More...


Lisa A.

8 April 2019

I was just in Columbus for the weekend, but my friend goes to Yats all the time and loves it. It's a very small place, casual, of course, and you order at the counter and then they bring the food to the counter for you to pick up. The staff is very friendly and everyone raves about the Drunken Chicken so of course I had to give it a try, but what's even nicer is they allow you half/half portions of whatever you'd like!! My other half I chose the Caribbean Jerk chicken that was their special of the day and I actually liked it better than the Drunken Chicken. I tried the Strawberry lager they carried in cans and loved it! Light and breezy perfect for the summer season and it was unseasonably warm Saturday night. I also asked about the B&B and he said they are trying it out as an appetizer and offered it to us for free!! They served it with chips and the corn & bean mix was superb. You can't go wrong with anything you get on the menu! It's all great! More...


Francisco F.

28 February 2019

Great food, great value. They have a ton of hot sauces too which I loved! I think they make one batch a day and it's first come first serve so make sure you call ahead to see what they have for the day!


Bartosz K.

27 February 2019

Omg, what a great food! Found it accidentally during a business trip to Columbus while looking for a quick bite. Very well spiced, simple, and really delicious!


Fawn S.

13 February 2019

Yat's is located in the heart of Grandview, but trust me blink and you'll miss it. Thanks to the big neon sign in the small window front, I would have kept on missing it. Yat's serves up fast plates of New Orleans cuisine at an insanely fair price. The seating area of the small restaurant does not scream stay here and relax, but is is functional. Kind of like a high school cafeteria. They do serve beer and drinks, but honestly I usually get my dinner to go. My go to is 1/2 Drunken Chicken and 1/2 B&B (black beans and caramelized corn in a light cream sauce). The Drunken Chicken does have just the right amount of heat, not too hot for those that can't take heat, but not so bland there is no spice at all. They serve grilled bread on the side that also has a New Orleans buttery mixture that I can't get enough of. If you are feeling frisky order an extra order of grilled bread to sop up the last remaining juices of the Drunken Chicken. To sum it all up, you should experience Yat's for yourself. Try something new that you didn't even notice had been there for years. You'll be impressed with their tastiness! More...


Kristin S.

8 February 2019

My husband and I tried Yat's for the first time last night and LOVED it. The store was empty at the time we arrived (6:15pm) and the employee who served us was friendly and patient, explaining the menu nearly in its entirety. We were able to try a few tastes of a few dishes before ordering which was much appreciated! In the end we shared a half and half with B&B and drunken chicken. Both were absolutely delicious, but the B&B was our personal favorite between the two. We only wished that we had ordered 2 entrees instead of sharing! The flavors were fantastic and very much "comfort food." I can't wait to come back and try the Caribbean dish when it returns to the rotating menu! We will most definitely be back soon! More...


Lashel D.

26 January 2019

All I can say is Yummy! I'm addicted to the Drunken Chicken! Good people and nice atmosphere! -Foodie Dance Queen


Zach T.

6 December 2018

Really solid Cajun food. It's a small location in Grandview and one of the best quick and cheap eats in the area. Love the drunken chicken, gumbo, and etouffee. The desserts are also great. Very affordable and big portions, so easy to share a plate. They've even had live music a couple of the times I've been in which is a great touch and gives a nice taste of NOLA. The only real downside to this place is the parking in Grandview which is getting a little more difficult, but overall I haven't had too much trouble finding a meter. Swing by and check it out! More...


Katheryn J.

29 November 2018

Loved this cute little Hidden Gem. I love the fact that all the dishes come over a bed of rice. I tried the chili crawfish etouffee and the gumbo. I was completely surprised by the chili crawfish etouffee. The flavors compliment each other very well I would have never thought traditional crawfish etouffee when Marry so pleasantly with chili flavors. I enjoyed their gumbo simply because it had a brown roux. More...


Mary C.

27 November 2018

This place is amazing. Always great food that is prepared as fast as lightening. The guys that work there are friendly too. You can try samples of any of the dishes before buying too! 10/10 experience. More...


Janie H.

21 November 2018

We went here on date night which is a quiet lame Wednesday night. We ordered from the hand drawn menu for the day. I got a split order and gave the bf my bread. He got a whole order. He was disappointed on the spicy level but i liked it. We both liked the airy quirky decorated location. More...


Monika R.

18 November 2018

Really really good etouffee here. Nice and warm and comforting and flavorful. Try the maque choux.


Brendan L.

15 November 2018

Fast. Great price. Great location. Lots of flavor. LOVE the bread! Get the drunken Chicken.


Vy D.

19 September 2018

I love Yats for their portion sizes, tastes, and price! You get a lot of flavor for not a lot of bucks. You can order a full size of a dish, or a half size, or do half and half of two entrees. When you come, check in for extra garlic bread, I love it!I recommend their Drunken Chicken and Chicken Maque Choux! My friends also like their Chili Cheese with Crawfish. You can also ask to sample any of their dishes. They're all flavorful, bold, and delicious. They have an assortment of hot sauces you can try too.Staff is very friendly and they were accommodating!There's plenty of room inside for a small group, but parking can be limited with street parking and private parking. I recommend coming here for a bit for lunch, casual dinner, or if you're craving Cajun/Creole food. By the way, there's no WiFi here! There are plenty of other shops and businesses around this restaurant that you can walk around to, it's a pretty nice area. More...


Tu H.

18 September 2018

They let you try out the food before ordering. Service is good and fast. Lots of interesting options. I'm a vegetarian so I tried the spinach mushroom etouffee and the B&B, which were really good. But I do prefer the spinach mushroom one a bit more. My favorite part is the hot buttery piece of bread. Portion is large, good value for the price. Would definitely come back to try the other dishes. More...


Jameson A.

27 August 2018

Delicious food, friendly staff, this Place is Great!  It is a little piece of N'awlins outside of Louisiana.  Try the Crawfish Chili cheese etouffe.


Erika J.

21 August 2018

Tried this for my first time the other day and it is hands down the best Creole food in town. Tried Drunken Chicken and the Chili Cheese Crawfish based on other reviews and both were super flavorful. I like my food spicy so I dabbled in their hot sauces (good variety). I have a normal sized stomach and was full from the 50/50 meal with no leftovers. I would describe this food to someone who hasn't had creole before as tasting like Cajun curry. Will be back! More...


Nadia M.

20 August 2018

Delicious dishes. The bread is crack. So tasty!Not very busy and plenty of places to sit.Really fast food and full of hotsauce for your taste buds. A favourite!


Matt K.

13 August 2018

Great comfort food, great prices. Definitely give this place a shot if you want to try something new and flavorful.


Johnny K.

8 August 2018

5 Star place is nice very and relaxed. Grab some Cajun food have a beer!  reasonable Prices, top notch service, food, music and great location.


Michael V.

31 July 2018

Food was amazing. Drunken chicken is always a go to. The Chipotle Alexo is effing amazing. The place is great and looks super clean. Need more Yats around town


Claudia C.

21 July 2018

Low key place in Grandview serving up good sized portions of Cajun food. We got a pitcher of Abita for $10 and the night was off to a good start. Their bread is buttery, crispy, chewy and all together awesome. I got 2 half-portions, with corn and black beans and drunken chicken (chicken with spices and beer and breadcrumbs). Everything was served over white rice and full of sauce good for mixing with rice and soaking up with that lovely bread. The corn and beans had a nice kick and the drunken chicken had a good amount of chicken. Overall good prices and good food. More...


Chris M.

16 July 2018

Great quick lunch.  The drunk chicken was our favorite.  Will definitely be back when in the area.


Molly M.

2 July 2018

I love Yats. It is such a great, casual spot with delicious food. There's nothing really like it in the area and there's something for everyone (meat eaters, vegetarian, GF, etc). They've even got a small bar with draft beers if you want to sit and have a beer with your meal. If you want takeout, it takes only a few minutes to get in and out of there. Vibe is great, too. Don't overlook this place! More...


Robert H.

30 June 2018

Food is good, so is service. Prices won't break the bank.


Adam T.

29 June 2018

Delicious, fast and cheap.  One of my favorite spots when in Indianapolis.  Glad it's in Columbus.


Kelly B.

23 June 2018

My husband loves Cajun/Creole food and so I suggested trying this for lunch one day. Best decision ever. It was a little before noon and it wasn't too crowded and we were greeted by a guy who explained the menu to us and how you place an order. I didn't waste too much time and ordered a half and half with Chili Cheese w/Crawfish and Drunken Chicken. Before we even filled our drink cups, the orders were up- lightning fast. I tried the Chicken first and it had so many flavors with perfect texture. Then I tried the Chili Cheese w/Crawfish and this dish made me hooked! It was cheesy, slightly spicy but also sweet, and the crawfish was delicious. To top that all off, since the dishes are quite soupy, it's served with two slices of what seemed like regular french bread, but it had this butter with seasoning on it that was out of this world. If you haven't been, I'd without hesitation recommend a try. More...


Amy Z.

20 June 2018

I've never had anything from Yats that I didn't love. All the dishes are super flavorful and if you're ever unsure of what to get, you can ask for little samples to try before you order. And you're in between two dishes, you can order a "half and half" to get a half order of each dish. Each dish comes with cajun bread and if you check into yelp, you can get an extra piece! For dessert, I recommend getting the peanut butter pie. It's super creamy and delicious beyond belief. (My go to is the drunken chicken or the crawfish etouflee) More...


Everett S.

28 May 2018

My girlfriend and I were sitting the target parking lot and I was changing into my new koi button up tee when we were struck with a hankerin so some good vegan food. A quick search of the nearby options showed Yats as an option and seeing creole as a keyword made it a no-brainer as my significant other cannot help but break out into a creole voice and tell tales of her times out on be bayou.  Now I myself have had many different chili's, and everybody has their own secret ingredient or recipe. Some people go for straight heat and will light your mouth aflame, while others have a strange method of going a sweet route. Personally, I used to load the heat with many spices and beans to get as much flavor and heat at once, which I know know to be a novice move. This was an inspired blend of flavors into one amazing taste. Five stars. More...


Giovanni H.

22 May 2018

Visited Yats for the first time based on a friend's recommendation. Very good option in Columbus where a good flavorful Cajun can be limited. Easy to order menu concept. Friendly staff and prompt service. Got a chance to chat with the owner after I had a great flavorful meal. Will come back to try other daily specials. Highly recommend the jambalaya. I also tried the white bean chili with chicken. Both were very nice and filling. More...


A D.

22 May 2018

Have loved every selection I've tried. Make sure to try a bunch of samples before you order, things change daily.


Robert G.

13 May 2018

This is such a great place to have a hearty meal. They really bring home cooking to the plate which is something that almost every restaurant is sorely lacking. Originally, I had only got the chance to eat their food whenever it was ordered as an office lunch, but I finally got to try it first hand from the counter.The restaurant is unassuming when you walk in the door. There are some booths to the right, and a bar to the left. Nothing fancy, which is fine. The menu is advertised on the chalk board in back of the bar, and you can choose from either one entree, or 1/2 of each of two entrees. I usually try 1/2 of each of two entrees because I want as many of their flavors in my mouth as I can possibly stuff. Before I get into a couple of the food options, I want to say that the chef/owner cares more about his food than pretty much anywhere else I have ever been in town. If you go in, I hope you sit at the bar because he will glow with an almost child-like excitement if you show even the smallest interest of what went into the food he's cooking. It's truly awesome to hear him talk about it.Anyway, Most people I have talked to about Yats absolutely love their Drunken Chicken which I believe is their signature dish, or at least the one they advertise the most heavily. However, I would suggest their crawfish etouffee if you enjoy more cajun/creole style foods.I love etouffee as it is, but Yats' crawfish version is just to die for. I would order it as a last meal. Considering all of the places in Columbus I have eaten, and all of the dishes I love, I believe that the crawfish etouffee just has a special something I haven't experienced elsewhere. More...


Shaun R.

3 May 2018

Delicious, satisfying, and comforting. Honestly, I could stop my review with those words, and you'd be able to get the gist of what makes Yats so fantastic. Last night was my first visit. My girlfriend and I had a friend come to town, and we knew that she is at least semi-vegetarian, so I scouted Yelp for some great places we haven't yet tried that have vegetarian options, and Yats looked to fit the bill. As other reviewers have mentioned, there's a constant menu of seven items (including three vegetarian), and a rotation of other items. What's particularly cool about Yats is that they give you a little sampler of any dish you'd like. Fortunately (for me) we came on a day when they were serving Caribbean jerk chicken etouffee. Another great feature is that you can get a 1/2 and 1/2 plate, so I wound up getting the crawfish etouffee to go with it. Both my girlfriend and our friend wound up getting 1/2 and 1/2 plates of other items, meaning we had six of the eight possible dishes in total. ALL of us were immensely satisfied. I can't claim any expertise on what creole food is supposed to taste like, having never been to Louisiana, but I *can* claim to know good, rich, deep, and enjoyable flavors when I encounter them, and my dish ticked all the boxes. All of our plates had the two unique dishes touching -- not just polite, Sadie Hawkins type touching, but full on (dare I say it) commingling. As our friend commented, this is NOT the place for people who don't like their foods to touch...but as it stands, there's enough commonality between the various dishes that when they invariably start to mix together, it's no big deal; in fact, it just creates another complementary flavor profile. Heck, I'd lay down extra $$$ for a 1/3 and 1/3 and 1/3 plate JUST to see what would happen... Oh! And speaking of $$$, Yats is ridiculously inexpensive for good food in Grandview. Everything is under $10, which is a minor miracle. We thought about trying one of their desserts -- the peanut butter pie sounded particularly enthralling -- but we opted to trek over to my favorite cocktail lounge (Two Truths) for a nightcap instead. Next time, PB pie. Next time. All told, Grandview clearly has a couple of amazing options for the ultimate in comfort food -- Sweet Carrot on the corner of 5th, and Yats a couple blocks down Grandview Avenue. I could probably spend several days in a row waddling back and forth between the two and die happy. Fat? Probably. But *definitely* happy. More...


Rachel S.

23 April 2018

This is my go to for Cajun style food since J Gumbos left town.  Another user said this as well, but the portions are just a bit too small for the price.  Interestingly, I'd be happy even if there was just more rice included. Good flavors, rotating menu, and free bread, so I'll still keep coming back, just maybe not as often as I ate J Gumbos with their amazing portions!Oh, it's also a bar on Grandview Ave. If you're out early and it's crowded they have a decent beer selection More...


Jordan M.

18 April 2018

Hidden Gem in Grandview, OHGreat Cajun / South Louisana touch.I believe I had the crawfish gumbo and it was the real deal.Lots of Hot Sauces to choose from, great service, and relatively inexpensive More...


Stess J.

11 April 2018

Absolutely delicious! I enjoyed trying samples of the different dishes to help me decide between the options. This is one of the best restaurants I've been to in Columbus! It's unique and tasty. Good atmosphere with plenty of sitting room and fast service. More...


Christina D.

29 March 2018

I only found Cajun food like a year ago, and now I'm sad that I've missed out on all the goodness! I keep coming back to the gumbo at this place, although the other dishes I've tried were also quite good. But there's just something about a good stew over rice that hits all my comfort food buttons. It's never pretty - shades of brown and hints of pre-chewed texture indicate a good stew, ok? - but it's always delicious, and the portions are generous.I usually get takeout, but have eaten at the actual restaurant once or twice, and service has always been friendly and unobtrusive. More...


David J.

29 March 2018

Slowing becoming a fan of cajun food & if it taste as good as Yats makes it... I'll become a fan for life. I liked that the menu is easy to read and the guys behind the counter answered all my questions. I really liked being about to try the 1/2 1/2, getting to try two tasty dishes on my plate. The food is spicy but not spicy hot. If that makes sense. They serve the food on genuine fiestaware adding to the bright feel. I learned that they have partnered with many delivery company's so I'll definitely start to use that option more. This was my first visit and I already know I'll be back because I'm still thinking about how yummy the food was. More...


Chris D.

21 March 2018

Wow. I went to Yats today after a recommendation from some coworkers and boy, was I not disappointed! What a cool spot! I ordered the 1/2-1/2 Drunken Chicken and the CHILI CHEESE ÉTOUFFÉE WITH CRAWFISH over white rice. Delicious, savory, warm comfort food with no frills- just simply outstanding food that was served up so quickly I thought they were kidding when they brought it out. The team does nice work on their cuisine and I was shocked to discover this is a regional chain because it tastes like one of those down home places you discover in the South. Nice work Yats team- I will definitely be back! More...


Trevor H.

21 March 2018

Yats is a fantastic choice for a relatively cheap, casual cajun/creole meal. The menu, which is written on a chalkboard because it changes regularly, can be a bit confusing the first time you order because the entree items don't have any descriptions next to the names. The employees are always super friendly though, so feel free to ask for samples of whatever sounds good. My recommendation is the Drunken Chicken, which perfectly balances taste with spiciness. Note that you also get a piece of bread with the meal; this may not sound like a big deal, but the bread is amazing! It's toasted with butter and some sort of cajun seasoning.In addition to their normal menu, Yats also has some Daily Specials that they rotate through. Their Facebook page is updated with the daily menu most days, so you can check the specials before heading to the restaurant.I had to deduct one star because I feel that the regular portions (called a "Full") are a little small, but getting the next size (a "Pint") is way too big! I would rather pay an extra dollar or two if they would make the portion 20% larger. More...


Theresa F.

20 March 2018

Instead of clicking "write a review", I almost clicked "order for delivery" out of habit. This place is my go to- comfort-what a crappy week-dont like what food I have in the fridge type of meal. If you're not a big "spicy" person I challenge you to try this place.If you go in person, they let you sample their different gumbo's which I appreciate as a person who normally shys way from spice. Another perk is they let you mix and match gumbo's. I get their usual gumbo and get the red bean sausage and rice. Here's the best part: the bread. They rush some bread with some kind of creole seasoning that may look a bit daunting (the bread ends up being bright orange) but it is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten on bread. Once you dip that into the gumbo and take a bite you will be blown away. More...


Jake F.

17 March 2018

The shrimp Maque Choux was good! The bread was very good. I wish the food could have been hotter but it was served very quickly.


Deniece L.

7 March 2018

Hubby & I had a $20 gift certificate for this place & decided to check them out one lazy, hungover Sunday afternoon. Boy am I glad we did! I wanted something tasty & fast and this place was perfect.We were a little confused as to what to do first. Luckily, the girl behind the counter noticed our bewildered expressions and walked us through the ordering process. You want fast? I feel like our food was on the table in front of us as soon as we ordered it.The portions are huge! My husband & I had plenty to take with us.And this stuff is goooood! Everything had a great flavor. Definitely not spicy, but very flavorful. My favorite was the shrimp maque choux. It was a little skimpy on the shrimp but the flavor was amazing.The price wasn't bad either. 2 1/2 & 1/2 meals & 2 drinks for just over $20. More...


Manuel J.

3 March 2018

Read the prior reviews and decided to try Cajun cooking  for the first time. A new door has opened in my life. I had a 1/2 & 1/2 plate with the black chili and drunken chicken. As you can see in my photo, the food came out hot and delicious. There was also a nice selection of hot sauces, if you're inclined to kick up the heat level. Excellent service to boot, which means I'll be coming back very soon. More...


Matt C.

17 February 2018

Rotating menu items, all of them delicious. Super fast and pleasant service. Love this place ! I recommend everything that they offer.


Roman K.

14 February 2018

This is a small chain based in Indiana, that expanded to Columbus a couple years ago. One of my good friends knows the owners, so I ventured over here on his recommendation back when it first opened. The cuisine served at Yats is Cajun Creole. Essentially, you'll get a bed of rice covered in whatever flavor you want. I highly recommend you sample a couple options if you have never been here - the staff is super supportive of this and will guide you towards a selection if you feel unsure. Personally, I recommend the Drunken Chicken as it is absolutely fantastic! You also have the choice of going half-and-half if you can't decide between 2 flavors!There are a couple Creole options in Columbus, mainly J Gumbos all around the city and Da Levee in the Short North. For me, Yats has the best Drunken Chicken (Da Levee doesn't even serve it!!) and the best side of bread across these places, hence the 5 star review!Oh, and Santa finally brought Yats an alcohol license so now they serve beer! Score! More...


Mindy F.

10 February 2018

Amazing flavors and we will definitely be back!!! Chili Cheese Étouffée is to die for!!


Lawrence H.

9 February 2018

YATS YATS YATS!!! By far THEE best Cajun/Creole food in Columbus! Definitely cannot wait to try the whole menu! And you can sample before you buy! Great affordable prices with a nice sized portion of food! More...


Marcia F.

5 February 2018

Exceeded expectations. The owner was very attentive and friendly. Would highly recommend!


Mary B.

24 January 2018

Yats is one of my go-to favorite restaurants. There's vegetarian options, the food is delicious and the restaurant is always quiet and nice to hang out in. Any time I want to have great dinner conversation I go there. Plus cheesecake is always a win. More...


Cella V.

19 January 2018

I've been wanting to try this place since it first opened when I used to work just down the street from it, but I never got around to trying it. After leaving the bikram studio earlier this evening, I decided to order takeout from there.  I ordered the vegan white bean chili and let me tell you, it is absolutely delicious and you'll love it whether you're a vegan or not and the bread that was served with it was unexpected but such a pleasant surprise.  The staff is quite friendly and it's convenient for a quick bite, I'll definitely be back again! Perhaps next time I'll dine in and and enjoy a nice brew as well. More...


Erica N.

7 January 2018

If you want a quick, hearty meal then Yats is a good option. I went for carryout on a Friday evening and ordered 3 dishes: Drunken Chicken, Chipotle Alexio, and Vegetarian B&B. I was in and out of there within 15 minutes since the dishes are basically prepared already. Portions are pretty big and filling especially since the menu is rice based. The Vegetarian B&B was an almost sweet dish, but it still ended up being my favorite of the 3 I tried. I didn't think there isn't anything particularly special about Yats, but I enjoy the simplicity of the food. More...


Timothy B.

4 January 2018

This place is one of my favorite spots in all of Columbus, certainly my favorite cajun/creole. Everything I've had on their menu is delicious! My go-to for a very long time was the half 'n half, Drunken Chicken and B&B, its an amazing combination of rich creamy sauce on the drunken chicken and sweet savory with the corn and black beans of the B&B. Perfect for a cold winter/fall day. However, recently I order the Chicken Maque Choe and it was INCREDIBLE. Perfect combination of sweet to spicy. Go for the extra bread, its so good. More...


Isac K.

20 December 2017

I wandered in here for lunch without too much of an appetite, however, I found some delicious Creole!  The man at the counter was very nice, and offered to have me try any of the dishes, but he recommended their most popular; the Firehouse Chicken, so I went with a half order of that.The dish was delicious, very well seasoned and comforting!  I am excited to come back and try some of the others, and bring some friends along with me! More...


Ann M.

17 December 2017

Cajun food that is very tasty! Large portions for the money with great flavor and convenient location.


John M.

17 December 2017

Wow this place was great! The chili cheese etoufee with crawfish was perfect - all the complex flavors and spice of Cajun/Creole/New Orleans in Midwest Columbus! The garlic bread was absolutely the best ever! Nice little selection of local/Ohio microbrews on tap alongside Abita's Purple Haze from New Orleans. More...


Emily M.

16 December 2017

I can't believe I haven't written a review for Yats. I want them all over Columbus. I come from an area that was blessed with two great Cajun restaurants I regularly visited. So, moving to Columbus it was one of the first things I sought out. The other Cajun place downtown disappointed me. Yats, is exactly what I was looking for. Hot and dripping in flavor entrees served over rice. Cajun buttered bread to scoop it all up. Rotating menus allow you to try a little bit of everything. My favorites are the Maque Choux and the chili cheese étouffée. They let you sample before you order, and split your large entree. Can't go wrong here. Just wish there were more locations! More...


Sharon L.

9 December 2017

Solid spot. This is probably the cheapest place to eat in Grandview and one of the best. It's simple, straightforward, and fast. All of their etouffes and jambalayas are phenomenal. The only qualm I have is they run out of their dishes really easily. The drunken chicken, white chili, chipotle were all phenomenal. I also could not get enough of their bread. As for the corn flavors, they're a little too sweet for me which is a disappointment since I love corn, but overall, this place is an awesome fast place to eat that just warms my soul on a snowy day. More...


Kristin C.

1 December 2017

I have had this on my list to try for a very long time, from a trip to Indy ages ago. The concept is a little different and our trip there short...so I guess that is how it somehow didn't make the cut. However,  we now find ourselves happily in the vicinity of one of the Indy franchises. The owner was super helpful and friendly from the moment we walked in to the moment we left. He let us sample to decide which entree we wanted, although that still didn't help the decision with so many delectable choices.They keep the concept affordable, simple, and lastly tasty! I love the savory array of Cajun bent sauces that you can have over  rice with a lovely bread slathered in a yummy Cajun spread. They have an option of brown rice as well as some options for various health conscious  diets.They also do catering!We hope to be back!!! More...


Laura K.

30 November 2017

I just love this place. The drunken chicken has never disappointed and the chorizo étouffée, which I think is a rotating special, is to die for! I find the staff and owner to be friendly, they let you order 1/2 and 1/2 which is clutch for people like myself who struggle to make decisions, and they have so many hot sauces!!!! Parking can be a challenge for that entire strip in Grandview, but if you remove yourself by about a block into the residential areas it's not too hard to find a spot on the street. Definitely don't let parking keep you from trying Yats!! More...


Alex S.

20 November 2017

If this is your first time trying Yats, I recommend the drunken chicken and Cajun bread. Both tasted very good together. I would definitely go back for more! More...


Tammy A.

16 November 2017

I heard about this place through my husband and fell in love with it after first bite of the drunken chicken. I'm not a Southern gal, but that definitely was not a spicy dish to me. I have not had real cajun food for a long time so every bite reminded me of my last cajun food experience which also went very well. I would have also gotten the jambalaya but I took my husband's suggestion what to order for my first time there.I am definitely coming back here soon for more! I love cajun food and everything that comes with it! Plus who can go wrong with their free bread? That's just a gimme right there. If you need good cajun food in Columbus, consider coming here! More...


Tae D.

11 November 2017

Whenever I crave Cajun food, this is my automatic go to. Seriously, this is the best I've found in the whole greater area of Columbus. I don't often go on site for food, I tend to opt for delivery, but the atmosphere seems nice and relaxing on the off occasion that I do eat in. Fountain drinks. Comfy and cozy place to be. This would be my number one recommendation. More...


Jesse A.

8 November 2017

I don't go to Grandview often, but I have a reason to come every week now. I decided to get the pick two plate with the "Drunken Chicken" and the Crawfish Etoufee. Both were very creamy, flavorful, and just the right amount of heat. Served with choice of rice and their special bread, only $8.50. The guy working was very friendly and welcoming! They allow you to try samples of the dishes before ordering which is nice in case you can't decide. They also have a few rotating craft beers on draft, and for only $5. Can't wait to come back again and again! More...


Rafaella G.

4 November 2017

Half chili cheese and half mauque choux. The chilli cheese crawfish have a lot of crawfish. They are both amazingly good. The mauque is sweet with corn, but so good. Staff super friendly. I have been in new Orleans couple times and love Cajun. The staff is extremely friendly. Love it. $8.50 for the mix of two dishes. Really filling. More...


Latoya W.

3 November 2017

Saying this is comfort food is an understatement. This stuff makes you wanna curl up, watch Netflix, and pillow talk with bae.  I have no idea how anyone could eat this stuff for lunch and head back into the office. No ma'am!I had half and half: drunken chicken and the crawfish dish. My I have no idea which one I liked better because with changing each bite, I changed my mind.  I love that you can order 50/50, it really helps when you're feeling indecisive. Also, staff service is fantastic. You can ask for a sample of any of the dishes. So do that before you enjoy this ultimate comfort food. More...


Ryan B.

23 October 2017

Where do I begin?  Great service as Jason seems to always be there and he makes sure you're happy.  You can even try a sample if you're unsure on what you'd like. A Great beer selection that pairs well with the menu.  And don't let the Cajun thought scare you, you can make these dishes as spicy as you'd like with an array of different sauces available, but each dish doesn't start off this way.  Add in the bread and this place is a much needed stop in Grandview.  You won't be disappointed. More...


Caitlin C.

23 October 2017

COMFORT FOOD! This place is a Grandview lunch gem! The food is original and simple with such awesome flavors you don't need all the different hot sauces scattered through out, unless heat is your thing. The owner, Jason is personable and knows his regulars, he offers samples too if you're unsure what to order, I recommend the chili cheese etoufféé and the drunken chicken is a favorite as well! Its the perfect lunch spot with a few simple well paired beers, quick service and a good mixup from the day to day lunch drag! More...


Kyle W.

23 September 2017

Great food and even better service! Their side of bread is to die for! Will definitely be back soon.


Ness S.

16 September 2017

I really liked this place. The restaurant itself is very casual. The proprietor (or manager) at the bar is super friendly and asked us to sample any dish we wanted before ordering. This is possible because all of the dishes are pre made. The idea is that you order at the bar and they bring the food out to you. You can order dishes half and half or a full dish. I don't think it changes the price. We sampled a few dishes and I ended up choosing half gumbo and half white chicken chili.  Both were pretty good, although the chili needed some salt. The drunken chicken is really good as well. I didn't get it only because it felt a bit heavy.They have several different sauces that you can add on, but be wary, some of them are quite hot (and I can usually tolerate a high level of spice). An overall fun casual dining experience. More...


Molly H.

14 September 2017

I love the flavors of Cajun food, but I can never handle the spice. This place was the perfect solution! Not too spicy but all the great taste was there AND for a great price! I had the Caribbean Jerk and was too busy devouring it to get a picture. I can't wait to go back and try some more! More...


Oma B.

2 September 2017

I wish I could give 10 stars. The service was great and surpassed by the food. I will definitely be ordering again.  I ordered the Gumbo and Chili Cheese Etoufee  Sooooo Goood!!!


Mariem A.

27 August 2017

My husband and I love Cajun and this place knows it's New Orleans flavor. The manager is so nice and talkative. We are repeat customers.


Debi H.

14 August 2017

**Disclaimer, I do not have a lot of Cajun/Creole food experiences, so beside my own crazy concoctions made from a box of Zatarain's, I do not have anything to compare this to. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. After I try some more Cajun/Creole foods, the rating may change**Carrying on.. We stopped by Friday evening, around 7 p.m. The spot is smack dab in the middle of Grandview, and has a small storefront presence, so it can be easy to miss.Once we went inside, we really liked the atmosphere. It was dark but pleasant, and the host/bartender/waiter greeted us right away, even though he was already helping a family of 5 sample and decide on their food. They have a nice bar setup and plenty of seating. The guy at the front let us sample anything we thought we may like. I love that! They also had a nice draft and bottled beer selection along with a lot of non-alcoholic drinks. They also have quite a few dishes for those with dietary restrictions such as vegan or gluten free. Also, every meal comes with butter Cajun bread. I went with the Veggie B&B, which is black beans and caramelized corn in a creamy spiced sauce and Red beans and smoked sausage. They were delicious in different ways. I cannot pick which was my favorite. The B&B had a nice spicy flavor, and the corn was so good, I could eat it all day. :) The RB&sausage was creamy, flavorful and smokey. I could have used a little more heat, but they have plenty of hot sauce of hand to up the burn. The rice was not sticky, it was more like a Basmati rice, which I thought was odd, but I'm not familiar with Cajun food, so what do I know? The bread was great. Real butter is always a huge plus in my book. My husband has the gumbo and the white chicken chili. I really like them both, but the gumbo was, in both our opinion's the best of the two. The gumbo was smokey and so flavorful. The chicken was a touch dry in the chicken chili, according to my husband. I only had the sauce, which was good, but not something I would choose for myself. Overall, we have a great experience. Good food, good service, good beer, and a pleasant environment. We plan to grab some take out next time, and share the delicious food with others who may not get the chance to get over there. :) Happy eating! More...


Cynthia M.

8 August 2017

Great place for a good price with gluten free options. Staff is friendly, helpful, and aware of cross contamination issues. Always a few gluten free and vegetarian options. Menu can change daily, but if it is gluten free it will be marked. Let them know when you order and they will make sure and leave the bread off of your plate. More...


J.D. D.

23 July 2017

Multiple repeat customer.  getting take out today so I can have others enjoy the fruits of this restaurant.


Adrianne G.

22 July 2017

If you're a fan of Cajun food, definitely come here. I did the half & half with drunken chicken and red beans & rice. The food was delicious and not too spicy for my weak palette. The best part was the side of Cajun toast, so good!! Service was awesome and the atmosphere is great. On top of everything else, if you can't decide what you want, they give samples to ensure you're not ordering something that you might not like. Definitely recommend! More...


Emma W.

21 July 2017

Stopped in for lunch, to share Yats with my mother who is from out of town. Great experience, like always! Menu changes daily, Friday lunch offers Gumbo. Shrimp maque choux is a MUST try. Three local beers on tap, a nice bottle  selection and pop.Peanut butter pie is delicious,  rich enough to share ! More...


Tiara B.

18 July 2017

Delicious!!! I won't say it's better than da levee, as I like their menu better for it's classic New Orleans dishes, however, this was really tasty with flavors true to the south. Very affordable, and quick however. Worth a try for sure! More...


Mike W.

14 July 2017

Great eats in the middle of Grandview. Best Cajun food in Columbus. The restaurant has a few TVs and great feel to it. Staff was friendly and helpful. Excited to go back.


TomAnd J.

23 June 2017

kevin likes drunken chicken and jerry loves bait. thanks jason


Delaney D.

15 June 2017

Wow! Had such Amazing food. Would definitely come back! Such a cute restaurant with a cool New Orleans vibe. Absolutely loved it!! (The bread was delicious too!!) Peanut  butter pie was soo amazing and sooo sweet!! More...


Sam N.

1 June 2017

The vibe within the restaurant was very relaxing and my wife told the owner that the tea didn't taste good. The owner said that we will take care of that for you, and we apologize for the inconvenience, and gave her a free pure leaf sweet tea. By far one of the nicest restaurants that we have been to. This restaurant is a must if your in the Columbus area! More...


Courtney T.

30 May 2017

Amazing experience. I recently took a trip to New Orleans and had quite a variety of cajun and creole food and yats is right up there with them. I tried the vegan white chili and the spinach and mushroom etouffee and they were both astounding. The peanut butter pie was delicious but very rich so be aware. The ambiance was quiet and chill and the staff really nice. Definitely shout outs to the places here in Columbus that cater to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free people as well as offering local beers :) I can't wait to come back. More...


Michael B.

19 May 2017

Thus is an excellent place to eat.  I have gotten gluten free and dairy free options.  The voodoo chicken and the bumble bee stew are my favorites.  Large potions and friendly service. More...


Aditya S.

15 May 2017

Great food for a good price! They aren't BYOB as mentioned by another reviewer, so it will help if that was made clear.


Cassie B.

14 May 2017

Bang for your buck: 8/10Quality: 8/10Service: 10/10Ambiance/Location: 7/10Overall: 8/10


Teri S.

9 May 2017

The Drunkin Chicken was very good.  Actually, everything our group tried was good.  And, they have a great beer selection.  We went during the week, and it was not crowded.  So, our group stayed for a while. It was comfortable, and we enjoyed the background music and drinks. Can't believe they have been there for 3 years, and this was our first (but not last) visit. More...


Rob U.

2 May 2017

A very simple restaurant that serves anything but simple tasting food. I had the drunken chicken and red beans and rice... awesome!  Definitely a cool place for lunch! More...


Briden S.

26 April 2017

Wow...So good...Hits the spot...I honestly haven't found a good cajun creole place here in Columbus until I landed on this gem. It reminds me of a place I went to in Florida that was addicting! This place is in the heart of Grandview, walking distance to everything worth going to. The customer service was perfect! The guy running the front was approachable and pleasant. He gave a great break down of the daily rotating menu. It was refreshing because he was genuinely interested in any possible diary boundaries. **Friendly to ALL dietary restrictions!**OH don't worry if you feel overwhelmed by the short menu and the amazing options... you can SAMPLE the options! WHAT! YES, you can sample everything!!!! That SOLD this place for me!!!! Sometimes you just want to check to see if the spice level is okay or the taste of a sauce is what you are craving for. This place lets you test it out. **Really affordable for those living on a budget! I feel really happy and FULL of delicious food. Sorry I did not snatch a photo, I ate it way to fast! I will be back! More...


Ryan A.

21 April 2017

Can't believe it's taken me this long to try out Yats in Grandview, seriously delicious Creole dishes at a great price. We got the Drunken Chicken and the B&B, both were packed full of flavor and complimented each other nicely. The service was fast and super friendly and the inside décor was bright and inviting. I'll definitely be back again to try out the Gumbo and Chili Cheese Etoufee! More...


Darwin C.

17 April 2017

The food is fantastic and I ordered the 1/2 and 1/2 (half & half) as suggested, the Drunken Chicken &  Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish. Very delicious! However, it was the phone call to the restaurant that really sold me on ordering delivery. Whoever the guy was, he was very polite, respectful and showed professionalism dealing with someone over the phone (me) that is not from the Columbus, Ohio area while also interacting with a possible customer in person or another colleague of the restaurant. He walked me through the process on how to order from Grubhub and other similar food delivery companies. I was really impressed by his consideration in helping me while on the phone. It's sad to say, but a lot of restaurants don't teach their employees or representatives on simple telephone etiquette. Thank you Yats for a pleasurable experience! If I'm ever in the area again, you'll be my first choice of restaurants to either visit or order from. More...


Sahil J.

17 April 2017

Nice casual place. Sufficient quantity for lunch. Drunken chicken was really good. Definitely a must have.They let you order half and half. So you can try two entrees!


Laurie C.

18 March 2017

Food was excellent and the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.  I love the fact you can get a plate with a half order each of two different dishes. And that bread....that stuff will set you free!  The portion sizes are perfect and the price is very reasonable.  They do have a good beer selection, but no wine (the only reason for four stars and not five) More...


Chris T.

3 March 2017

Probably the only reason I go to Grandview anymore. Quick quality food with good variety.


Ryan P.

1 March 2017

Had the drunken chicken. Great flavor. Good amount of heat. Not your everyday lunch spot. Fresh, fast & delicious!!


Candace K.

28 February 2017

Is it wrong to lick the styrofoam? If it is I'm not sure I want to be right. Yes Just like the rest of them I'm a fan. I got takeout, it was super fast and ridiculously good. Got the drunken chicken and red beans and rice. Both were fantastic. The bread was good but not as world changing as others have alluded to. I'm looking forward to adding this one to the lunch rotation. More...


Jessica F.

11 February 2017

Tasty, quick, and reasonably priced Cajun food in Grandview. I had the 1/2 and 1/2 option (red beans and rice, B&B) and hubby has the full order of Gumbo. I loved the creamy, mild Red Beans and rice but the B&B was too spicy for me (I have reflux and can't do spicy food). Hubby enjoyed the gumbo. The Cajun toast on the side was a nice touch. We'll definitely be back! More...


Ace R.

10 February 2017

Yats is great! Their Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish is delicious. I like it much better than the Drunken Chicken. Do yourself a favor and get half and half of any 2 options that sound good, you wont be disappointed. This food is filled with flavor, and they have non-spicy options that are great as well. More...


Pete P.

13 January 2017

Tried this place out for a late lunch on the advice of a friend.  It was fairly empty, but the service was prompt and friendly upon entering.  Being my first time there, the service was great on explaining the menu and its various choices.  I ordered the drunken chicken and Caribbean jerk two-fer.  The tastes were fantastic.  I am personally a huge fan of jerk so I was looking forward to that dish.  I was afraid the coconut milk would turn me off being I don't do much coconut, but it was complementing great giving just the right sweetness.  Good amount of food for the value.  Deceptively filling and had leftovers even though I thought I would not originally looking at my meal.  Love heat in my food, so I loved the hot sauce "bar," if you will, with many different levels of heat to add to the meal.  Definitely will be back again!The only con was trying to find some parking around the business.  Not necessarily the fault of the business, but making anyone wanting to stop by aware. More...


Kelly F.

10 January 2017

In general, cajun/creole restaurants are hard to come by up North...let alone authentic cajun/creole restaurants. Needless to say, I was so pleased to have such a wonderful first experience at Yats that I'm already planning my next trip!First of all, if you're looking for a delicious place to meet a friend for dinner where you can actually hear each other talk...come to Yats! There was not a soul here when we came for dinner on a weeknight; it seems that most people choose to carry out. We were greeted by the owner himself, who explained the menu to us and told us we could taste anything we wanted before deciding, which was much appreciated. I chose the half and half deal with the drunken chicken and the B&B. Both were absolutely phenomenal and packed with flavor! I have to say that the B&B was surprisingly my favorite: the corn added a sweetness that I really enjoyed, but ultimately I loved both dishes. The bread that comes on the side was packed with flavor as well. Not to mention the fact that one of the best parts about Yats is that you'll most definitely be leaving with leftovers!All in all, a delicious little place in Grandview Heights that you'd probably never expect to find in Columbus. I'm a fan! More...


Valerie F.

5 January 2017

Excellent drunken chicken and sausage/mushroom over rice. This was a great place to come after I got in to Columbus from California. It was pouring rain and this was the perfect food to warm me up. It was empty when I went in so I got to chat with the staff a bit and they were very friendly. Great prices too. More...


Shawn M.

29 December 2016

Excellence doesn't begin to say what I think. First off we stopped in for lunch on a Sunday. The setting inside is small but warm, quiet, nice, and welcoming. They have an French-American theme you would see in New Orleans. Fleur-de-Lis in most of the decoration. The only complaint is Grandview parking, but that isn't their fault. So all in all if you live nearby, or just so happen to be in the area and are hungry for something different, be sure to stop in for a treat!!! So to get in with this wonderful food review. The guy at the register helped guide us through our first experience of Yats. Well we both got the drunken chicken and let me say OMG! That was good and more than what I expected. Their bread is hands down a winner as well and compliments the meal perfectly. Service is prompt and friendly, plus if your a first timer very helpful, that is if the reviews didn't sway your decision. All around Yats More...


Christina B.

7 November 2016

Being from Indianapolis, I grew up going to the OG yats in Broad ripple- back when it was cash only! I love Yats. Talk about bang for your buck!! Can't go wrong with Chilli Cheese and omg the bread. And so quick too! I have nothing bad to say about these amazing restaurants except for why isn't there one in my kitchen at home More...


Cindy L.

28 October 2016

The staff are very friendly. Everything was delicious. The drunken chicken and chorizo etouffe are my favorites. I'm also a fan of how they have a variety of hot sauces placed on the side that you can pour on yourself. Can't wait to go back!


Diana W.

15 October 2016

I used to go to de levee for Cajun/Creole but then I found Yats. Don't get me wrong, delevee is very good too, but Yats is cheaper with bigger portions. Overall, Yats has great food with great portions for only $7 a plate (7.80 for two different entrees in one). I usually get half and half with drunken chicken and chili cheese crawfish etouffe which comes with rice and garlic bread (which is also great). Everything is very well seasoned and flavorful. They also have a nice selection of sauces and seasonings on the side if you want to add anything. I personally think the food is already perfectly seasoned but some of my friends like to add some of their seasoning to add more of a kick. You order at the counter and their employees are always friendly and helpful. They use Belly for their rewards program. Ive also never had a problem finding parking in the area. More...


Fred B.

7 October 2016

It is very solid Cajun and Creole.We have both taken multiple cooking classes in NOLA from a well known chef, and can both make a good rue, jambalaya, etoufee, etc.Yats is really good food.  Pleasant atmosphere.  Friendly servers.My only wish is for a liquor license and full bar... More...


Kristen A.

3 October 2016

Flavorful comfort food, great for a chilly fall evening! Yats is a nice little spot for fast, very affordable, delicious Cajun food. Our food came out really quickly and we were easily able to find a table at 7 on a Friday, which is a huge plus. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxed, which was the perfect complement to the food. As a vegetarian, I was satisfied with the options available. The spinach and mushroom etouffee was so rich and creamy with lots of flavor. The vegan white bean chili was a little less flavorful but still satisfying. The spice level was pretty mild, but they have plenty of hot sauces for those who want an extra kick. The rice was nothing special, just your basic white rice. Honestly, my favorite part of the meal was the bread- sooo good. My friends enjoyed the drunken chicken and the B&B as well. One complaint is the portion size - if you have a big appetite like me, you might not be completely full after your meal. But it was more than fair for the price, and it left room for dessert!Overall, not mind-blowing, but the quality of food for the price here is hard to beat. I like having this unique option available in Grandview  Next time I'm craving something wholesome and flavorful, I'll definitely be back! More...


Nina T.

1 October 2016

Second time I've had their food. Excellent service. The food was quickly served and affordable. I had the drunken chicken and black beans and corn ... So well spiced.


Keith F.

1 October 2016

Super friendly staff. Have local brew on tap. Had the Jackie-O Ricky, awesome. Also have purple haze by Abita on tap. Double awesome. Red beans and rice are solid but the chorizo étouffée is absolutely amazing. Peanut butter pie wonderful and cheesecake great too. I will be back! You need to come here. Chorizo étouffée took me back to New Orleans. More...


Bill G.

27 September 2016

This place is just the best. I wasn't a fan of J gumbo, but enjoy that type of warm home cooking. Yats different choices of gumbo all have unique flavor, taste and chew.  A half order of 2 gumbos plus bread is like 8 bucks and will fill you up. Plus the house made sauces and a great addition. Need to bring my wife here who's a vegetarian, lots of options. More...


Jackie A.

24 September 2016

A friend and I tried Yats for the first time on Mon Sept 19. It definitely won't be the last. We told them when we arrived that it was our first visit and they explained their menu and even offered free tastes . I got their 1/2 and 1/2 plate with drunken chicken and B&B which is black beans and carmelized corn. Both served over rice with garlic Cajun bread. My friend got a full order of the B&B with plain bread. Both meals were delicious, I enjoyed the spice but my friend was a little overwhelmed with the heat. The entrees are not particularly hot and you can make hotter with available sauces. They had a nice selection of beers some on tap and the rest bottled. The best may have been the scrumptious peanut butter pie we split for dessert. Oh my, I filed it under my list of food of the gods! A nice friendly place with delicious food. Definitely worth adding to your places to go!! More...


Mara W.

13 September 2016

Delicious, reasonably priced, and fast. We were able to sample different options to know what we'd want. It doesn't matter though since it's all good! Tucked away on Grandview Ave, it's not usually busy but it's such a great space with kind staff and delicious foods it should be. You can get two choices, side by side, so if you're like me and have a hard time choosing you don't have to. Check out Yats NOW! More...


Michael L.

12 September 2016

Excellent food and service.  My buddy and I were walking past and decided to try it. Jason, who I assume is the owner; was awesome.  Explained everything, let us try the sauces and actually sat down and talked with us. If you get the chance go.  You won't regret it. More...


Sommer S.

16 August 2016

Not afraid to add some spice and flavor to their dishes. I will be back till I try every dish. My boyfriend got the gumbo, I got a half and half platter, half drunken chicken half clawfish something something. A good atmosphere, great music choices. I highly recommend them! More...


Kim S.

10 August 2016

Absolutely delicious! My husband and I shared 3 1/2 and 1/2 dinners. We had the gumbo, drunkin' chicken, red bean and sausage, the chili cheese etoufee, and the maux choux. They all were outstanding along with the bread that is served with each meal. The food portions are generous and the service is great. They are very fast and serve a quality product at the same time. They have a great beer selection too! Bottles, cans and some great craft beers on tap. Jason, the owner, is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend to any one who enjoys cajun food or wants to try it out! Will definitely return. Thanks for a delicious dinner!! More...


Kim S.

9 August 2016

Great find on Yelp. Food was outstanding. We shared 1/2 and 1/2  dinners (get 2 different entrees.) Everything was delicious. Nothing was terribly hot or spicy. Nice beer selection. Owner was very friendly and knowledgable. The service was amazingly fast. Would highly recommend and would definitely eat there again. More...


Elvia J.

5 August 2016

I called in a carry out order after reviewing their online menu, which changes daily. $7.80 for two portions called the 1/2 and 1/2 sounded like a great deal,including their bread. There was no wait at all. I tried the chili cheese etoufee and the drunken chicken. each of these is served over white rice. when i picked up my order it felt really light....and instantly i thought ok these people just jipped me. Not the case.I started eating, it was delicious from the start, so many good flavors incorporated and not over powering or too spicy. the meal was very filling, i actually couldn't finish all of it which surprised me. Had i not been on my lunch break I would have ate there. It was very clean and has a bar with Jackie-O's on tap which would have tasted so good with the food! I will definitely come back sit at the bar and eat in next time. *the only reason i did not give 5 starts was because of the quality of the white rice. It was cooked perfectly but it tasted like minute rice. I am picky about this because it has a distinctive flavor, aka cardboard- like Uncle Ben's. Not terrible but could taste even better with a better quality rice!!! More...


Theresa W.

29 July 2016

We didn't know about this place until we received a coupon in the mail. We drove passed it at first because the sign is hidden behind a tree but once we found parking it was easy to get to. We were greeted and the menu was explained to us. I got the drunken chicken and chorizo etouffee, fiancé ordered the chorizo etouffee and the jambalaya. The food was really really good and it was a perfect sized portion. The total came to $12 after the coupon was applied...We will definitely be back! More...


Donna O.

14 July 2016

Yats is really good! The spouse and I have a "jackpot" box of clippings from various restaurants (I know, we're weird) and this was the place we pulled for dinner tonight.The toughest thing about this place is parking on Grandview Avenue. The restaurant itself is a good size, and the menu is up on a chalkboard at the bar. Their specialty is the chili cheese etouffee, with lots of other options (including vegetarian and vegan choices). You can try out anything as a sample before you order, which is awesome. They also have dessert.I got a two-fer with the chili cheese etouffee and the spinach mushroom etouffee; the spouse ordered the drunken chicken. Prices are super-cheap for the quality.No skimping on the portions, but not overboard, either. Plenty of stew on top of white rice, with yummy cajun toast. Near the fountain drink area are more than a dozen hot sauces to add to your dish. I tried the cajun spice (too sweet), the Louisiana Hot Sauce (yum) and the CaJohn's Chupacabra (good, but whoa). I'd love to come back and try their choux, or anything else on the menu.Solid choice for quick, casual food in the center of Grandview's trendy strip. More...


Megan M.

7 July 2016

Amazing. Went here on a friend's recommendation and the stellar Yelp reviews. Absolutely did not disappoint! I had the drunken chicken and the chili cheese etouffée and both were delicious. My partner had the gumbo and thoroughly enjoyed hers as well. The bread was incredible! I'd go back for the bread alone! Great prices, giant portions, delicious food. Will definitely be back! More...


Lora H.

3 July 2016

Hey where was I two years ago when you opened? Been miserable coming home from work and stuffing tastless greasy Chipotloe or taco bell down when I could have shared a moment with you? So glad I gave you a try. I spaced out when I took a bite of your drunken chicken mixed with rice. It sent me to a memory of Indian food I had once in Nepal. Great on the spices!! and whoa just the right kiss of garlic leaving me with an orgasm... And the best thing is you get a lot of food for only $6.28....If your craving mexican or Indian food come here it's just as good as a top quality expensive restaurant. I'm so happy I found you ;))))) More...


Annie B.

19 June 2016

We know Yats from Indianapolis- nothing is better when you need comfort and flavor and you need it fast- that's when you need Yats. Don't let the term Cajun freak you out. Cajun=flavor, not heat. We were worried that it might not be as good as the original- but if I'm honest this was better Jason the owner is fabulous, and was very helpful in choosing- I had chili cheese etoufee and chicken maque choux, my husband had b n b  and drunken chicken. Chili cheese etoufee: cheesy creamy base with crawfish and beans. It's so insanely good. You will want more immediately- even if you are so full you can barely walk. Maque choux- chicken crazy tender, mixed with spices and having a kind of stew consistencyB n B: sweet corn and black beans, sweet tangy and smoky, if you don't like this you are clearly not from the Midwest. Drunken Chicken- get Chinese out of your head. Think savory Cajun spicing with no cayenne- complex with a nice mouth feel- delicious. Rich, deep- made with love. And the bread. Oh the bread. Crusty French bread with garlic butter seasoning. Get extra. Like two orders extra. Trust us. You gotta try this- great for groups, great for kids. Big portions, not terribly expensive, fast fast service. I didn't even take pics of the food as I was too busy eating it. More...


Jacob M.

12 June 2016

I needed a quick meal before heading back home from Columbus and this place more than fit the bill. It's cheap and clean, and the food is absolutely incredible. I got the drunken chicken and it was some of the best food I've had in a little while. The staff were really nice and let me try just about everything on their menu. Definitely go if you have time or if you are looking for a cheap, quick, and incredibly delicious meal. More...


Candice H.

6 June 2016

If you haven't tried Yats in Grandview yet, you need to put it on your list. They have craft brews (read below)! It is located in the same plaza as Matt the Miller's, but is a bit hidden by a tree. Yats offers Cajun dishes (white rice and a gravy-like sauce with toast) with great flavor. Some of my favorites are the B&B (black bean and corn), chili cheese etouffee with crawfish, and the chicken chipotle alexio. Whether the owner is taking your order, or one of his knowledgeable staff members, you will always get a great explanation of each dish along with a sample. Last time I was in I indulged in the new BEER MENU. There beers are priced extremely well ($3-5). They have 4 taps and a fridge full of crafts and domestics. You have got to get into this place! More...


Bryant M.

2 June 2016

Consider me a big Yats fan! Listen, I can't stand comparing places (I think everybody deserves to shine on their own), but there's a giant pink elephant in the room: Da Levee. I am a huge Justin Boehme fan -- I was one of Da Levee's first customers back when it opened. I love everything about it -- it's dark and twisty and cool... ...but let me tell you -- there's room in this Louisiana-turned-Ohio boy's life (and stomach!) for more than one cajun place. I'd love to share some stand-out things where I think Yats nails it:+I adore the owner, Jason. This is one of the nicest guys ever, and he genuinely cares about his customers having a great experience. +And all the guys here at Yats are awesome! The service is fast and friendly -- sweet like good Southerners should be. +Grandview totally needs this type of food. In case you're new to cajun cuisine, everything is a spicy (flavorful, not necessarily hot) sauce/stew on top of rice. And then there's bread that everyone raves over. It's fast, filling, and a really good deal. +The space is beautiful! It's big, bright, and open. It's kind of the polar opposite of Da Levee -- not a good or bad thing; just different. +They NOW have a liquor license, and I know they're stocking up on beer. +OMG they carry my favorite local cheesecake (s/o to Dave's Artisanal Cheesecakes)! Seriously, don't skip this part -- it's so good. (Shhh... it's also gluten-free. But that's beside the point.)+Yats is great with food allergies and preferences. Avoiding gluten, dairy, or even meat? There is something delicious here for you. +I love how fast it is! This is a rarity on Grandview Ave, where getting in and out for lunch or dinner is no simple feat.Don't be afraid of the food of my people -- cajun cuisine may not be pretty, but I guarantee it's delicious. Give Yats a try -- it's simple and delicious, which is what Louisiana is all about anyway. More...


John M.

26 May 2016

Since the old Bayou Restaurant closed, many years ago, I have dreamed of a place that had good, inexpensive, Cajun/creole fare. For about a year, Yats has been fulfilling that mission.   I work in Grandview, and it is located near enough, that I can walk there for exercise two or three times a week.   The food served, is like saying "hello to an old friend". The etoufees are thick, creamy, and, Wow, tasty ! The French bread is "to die for".   I particularly like the flavors of their maque chouxs, ( both chicken and shrimp ), Black bean chili, ( black chili ), chili cheese etoufee, ( with crawdaddy tails ), and red beans and rice....all yummy !   I have limited time for lunch, and Yats' super speedy service is a real treat, so fast that I have plenty of time to "farble" with the great Jason, and his friendly staff. Great selection of super hot sauces, as well. ( Chupacabra, Hydra, and Angry Cock ), are my favorites.   Since April, there are 32 beer choices. They even have Blackened Voodoo Lager, a full bodied chocolaty taste, without the heaviness of an ale. One of my favorites, that hasn't been around Columbus for a long time. The newly acquired "perks card", Bellycard, is a good way to save a little when dining.   The nice, dark, friendly ambience, tinctured with jazz, in the background, makes for a great place to relax and eat. ( And eat, and eat, and eat ) !   Hi-ho to Yats !  May it flourish. More...


Michelle M.

21 May 2016

The cashier told us that all meals are served over white rice with a slice of toast. Pretty good - the food came out SO FAST! Faster than fast food. I only got the drunken chicken per Yelp recommendation - boyfriend got half drunken chicken and half B&B. I think the B&B was better it was a little sweet! Got the free extra toast per Yelp coupon even though the food came with toast. I like toast. More...


Äshwïn G.

19 May 2016

I rarely give 5 stars, but the combination of price point, taste, quantity, variety of menu (vegetarian or otherwise) and service is extremely compelling. I've not come across a better value-for-money restaurant in columbus. And its not a hole-in-the-wall place either. Great on the tastebuds, even greater on an empty stomach and smooth on the wallet. More...


Elise B.

19 May 2016

I just picked up some Yats for carryout, so I can't speak to the table service.  The guy I ordered from was nice, though, and had some helpful suggestions on what to order.  I decided to go with half chili cheese etouffee and drunken chicken, which were both great.  They were very different but somehow were good together?  The chili cheese etouffee tasted particularly rich and cheesy.  My order came out in a matter of minutes, which was fantastic because it was late and cold and rainy and I was hungry.  Both were super flavorful (but not particularly spicy), soaked into rice, and also came with some good heavily buttered bread.Disclaimer - Cajun food is not my favorite cuisine, so I guess this means the food is extra good?  The prices are awesome, as well.  I'll be returning! More...


Taysia C.

18 May 2016

I had the drunken chicken, and my boyfriend had the drunken chicken and the chorizo ettoufee. Both had great flavor. The chorizo was a little spicy but it tasted great. The restaurant was clean and all employees were friendly. We had our food in under 5 minutes. We were also able to sample all flavors of the sauces. More...


Kyle P.

21 April 2016

Yats beats J. Gumbos hands down with the bread they serve because Yats butters and puts Cajun seasoning on the bread and toasts it, unlike J. Gumbos that serves soft bread from the bag despite they sliced it. I had half Drunken Chicken and other half Jerk Chicken. The Jerk Chicken was very sweet and delicious. Yats is much better and their Cajun taste different than J. Gumbos. I still like J. Gumbos, but love Yats more and will go back there. I will have to try their Jambalaya. I would like to see more Yats in Columbus. More...


Dan K.

20 April 2016

Great place to have lunch, the food is served fast and you get quite a lot for the cost. The garlic bread is delicious, most of my coworkers order an extra serving.The chili cheese etoufee is amazing, sadly it has crawfish in it, which I'm allergic to. One of the most delicious allergy experiences though! More...


Michael M.

11 April 2016

Love the concept and really like being able to try 2 dishes for less than $8. The Chili cheese etouffee was rich, cheesy and loaded with crawfish. The gumbo was also very rich, smokey, more heavily spiced and meat laden. The Cajun bread was great too as was the Cajun power hot sauce. The only reason this is not five star review is that the rice(both the etoufee and gumbo are served on rice) was a little watery on one side of the plate. More...


Kinga M.

26 March 2016

Great Cajun for the price! The gumbo could be spicer but they provide you with plenty of hot sauce options!I recommend the drunken chicken as well!Much better than J.Gumbos


Adrienne R.

9 March 2016

Yat's is great! I had the half and half with the white vegan chili and jerk chicken étouffée. The chili was mild with lots of beans and a mild flavor, but the étouffée was fantastic! It had carrots, jerk chicken, and coconut milk, and I could eat it all day. The bread that came with it was great, too. My husband had the drunken chicken, and I enjoyed the bite I had. Yat's is definitely a solid addition to the neighborhood. More...


Erica R.

3 March 2016

Yay for Yats!  I feel like Yats is what Blind Lady Tavern wants to be.  If you combined the two, it would be great.  Yats does not have a liquor license yet so it is BYOB which we didn't know about ahead of time and which we wouldn't have likely participated in but it is good to know before you go.  The food is delicious and it came out so quickly that it actually caught me off guard.  I ordered the red beans and rice and I also tried my boyfriend's drunken chicken.  They were both super good!  Not too spicy but enough kick to make sure the meal is noticed.  I absolutely LOVE that their menu points out the dairy free and gluten free options.  With my dairy allergy, I get tired of having to ask about every single menu item before finding something I can eat so this was a nice change.  I also liked that it had vegan options because we are constantly looking for new places to try with our vegan friends.  The restaurant itself is a long building with tables all along the sides.  It felt like it was meant to be more of a carryout than a place where you stay to eat but we stayed anyway because we didn't want to wait a second longer to try our yummy food.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens if/when they get their liquor license and I am also hopeful that they will start selling Coke products because Coke is so much better than Pepsi ;) More...


Susie R.

1 March 2016

I had a really great experience at Yats, from top to bottom.The service was timely, friendly, and considerate. The prices are pretty good, and you can buy their entrees by the pint or quart (I think) if you want to feed a crowd (and I'd totally feed this to a crowd). Ample seating, clean space, plenty of hot sauces and whatnot to add to your food if you want, including CaJohn's fire dust.And the food? The food is bangin'.I don't like to compare restaurants, but Yats obviously brings Da Levee to mind. Both are delicious. If you like Da Levee's food, you'll probably also like Yats. Yats has more of a home-cooked flavor to me (in a good way). I had the B&B and the chorizo étouffée and I cleaned my plate. Then I ordered some to go for my husband. The B&B is delightfully sweet because of the roasted corn, while the chorizo étouffée was spicy and savory but not ridiculously hot. I also had the cheesecake because they had a Leap Day dinner deal; the cheesecake was tasty for a place that doesn't specialize in dessert. Would order again.Yats doesn't seem to have other famous New Orleans food like po' boys on the menu; most of what I saw was stuff like red beans and rice, gumbo, various étouffées. Their menu rotates but you can find the daily menu on the website.OH. ALSO. They don't serve alcohol yet, but you CAN BYOB. So pick up a six-pack of Abita before you head in and you'll be set. More...


Dave D.

24 February 2016

First time in Columbus on a business trip... found this gem! Great service, great recommendations, and the food was delicious!


Roger C.

19 February 2016

Can't believe I waited this long to try Yats!  Really nice place, great food, met the owner Jason, and enjoyed our conversation over my lunch.  He's really into what he does and it shows.  I had the drunken chicken, very tasty, large portion, reasonably priced.  I will be back! More...


Chris E.

16 February 2016

This is a small Restraunt located on Grandview ave a cross from the post office. They have a small menu. Nice dining area that would be good for lunch or dinner. The red beans and rice along with the jambalaya  was AWSOME. They have free bread with Yelp check in and it was a must have to go with. The guys here will answer any questions. This is a great spot for lunch or dinner. More...


Peter M.

11 February 2016

Great food, no heat originally but a huge wall of hot sauce to do it yourself. BYOB for now, even gave me an ice bucket for the second bottle.


Marie G.

25 January 2016

Having spent a lot of time in Louisiana and falling in love with the culture and food - my mouth starts to water when I come across a Cajun place in town that I haven't been to. We wondered into Yats per a family members recommendation - the restaurant is easy to find in Grandview and there is plenty of street parking available and lots near by. We walked in and we were greeted by the owner who asked if we'd been there before. He explained the menu and drink options. Fountain drinks for now but a license is in the works...honestly I was hoping for an ice cold Abita with my meal! The restaurant itself is nice and open and super clean. I hate going somewhere and feeling crowded by all of the tables and chairs on top of each other. We sat at the bar area and reviewed the chalk board menu in front of us as the owner went over the options. We ordered the drunken chicken, mushroom and spinach étouffée, chili cheese étouffée, chicken maque choux, red beans and rice. Loaded (cheese, sour cream, and red onion).While the food arrived the owner discussed his business and his story which is always nice to hear. The food arrived promptly and served with a delicious Cajun buttered toast. The drunken chicken (one of their top sellers) is proper! The sauce is thick, lots of well seasoned chicken pieces, and just enough spice. The spinach and mushroom étouffée was wonderful. I've tried other Cajun places around Columbus and their sauce is too watery - everything that we ordered was great. The maque choux (pronounced mock shoe) is killer! The red beans and rice so flavorful! Next to the fountain drinks you will find a sea of hot sauces if you need a little extra kick! We cleared our plates and decided to share the peanut butter pie as I can't pass one up when I see it on the menu. It did not disappoint! Rich and delicious! Overall our experience at Yats was great. From the friendly owner, delicious food, plenty of vegetarian options, and great location...we can't wait to go back! I did notice some bad reviews and I can't help but think they're maybe from the competition or people who just love to look for the negative and write bad reviews! Make sure you check their Facebook and Instagram for daily menu changes and special events! More...


Michelle J.

22 January 2016

Delicious food in a fun atmosphere. Good prices and friendly staff. I really enjoyed the hot sauce selection--and THE BREAD!


Chrissy W.

16 January 2016

Just tried Yats for the first time. If you want authentic Cajun style grub, this is your spot! They drunken chicken and the chicken maux choux "mock-shoe" were great together as a half and half combo. This place is priced right for the amount and quality of food you get. AND! Beer coming in March! Must try this place! More...


Alex L.

7 January 2016

I created a Yelp account to just to write about this place. If you haven't been, you need to stop what you are doing and go RIGHT NOW. I've been working in Grandview for seven months and I am absolutely kicking myself that I only just discovered this gem.I got the Drunken Chicken/Spinach & Mushroom Étouffée combo. I've seen a few reviews claim that the Drunken Chicken is short on chicken (not true, it's just shredded and mixed in with the sauce) and that the sauce-rice ratio is not ideal...also untrue (there was so much sauce I ended up ordering extra bread to soak it up). It had just enough spice to give it awesome flavor and a bit of a kick. The Spinach & Mushroom dish was fantastic even without meat, and was one of several veggie/vegan-friendly items on the menu. In addition, I got my entrée "loaded," meaning topped with sour cream, cheese and chopped red onion...because sour cream takes great culinary creations and makes them even better. And don't even get me started on the hot sauce bar; so much variety and the little sample cups are convenient and adorable. My whole meal cost less than $10 and was so, so, so good. More...


John L.

24 December 2015

So we are slowly knocking off Yelp's Top 100 restaurants in Columbus and we made it to Yats the other day. Let me start by prefacing that I have never had Cajun/Creole before so I don't have a basis for comparison. That being said, this place was AWESOME! I am not sure that I could have found it driving by but it was easy enough to find since I was looking for it. We walked in and found the place to be very clean and bright which was very nice. The guy behind the counter greeted us genuinely and walked us through how everything works. My wife ordered the Drunken Chicken and I got the Spinach Mushroom Etoufee. When they came out they were very good sized portions and had a piece of garlic bread on it. I tried both entrees and found that I preferred the Spinach/Mushroom and my wife preferred the Drunken Chicken so it worked out great. What was insane is how good the garlic bread is. I do not consider myself a bread expert by any means but this bread made the entire meal amazing. We went back up and ordered some extra bread for .75 and killed that too. This is a nice little stop if you are in the area and has a great staff. I am a big fan and we will make the cross-Columbus trip again to eat at Yats. More...


Mayank D.

16 December 2015

Best Cajun food I had in Columbus!! Great service! And Great hospitality!! YATS all the way!!


Mark K.

8 December 2015

Wish there were more of these around here.  It's a lot like Da Levee, but a little nicer for dining in.  Casual but classy.  Similar food and quality, great prices, great service.  Plus, a great hot sauce collection by the drink dispenser.I had the two-entree combo, since I'm indecisive and like variety.  Drunken chicken, with big tender chunks of chicken and tomato, in an addictive stew.  Chili cheese etouffee- I thought the chili cheese part would overwhelm the other flavors that I love, but it was subtle, and worked well together.  All over rice, with really good garlic bread.  We're lucky to have several good Cajun options in town.  I will go to Da Levee more often, but if there was a Yats location close to me it'd be a tough call. More...


Sarah S.

5 December 2015

The bread is absolutely the best part. There are good vegetarian options too (2 or 3). The cashier was super friendly and we had a decently long conversation since there was nobody else in the restaurant. Incredibly fast, and good food.


Mark G.

10 November 2015

Excellent!  Location is clean - which is a requirement for me.  Great food for great price!  Friendly staff. Like the rotating items on menu to keep things fresh.


Kate H.

26 October 2015

Yum. Like it. It is a chain. No bells, no whistles (unless you count all the hot sauce, which I do). It is just above average creole food in Columbus for cheap. BYOB. Super nice owner/manager. Very quick. Very no nonsense. More...


Zachary O.

22 October 2015

Really quick, really delicious, pretty cheap. Perfect for lunch. Will be great when they get their liquor license, a late night bowl of gumbo should cure the potential hangover. A little taste of NOLA in the 614. We had the chili cheese ettoufe with crawfish and the drunken chicken. Both came recommended and didn't disappoint. More...


Bryan K.

11 October 2015

Tasty, fresh, real and with outstanding service. Not to be missed if you're in Columbus.


Tina T.

27 September 2015

I had a half and half when we visited recently. Drunken    Chicken and Crawfish Moque Choix. Great balance of entree to rice and generous portions. The heat in the Drunken Chicken was just right and the Moque Choix with corn sweet and creamy. For $7.95 eat in or takeout, I plan to eat here often! BYOB for now. More...


Amber S.

18 September 2015

I love Yats! I've only visited twice, but both times it was amazing. The staff is super friendly, there are several (like 10-12) options of Cajun foods. The spicy sauces and Cajun spices close to the beverage station is an excellent perk. You can try anything off the menu before you order. It's mainly ready upon arrival so there isn't much of a wait at all. The location is perfect, can't say enough great things about this place, I love it! More...


Glenda H.

2 September 2015

If you like freshly prepared cajun cooking and haven't been to Yats, yet, you're missing out! *Located right on Grandview Drive*Warm atmosphere - exposed brick walls, wooden floors, bar seating, high tops and tables.  *Televisions visible from bar seating and some tables.*Menu is on a blackboard located behind the bar/counter.*Order at the counter - then they bring the food out to your table.*Several entrees remain on the menu and specials offered daily.*VERY reasonably priced.Food - My husband and I came for lunch.  Orders arrived quickly.  I had the Gumbo - loaded with meat and flavor. Roux was perfect.  Not overly spicy however there is a variety of sauces to add to adjust to your taste.  Husband had Drunken Chicken and a Crayfish dish - both perfect and no skimping on the meat/seafood! Entrees are generous servings and accompanied by warm french bread with melted seasoned butter on top (yum!)Good to know:*They do not have a liquor license, yet hope to acquire it by this fall.  Until then, it's BYOB (or wine!)*No outdoor seating.  However there 'is' indoor seating right next to the window. More...


Jackie M.

1 September 2015

I went here with a friend tonight for dinner and really enjoyed myself. All the meals are rice + a sauce/meat/veggie dish on top. I had a half-and-half order of two veggie options (Spinach and Mushroom Étouffée & Vegan White Chili) and it was delicious! Price was totally reasonable $10 flat with the tip) and it was ready very quickly. Also, the bread was delicious. I'll definitely be back soon! More...


Genevieve G.

30 July 2015

Excellent food and a chill vibe. Clean plate club at our table all around. (Oh, and its BYOB!) We will be back!


Brittany R.

20 July 2015

This was my 1st time eating here, I work nearby and was looking for something new to try in the area. I got the half and half with Drunken Chicken and Red beans rice/smoked sausage. (FYI their menu changes daily). The red beans and rice was just ok, it was slightly under seasoned but did have big pieces of meat in it. The drunken chicken was really good though! Slightly spicy and again big pieces of chicken. Oh and the bread that comes with it was sooo good and buttery. The man working there was very friendly as well, I will definitely be back to try some other items! More...


Maureen H.

17 June 2015

Love love love it here! Great food and staff. I am addicted. Drunken chicken is the best, add a little kick with the Cajun power hot sauce. Killer. Yatz definitely ON the list!!!! More...


Tyler S.

30 May 2015

Popped in here today after passing it a few times on Grandview Ave and seeing it on Yelp. It's like a J Gumbos but it doesn't feel as forced and chain-like (although it is a smaller chain based out of Indy). Talked to the owner? Or manager? And he was very nice and helpful. We tried a few different things but settled on the chorizo and black bean. Delicious. The bread is great too. I'll definitely be back to try more sometime. The food was very reasonably priced and they have lots of hot sauce and toppings (several from CaJohns). I'd definitely recommend! More...


Hannah B.

30 May 2015

My boyfriend and I strolled into today during the late afternoon for lunch. We were welcomed and encouraged to taste test the different menu options. We decide on a 1/2 B+B and the spicy chorizo with extra bread. A very delicious meal and courteous service. There are many different options- hot and spicy, sweet and everywhere in between. I would come back soon!! More...


Annie W.

17 May 2015

Yats is such a wonderful addition to the Columbus area! After moving to Cbus from Indianapolis, Yats was a mainstay in the Broad Ripple area!  We were thrilled that it made its way east!  The drunken chicken is a must have, we recommend the one plus one offerings that pair it with the delicious Chili Cheese Etoufee! What's fantastic about this particular location is that it allows you to pay using debit and credit cards.  While living in the Indy area, the Broad Ripple restaurant only accepts cash and during a visit years ago, we were short, the owner told us no big deal, pay us next time!It took us 3 years and 180 miles, but we were happy to hand over a few bucks during our recent Grandview lunch!  We will be making the short drive from downtown Columbus to soak the delicious bread into some drunken chicken!Thanks, Yats, can't wait to come back for more! More...


Bedell C.

13 May 2015

Yummmo! Great find, even better food and service. We will definitely go back again!


Jordan N.

7 February 2015

Very quick, well priced and extremely flavorful. Recently took a trip to NOLA and every bite of Yats was a perfect rendition of a good old nawlins meal.


Tash L.

1 February 2015

A nice fast casual restaurant in Grandview. The food is flavorful and the service is always great. If you're looking for comfort food in a no fuss atmosphere at a fair price, this is your place! Some of the dishes are spicy but you can sample them before ordering a full plate and they allow you to mix and match dishes too. More...


Jessica S.

23 January 2015

This place is delicious and a welcome addition to Grandview!! It's not meant to be a fancy, sit-down experience, so don't expect that. But it's a good atmosphere and it's great to have good Cajun food around, something no one else seems to be doing.You can sample about everything before ordering and their flavors are on point. Cajun food is meant to be stewed for LONG periods of time, not stored in small metal warming pans (like at J Gumbo's) and Yatz gets that. I also think that's why some people complained about not being able to substitute meats and the food not being "freshly made." These dishes aren't meant to be made-to-order and Yatz gets that.There are good veggie/dairy free options and not everything is spicy. So far I LOVED the B&B and jerk chicken and the remoulade on the bread was a nice touch. (The bread isn't greasy, it's remoulade. It's a Cajun thing.)This will definitely be one of my staple lunch/quick dinner spots. More...


Michael M.

18 January 2015

Good food. Quick for lunch and cheap. Very filling.Food is good. Bread is good but a little too buttered/greasy.There was a great selection of hot sauces that were all fun to try!


Katie B.

16 January 2015

Nice alternative to typical fast food or fast casual joints.  They have a small focused menu and will let you try any of the jambalaya before you commit, but it's all good.  And it's great for those who like spicy food!  Nice portions and good as leftovers.  I recommend the drunken chicken and the étouffée! More...


Janel M.

7 January 2015

AMAZING food! I had this in Indy and was so happy to find it here. Food is flavorful, filling, and delicious. Also Chuck is super cool! Great staff!


Mark H.

2 January 2015

Great place on Grandview Ave. that is a great portion of food for a reasonable price.  I've been here twice and my favorite dish is the Carribien Jerk chicken.  It has some coconut milk in it which offsets the spice and makes it delicious.  The dish also comes with this amazing bread that is just as good on its own!I haven't seen too many people inside whenever I'm there but it's got a promising menu for the price!  Worth a trip if you ask me. More...


Vinit R.

29 December 2014

I think I have scripted a few reviews for Yatz in Indy years ago.. here is a story if I have not.. 2007.. cross country road trip.. we decided to see some friends in Indy on the way to have lunch with them.. Yelp told us to go to this place called Yats.. we went there.. 4 of us I think.. we all ordered.. I took my credit card out.. guy at the counter went "sorry, we are cash only" .. I sighed and told him that we didn't have cash and requested him to cancel the order.. he looked at us and said.. " no need.. pay me next time.. " .. I used to live about 1,695 miles (give or take) from that place at the time.. I told him the fact that and he replied, "yeah sure.. you can still pay us the next time you stop by.. "Cajun food has never tasted any more home cooked to me than that day..  :) More...


Yosef J.

10 November 2014

I had the 1/2 and 1/2 with The Drunken Chicken and the red beans and rice. Fantastic and very quick. Drunken chicken will be a regular thing.


Courtney P.

1 November 2014

My husband and I used to frequent Yats when we lived in Indianapolis. We were so excited to see it in Grandview. The food is wonderful!


Brett W.

12 October 2014

Big portions, low prices, high in quality and no wait at all. This restaurant is BYOB for now, but I have it on good authority that they are awaiting their licenses. If you want the highest quality and lowest prices for heart and soul warming Cajun cuisine, look no further than YATS on Grandview!!! More...


Kelly L.

24 September 2014

Different and delicious! My family has been here several times so it's time for my review! First of all, I'm not a fan of looking for a parking space so I was thrilled to hear the owner tell me that Yats customers can park in the church lot right next door. Yay! Secondly, my family is split into 1/2 vegetarians and 1/2 meat eaters and we all eat here without any issues.  I personally love the spinach mushroom étouffée! My husband loves the drunken chicken and gumbo. My personal favorite is the Cajun toast that comes with each meal...yum!  Did I mention it's affordable?! We can feed everyone for under $25 and we are full. Don't skip the peanut butter pie. It's homemade! We have to stop ourselves from going more than twice a week! More...


Gus W.

22 September 2014

I went there on Saturday for lunch and got the half drunk chicken/half chorizo etoufee to go, and it was pretty delicious. It was cheap and just enough food to fill me up but not make me feel bad. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I was the only person in there, but it was closing in on 2 pm so not a big deal.The sauce for both dishes was quite tasty, but the cajun power hot sauce I got on the side was fantastic, and I would totally buy a bottle of that. The bread that came with the dish was awesome, and I could have eaten a lot more of that. I won't say it was the greatest meal I've ever had, but for the price, flavor, and amount of food you get, I'll for sure be returning to try more. More...


Michael G.

19 September 2014

Pretty good I'd say.  Friendly staff walks you through what you may not know about Cajun/Creole, and will give you tastes of most everything to help you decide.  A good local craft beer would go well, but they don't have their license yet.  You can BYOB.  I'm a fan.Couple things; the chalk, hand-written menu board is hard to read.  I'm not a fan of the flimsy plastic tableware and the styrofoam plates. More...


Jeff L.

17 September 2014

Wow.  Better than I expected.  Menu changes daily so it's on a chalkboard, where you order.   It's all étouffée style on white rice.  Had three vegan options.  Every single sauce sounded great.  I did half and half with drunken chicken and a chorizo selection.  Excellent.  Not overly spicy.  Just right.  Need to open in Cleveland!! More...


Alex G.

16 September 2014

Simply delicious. The concept and restaurant is very simple. ie: you use plastic silverware and plates. The menu is also simple. Probably 8-10 menu items I ordered the Jambalaya. It was very tasty the dish comes with this delicious bread. My girlfriend ordered the drunken chicken and it was amazing. Yats defiantly lived up to the hype! Another great addition to Grandview Heights. More...


Dennis L.

7 September 2014

Yats is an Indianapolis staple and I was tremendously excited to hear they are now in Columbus. Their catering is done well - you can order in pints and quarts, which serves (I believe, don't quote me) 2 and 4 people, respectively. Rice, sauce, and bread are separated so there is no sogginess. They explained the vegetarian options over the phone very thoroughly (I don't usually order vegetarian). My choice has always been the Drunken Chicken. Will certainly be returning soon! More...


Ben R.

6 September 2014

Great food - setup and menu nearly identical to Da Levee and on-par. Byob until they get their liquor license. Decent selection of hot sauces.Da lavee wins the interior space contest - but that's not enough to sway me, as I'm a bit closer to Yats. Options! More...


Emily B.

2 September 2014

Atmosphere was a little odd, we didn't really know where or how to order food when first entering but the guy working was very helpful once we figured it out! The food was great!! Our favorites were the drunken chicken and the maque choux with crawfish. We'll definitely be back! More...


Meg H.

1 September 2014

Had a chance to check out Yat's on Labor Day, and even though they had a slightly limited menu (due to the holiday), everything we sampled was very good. The flavors were all complex and interesting (more so than some of the other casual Cajun places I've tried in Columbus), and everything tasted very fresh. My husband and I both ordered half and halfs: one drunken chicken and macque choux with crawfish; one drunken chicken and chorizo etoufee. Really enjoyed both (the spicy drunken chicken and slightly sweet macque choux really complimented each other). Staff was really friendly (chatted with us, let us have samples of everything); BYOB aspect was fun. Also very inexpensive for a filling and good tasting meal. We'll be back for lunch and casual dinner in the future, and to check out some of the offerings that weren't available today. (P.S. I do wish they didn't use so much styrofoam for serving, though!) More...


Zeeshan S.

30 August 2014

Awesome Creole/Cajun food and a spicy new addition to the always exciting Grandview food scene! I've been to the original Yats in Indianapolis, and was excited to hear about their new expansion to Columbus. The name lived up to the expectation whole heartedly. The drunken chicken is fantastic and spicy. Great flavor, but not overwhelming. I also had the crawfish which was perfectly mixed in with corn. Both were served over rice and went together really well. Their menu is written on a chalkboard because it's ever-changing and you never know what that day might bring, but you should know that whatever it is it's going to be delicious. Every dish comes with some excellent fresh garlic bread. It's a brand new restaurant with plenty of seating, and is also BYOB which is a perk. I've tried a couple of the other "creole" spots in Columbus, and so far this is definitely my favorite. When you go in ask for some samples! More...


Robert G.

26 August 2014

Stopped in for lunch today for my first visit.  Certainly will not be my last visit.  Upon entering I was greeted very pleasantly and was asked if I had been in before.  I told him I had not so he briefly went over the menu with me and told me if there is any questions he would be happy to explain further.  I really appreciate that approach.  I don't need to know every minor detail of things I probably wont order anyway.  Since everything looked really good and I couldn't decide what I wanted, I decided to do the half & half with Chili Cheese Etouffée & Maque Choux.  I placed my order, paid and my food appeared very quickly.  I got the order to go and drove back to the Hilliard area.  Food was very good and traveled very well.  Spice level was just right for me.  I do not like food so spicy you cant taste the flavor.  I will definitely return for many more visits. More...


Ashley C.

21 August 2014

One of my favorite things about Indianapolis is Yats! I would frequent the college ave location since it was so close to where I was living. I was having severe withdrawals when I moved to Texas.I discovered today that they opened a location in columbus so we rushed over there for dinner. The interior was not what I was expecting. It was neat, clean, and modern. The Indy Yats had a fun, creative, friendly atmosphere. On the bright side the staff was great and not afraid to talk. They were wonderful and fast. The food was great too! The bread was a little over buttered but I can deal with that. I got my usual chili cheese étouffée with crawfish. It's usually my standby. When I was vegetarian I would always get the spinach and mushroom étouffée. Both are amazing. I love the flavors and spices. The variety is nice too. There is something for everyone. One of the best things about Yats is the price! A great and filling dinner for two for under $20. Count me in! I cannot wait to come back! More...


Chenee C.

18 August 2014

I've been waiting to try this place out and it definitely didn't disappoint. The staff was super helpful in describing the menu items, and they let patrons sample the dish before committing to it. You can also order half and half if you can't decide between two dishes. You order at the counter then take a seat. The entrees come over rice and are served with the best garlic bread I've honestly ever had. Our food was ready before we finished getting our drinks.I had the drunken chicken-which had the perfect amount of spice for me but if you want more there's a ton of sauces you can add. If you're bored with your usual lunch I'd hurry over before more people find out about this place- I guarantee it's going to start getting packed soon. More...


Ashley S.

18 August 2014

I love the drunken chicken! We have made this our Sunday ritual after church. It's a must try, and dining in is such an experience with all the different hot sauces available.Whenever we would be in Indy, we made it a point to get to Yats, so we were ecstatic when we found out that we were going to have one in Grandview. More...


Jason A.

10 August 2014

Surprised when searching for something new to try that I stumbled upon Yats.  I live in Grandview and drive up and down Grandview Ave multiple times a week.  How they opened in the old yogurt place and I had no idea might be their greatest challenge.  There is a tree that hides the small signage and makes it hard to see from the street.  Hopefully people will be able to find the fine addition to Grandview Ave!I sampled 4 dishes and was very surprised in the results.  While they claim the Chili Cheese Étouffée is their signature dish, I found it the least flavorful dish of the four I tried.  While the roux was solid, the flavors were just a bit dull for my taste.  The cumin and coriander (two of my favorite spices) were present, I would have loved to seen them kicked up just a bit more.  The addition of dairy with the cheese is very minor and really didnt add much to the dish for my taste.  But here is the good news.  I would order this dish again.  It was a solid 4 out of 5.  And the value is the real amazing deal.  Of the other three dishes, I was torn between the Caribbean Jerk Etouffee with Chicken and the Drunken Chicken for my favorite.  The Caribbean Jerk was spicy but the sweet undertones of sweetness provided by the Coconut Milk, while the Drunken Chicken was a thick stew of pulled chicken with a complex arrangement of flavors that really treated the pallet.  Either of these dishes rival any dish put up at the very few selections of Cajun in Columbus.  My final dish was the Jambalaya.  I liked almost everything about the dish except the midwestern style smoked sausage instead of a more traditional andouille.  The base was a little sweeter than I am used to, but very flavorful.  Finally all four dishes were served with two slices of garlic bread.  While nothing special, it was a solid offering of a decent bread with a coating of garlic butter.  As this was my first time trying Yats, I was very surprised by the offering and the overall value.  All four dishes were packed beautifully in carry out containers and the whole bill was 28 bucks.  I will be returning, but man would a beer be perfect on this menu! More...


Monica B.

6 August 2014

We ventured here on a craving for Cajun food.  Overall it was very good and a great addition to the Grandview area.  The menu changes everyday and through talking to the server, they are trying to get their liquor license which would definitely be a plus.  It was also very reasonably priced for the amount of food you get.  If I had any suggestions for them, it would be that the food could have been a little warmer and needed a little more spice, but it certainly suited my craving and I will be back! More...


Tom M.

29 July 2014

Great new addition to the Grandview strip.  You can sample anything on the menu - I tried it all and it's great.  Very reasonably priced and friendly service.  Can't beat it.


Andrew O.

26 July 2014

Just went to Yats for the first time last night.  Delicious!  The pictures on here don't do it justice.  For the most part, its savory cajun concoctions served over rice with incredible cajun toast.  Its simple, cheap, and hits the spot.  Friendly staff and very casual compared to the typical Grandview Ave restaurants.  Get the half-and-half and order extra toast. More...


Doug O.

24 July 2014

I'm from Indy, so I was excited when I heard this Indy chain was headed here. The drunken chicken is one of my favorite foods. The food is delicious, affordable, and quick. The only knock I'd give it is a bit of a mixed atmosphere. It's a but weird to have a nice, well decorated place that looks a bit fancy, but styrofoam plates, plastic silverware, and counter service. I wish it were either uniformly nicer or crappier. This doesn't take away from the great food, though. Go check it out. More...


A L.

23 July 2014

Holy moly this is good for fast food. A plethora of choices, yummy roux jambalaya, inventive options and flavors. The garlic toast that accompanies the dishes is deeeeeeelicious. Cheap cheap cheap!!!! Super friendly guys who run it. A hair less tasty than DeLevee (Short North), but super glad to have Yats in the neighborhood! More...


Katie L.

23 July 2014

So good! Offer options for all dietary needs! I'm dairy free and they have tasty options for me!!! The white chili is great and the bread is amazing!! The staff is beyond friendly and outstanding! Way to go! More...


Mike S.

19 July 2014

Was not sure what to expect but the food and service both exceeded expectations. The staff was extremely friendly. There were large portions and I would definitely recommend splitting into two 1/2 orders for variety.


Vin R.

15 July 2014

I had been to a Yats several years ago when visiting Indianapolis.  When Da Levee (owned by a former Yats manager, Justin) opened up a few years ago in Short North, I was pleased to have access to Yats-style cajun food in Columbus.I guess Yats must have noticed because now they're here in Columbus (and a bunch of other places per their website).  My wife and I happened to be in Grandview around lunchtime so we stopped by the new restaurant today and got our fill.  No new ground is being broken here.  If you've been to Yats elsewhere (or Da Levee) everything is comfortably familiar.  Tasty, very rich food (we both went with half and half drunken chicken and chorizo etouffee.)  Both orders came with bread and totaled $14.  Pretty cheap for a lot of food.So now it seems there's going to be bit of a battle for your cajun creole fast food dollar--do you go with Big Corporate in the form of Yats or do you throw your cash behind Justin and Da Levee.  Personally, I'm a fan of the little guy so I'll probably continue to get my cajun from the man on North High, may he one day be as omnipresent as the Yats empire. More...


Paul F.

7 July 2014

I came down here for lunch today.  They're located ringht on Grandview Ave, about a block from the little plaza.  It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted to eat; Jambalaya!!  I got the half order and that was plenty for me.  It came with two slices of GREAT garlic bread and all the hot sauce I wanted to pour on!  And it was delicious.They have a policy to let you taste any of the other styles of dishes the carry.  I tried the Maque Choux and the drunken chicken.  Both were just great!  I docked them a star for the lack of meat in the jambalaya but I can understand that given the price.Anyway it was a great lunch and I'm sure I'll be back for many more. More...


Andy F.

7 July 2014

Yats is amazing. It is a true Midwest phenomenon.The dishes are fantastically flavorful. They are fast. They aren't expensive but a great bang for your buck.I highly recommend the crawfish étouffée and the red beans and sausage. You might want an extra order of bread too.If you want quick, quality, and delicious this is the place. More...


John A.

6 July 2014

The foods great and the staff couldn't be more outgoing!!! You have to check this place out!!!