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We are a team of passionate graphic designers and brand strategy consultants.

We don’t just create great designs that look amazing but are ineffective when it comes to actually making sales. We combine big brand with small business experience.


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30 June 2019

It was a real pleasure working with Karen at xHeight for the creation of the new “Dr. Marketing” sub brand for Business Medics. This was a bit of a “poacher turned gamekeeper” project for me having worked in the marketing world for over 25 years. The key success criteria for any new branding project is a clear brief and good communication throughout the process. This was made seamless by Karen, who asked all the right questions throughout the creative design stage, which enabled the creation of a highly creative and well thought out brand, delivered in a timely and efficient manner.I would have no hesitation recommending Karen of xHeight for creative and timely solutions for all design and branding projects. More...


Are we a good fit?
We offer all of our clients a free, no obligation chat where we ask you to provide us with a bit of background on your business and what you would like to achieve from working with us. We get to know each other a bit better and find out whether we both think it would be a good fit.

Brand Audit:
We then carry out a thorough examination of your existing collateral and how hard it is working for you. It helps you to determine any weaknesses or inconsistencies as well as opportunities for improvement.

Brand Strategy:
Who are we targeting? (Hint: if you think it’s everyone then you are wrong..) Who are your competitors? Where do you sit in the market? What’s your story? We call this Brand Strategy and it helps us to get to the heart of what your brand is all about in order to create a visual identity that properly represents you.

Visual Identity:
We don’t believe in cheap-and-cheerful logos or that the success of your brand hangs on a logo that looks pretty. It’s much more than this. We call this stage Visual Identity and involves the creation of a logo, colours and typefaces, as well as, how these look in situ on a website, or a business card, or a social media cover. This last bit is crucial.

If only we had a Pound for every client that had come to us with a logo they had loved before they actually had to use it, well, we’d be living like Royalty….

Some background about you and what you are trying to achieve,

Working with a variety of amazing clients and bringing their visions to life

To break free from the shackles of corporate life! We feel like our creative work has really come into its own since then,

We actually care that our designs meet the brief. We don't just create something that looks pretty but something that will act as the springboard for their brand. W are fiercely loyal to our customers, acting as brand guardians.