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1 March 2019

My daughter (7yrs) has been attending the Tuesday/Thurs classes since the beginning of October & she loves it. It's one of the few times she has wanted to come to a class, making us feel that this is money well spent. We are very pleased with the coaches, the skills our daughter is learning and the non competative environment. The kids work on agility, balance and learn muscle control. There is a definite sense if accomplishment when a skill is completed and the next week It's a little easier-building our daughter's sense of accomplishment. We hope to continue with the classes into Spring 2019. I woukd recommend this for ages 5 to maybe 9 year olds. More...


Warren Hom

30 May 2018

the typical gym were boring me, so I took up xfit's bootcamp classes. oh man, they def kicked my butt! but i like the challenge!


Barbara Brodrick

30 May 2018

Very professional group of trainers. The best fitness program for kids starting age 3 & adult fitness program is awesome too!


Halie Taylor

30 May 2018

X-Fit Training offers a range of services and is a focused on helping client's of all fitness levels! I love how dedicated their trainers are to helping each client reach their fitness goals!


Alice Trellakis

30 May 2018

Best group workout I've had for months! The atmosphere is so energetic and supportive to become more fit. I'm definitely planning to come again soon.


Paul Lundahl

30 May 2018

I've been working with Joe Ruiz as a personal trainer now for 6 months. It's been life changing for me. Joe and his trainers are very skilled at crafting full body workouts that push you to your limit without injury. I've seen continual improvement in my health and it's given me so many benefits: better energy and cognition at work, reduced stress, greatmuscle toning and weight loss. Joe is always focussed on how to keep the workouts fun and challenging while developing muscles I didn't even know I had! I'm very grateful for the work they do to improve the health and outlook for people in the east bay. They are a local treasure that I can recommend without hesitation! More...


Halie Keohane

23 May 2018

X-Fit Training's Boot Camps are such a fun and motivating way to reach your fitness goals! Their Lil' Ninja Warrior program is also a great way to get your kids to fall in love with fitness!


Gado Sel

14 September 2017

Great, fun programs that build strength and stamina for practicing my favorite sport! The trainers rock!


Sandi B.

30 August 2017

I joined the XFit Training family back in July 2015 and I'm still here! I showed up out of shape and unsure if I would ever make fitness a lifestyle. I started personal training with Joe a few times a week at a pace and schedule I could work with. After a few months Joe talked me into trying a boot camp out - I was ready. It was hard... I'm not going to lie! But everyone is so nice and open here. NEVER are you pushed to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing and you are not expected to be as good as anyone else. All the trainers are informative, encouraging and friendly in a non-competitive atmosphere. In 2017 XFit Training signed up as a team (optional) for a Spartan Sprint Race. Never in a million years would I expect to push my limits this far. But I did it with the help from the trainers and my boot camp team. My 17 year old son even decided to join and loves it! Compared to other programs out there you can't beat the training price, knowledge, friendliness and support that you get here! I am now a happier, leaner and more balanced individual.To Joe, Kirsten, Derrick & Becky - Thank you! More...


Anna D'Alessandro

30 May 2017

If you like being challenged and like seeing results, X-Fit is for you!


Google User

30 May 2017

First time doing a group workout and getting away from the typical gym scene/routine. Let me just say all of the coaches/trainers are great and they provide great training regardless of your fitness level. I never thought I would be able to be in the shape that I am in now and through these workouts have trained muscles that have never gotten attention before and have learned to push myself to limits I never even knew I had! I would definitely recommend! More...


Amanda Wolfe

30 May 2017

My friend brought me the boot camp while I was visiting her in California and it was the best workout I've had in a long time. Wish I could find a class I enjoyed as much as this closer to home. More...


Ethel Baumberg

30 May 2017

My cousins are starting X-Fit's summer camp for kids and they could not be more excited! If you want your kids to enjoy sports and have fun in the sun with the best kids coaches in east bay, this is the place to go!!


Dave Woemmel

28 January 2017

Joe does an excellent job assessing where I'm at fitness-wise, and he knows how to tailor the workout to help me improve and see noticeable results. It's clear he cares about his work and clients, and has been a great motivator and friend. More...


Alex Desquiron

12 January 2017

I've been training with Joe and the other trainers for a few months now. It has been perfect for me as I came in severely out of shape and a lot was new to me. As a former athlete (over 20 years ago!) I like that as I get in better shape I can adjust at my own pace and push harder when I feel like it. More...


Kelly Scribner

10 January 2017

Fun but challenging. Awesome trainers who make everybody comfortable but motivate us to work hard. Hard to find a 5:30am workout and so glad I found this. Perfect way to start the morning.


Sandi Biagi

3 January 2017

I've been going for over a year and a half now! Never a person to workout in the past but was taught to pace myself while challenging myself. Bootcamps and training are always a challenge every day even as long as I've been there. Thank you for helping me continue my fitness goals! More...


Brett C.

3 June 2016

I am so glad I discovered XFit Training. Joe, Kersten, and Becky are absolutely fantastic trainers -- striking a perfect balance between kicking your butt and supporting you at your own pace. I've been going for over three months now and I've never had the same workout twice. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the other XFit participants. Everyone is committed to their workout but no one is taking themselves too seriously. Definitely no "meatheads" here. But don't get the wrong idea -- this is a REAL workout. And I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30am for it! More...


Sheena G.

25 February 2016

Of all the gym, work-out groups and Boot camps that I'd tried which took me years of searching these group are the best fit. The trainers are knowledgeable as they want to make sure that your using correct form and right technique. Plus, you'll enjoy the workout because the classes are unique and different and you'll meet friendly boot camper which helps a lot.I highly recommend this group. More...


Brad Carlton

17 October 2015

Bring it! Fun and friendly. Go at your own pace but always push it.


Sarah C.

30 June 2015

My 7 year old son did the Xfit agility training with Joe and absolutely loved it. Joe kept the kids engaged and motivated.


A R.

27 March 2015

XFit workouts are varied, fun, and structured so that every individual can rock it at their own fitness level. Joe and the other coaches are great motivators and knowledgable. This is a no judgement, no intimidation, bootcamp-style workout with a friendly group of people. Plus, you get to be outside in good weather AND there are a variety of class times (as a non-morning person, I thank you so much for offering evening classes!). For us it's been a great way to start getting back into shape and to meet some folks in the community while doing something together. This is totally unlike a drab, boring treadmill routine in some stinky gym. Try it; you'll like it! More...


Junior M.

28 February 2015

This team is great! We had an amazing experience with them last summer. They helped us get back in shape within a month. Unfortunately we had to stop our sessions due to our work schedule. We are looking forward to go back this summer. Joe and Max will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals. More...


Chris T.

9 February 2015

I found this group after looking for a person trainer earlier this year.  I was tired of trying to kick my own behind in the gym and needed some new ideas and inspiration.  I found them on yelp and decided to check it out because of the awesome location and the early class times make it so I can knock out a workout and still make it to work.  I have to say that my body feels better than ever after just a month of going 2 to 3 times per week.  I have lived with some chronic pain over my life and the combination of the workouts and warm-ups/stretching have really improved my flexibility and I have had zero pain even through some pretty vigorous workout sessions.  I am already noticing it in other areas of my life when I go hiking or play other sports.Everyone in the class is awesome and of course Joe and Max are great and make it fun.  They pay attention and make sure everyone is comfortable and scaling to their own ability.  So glad I found it. More...


Brad C.

26 January 2015

My wife and I have loved taking xfit together.  It's one of the few exercise classes that we can take together and have fun.  The xfit gang foster a fun and non-competitive environment.  they change up the exercises to keep it fun and fresh.  There is nothing like taking a sledge hammer to a tractor tire at the end of your work day to really release all that end of work tension. More...


Vanessa C.

25 January 2015

The xfitjr trainers make it easy to get going on fitness goals because they are so welcoming and take a no-fuss approach.  I love the combination of strength, agility, and cardio training  that rotates through the circuits.  The attendees are upbeat and cool, too, which helps during tougher routines! Keep it up, guys! More...


negar s.

22 January 2015

Joe and Max have been amazing! I love XFit. The work outs are always fun, never stale. They are always helpful and caring about what someone can or can't do. They are helpful with supporting people and their goals. They offer one on one support and are 100% supportive when in the group setting. I love that they also push you a little further every time. They cheer you on when you need it and they are the first to express, well, when you need to hold back a little! LOL Did I mention how affordable they are? The drop in price and monthly rate beats anyone I have seen yet, and I'm a local gal! I really can't say enough great things about them. Wonderful team! More...


Adriana R.

21 January 2015

You get a heart racing blood pumping muscle building sweat drenching work out! The workouts are always varied so you never get bored and you never know what you are going to get. And I feel free to do modified version if needed More...


J I.

17 November 2014

2 thumbs up, I have never been in better shape.  Joe doesn't go easy on you, but every great trainer expects 100%.  You'll love the results. I consistently work out now,  and have never felt so healthy and strong.Thanks Joe! More...


Nancy C.

5 November 2014

XFit Bootcamp is pretty EPIC!!!  My sister actually sent me to bootcamp for a month for my birthday this year and it was the best gift ever!  I've attended a couple of other bootcamps in the past and I have to say that XFit Bootcamp is the VERY BEST.  I recently moved to El Cerrito and finding this gem 3 minutes from my house is AWESOME.  I go to the 5:30am classes during the week and the Saturday 7am class with MAX (3 times a week).  I've been going to class for about 7 weeks now and I've been sore (a good sore - where you know you're body is changing) every day since I started.  This is pretty phenomenal because it means we work different areas of the body, class to class, so you get the maximum benefit.  MAX IS AWESOME!!  He is the perfect blend of hardcore and sensitive to your individual needs.  He is very attentive and makes sure you are doing the work but having fun.  This is a tall order at 5:30am but he is great at it!!  I look forward to going to bootcamp every time.  If I could go every day, I would! More...


Alan V.

27 July 2014

Great community of people from all fitness levels and very welcoming. Athletic workouts include stretching, cardio, and strength training; but do not forget to include drills to improve balance. The variety in different stations (bosu ball, kettle bells, etc.) and in the type of workouts (hard cardio, athletic, tabata, etc) keep me coming back. Working out regularly has greatly improved my endurance and balance. XFit Training keeps you motivated! Feel the burn. Love the burn. Not quite love. More...


W W.

1 July 2014

A self-described dispassionate individual and one who is not easily impressed, I would like to give credit where credit is due on my first review. Joe and his talented trainers have done the impossible by wowing me with their workouts. I was unsure of what to expect prior to attending my first boot camp. While in attendance, I found the routines to be challenging and differed by trainer. All were patient, motivating, and correcting. Their routines varied, emphasized quality over quantity, and tested all of my muscle groups. In a very reasonable period of time, I have seen dramatic yet favorable changes in my energy level along with desirable physical transformations.Absolutely recommended! More...


Maria B.

16 May 2014

Overall the best! Loved training with Joe as he helped us get in shape for my sister's wedding. We are not a highly motivated bunch, but after feeling the difference and seeing results, we were motivated to keep going. There is never a boring session in these training classes. I appreciate how much Joe encouraged each of us to keep going and really tailored the classes to help us target the areas we were looking to work on. Would definitely recommend XFit Training to everyone! More...


Nicole R.

11 May 2014

This is an awesome workout! It is great for beginners or seasoned athletes. Any of the exercises can and will be modified by any of the trainers. I have had the pleasure of working out with Max, Kiki and Joe and they are all super knowledgable, supportive and push you to your potential. You are missing out if you miss these boot camps. Definitely worth it! More...


Dave W.

6 May 2014

I highly recommend Joe for personal training!  I have been working with Joe for 6mos, and I have seen great results.  Joe really knows what he is doing, and truly invests in my fitness goals, keeps it fun, and and is committed to the workout.  I have worked with other trainers in the bay area prior to this, and they just don't compare. More...


Rebecca S.

23 April 2014

I've been attending XFit Training for about nine months, and can totally see and feel a difference in my fitness level.  I've never thought I had much in the way of natural athletic ability, but at XFit Training all the trainers are extremely supportive and encouraging.  They find a way to motivate you to maximize each workout to each individual, so that you're only trying to better yourself, and not compete with others.  The outdoor locations are great places to work out, and there are enough options of times during the week that you can make it work with any schedule.  I previously had gym memberships, did Zumba (which I still love), and ran, but never have I felt my level of fitness that I do now having been attending XFit.  If you want to improve your health and fitness in a warm, encouraging environment, XFit is for you! More...


Cindy R.

22 April 2014

I absolutely LOVE this boot camp with Joe. Got a great recommendation from my friend and I was hooked. I am able to use different techniques that Joe has shown me outside of boot camp days. The homework that is given is really motivating and has me still working out at home not feeling that what I am doing is not enough! I recommend this boot camp 100%!! More...


jennifer b.

21 April 2014

Joe is a wonderful trainer and a nice guy.  He runs a great boot camp that offers cardio and  strength training.  I love going to the boot camps held at Canyon Trail.  It is a beautiful park and fun to do the works out outside.  Joe does a great job motivating you to do your best. More...


P L.

21 April 2014

I've been working out with Joe & Max since January 2014, and I'm definitely loving it!My concern about any workout program is that they all kind of "recycle" the workout, not only your body plateau after a while, you also get bored - at least I do!  Joe & Max always change up the workout and make sure that we're challenged, both physically and mentally!  I work out 3 times a week with them at their morning bootcamp.  This schedule is perfect for me - I have no excuse that the workout is in my way!The best reward - 2 weeks ago, I bought a new dress for an upcoming bachelorette party in Vegas.  When I tired it on, my husband immediately noticed, "Wow!  Look at your toned arms!"Thank you, Joe & Max! More...


Celina Galindo

26 February 2014

Joe is the most dedicated trainer I have worked with...will show out results when ready!


Abby M.

4 July 2013

Joe's bootcamp is amazing. He really motivates you.! Me and my husband cannot believe how much more energy we have!! Just try it once and you will be hooked. I sit for hours at a computer desk and was experiencing back pain and also beginning stages of carpal tunnel, but with the various workouts we do with Joe I can seriously feel the difference and best part my clothes are fitting better!! More...


Lea B.

24 June 2013

What can I say about Coach Joe and X-Fit besides how awesome it has been for me and helping me get motivated to exercise.  After I had my daughter my desire to go to the gym was a zero, so I bought myself a Spinning Stationary bike for the house...I have only been on it 6 times. Working out at home was not a good option for me. I finally tried X-Fit with Joe and I'm hooked! Joe puts together a great work out and drives you to want to do better for yourself. It's a small group which I also like; everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. I think the word "Boot Camp" can be so intimidating and I the Boot Camps I've seen look like torture. Joe's X-Fit is not a boot camp in that sense, it's a fantastic, exhilarating workout with friends that is totally "Doable". Don't get me wrong you feel the BURN ... but in a good way. More...


jeremy w.

26 April 2013

If you're looking for a regular people's Bootcamp with a knowledgeable coach and a really fun atmosphere, you should totally check out X-Fit. Joe is awesome. He brings out all the tools, busts out the boombox and energetic tunes, and he somehow makes working out a fun activity you actually look forward to. The regular crew is quite welcoming and it's an easy process to get started.The workouts change quite a bit from week to week. Same stretches, but a good amount of variation. There is lots of encouragement and good peer pressure. No yelling or competition. You'll come to hate some of the exercises cause they are so damn hard, but you'll get better fast and you'll notice the difference and you'll keep coming back.Unfortunately we had to move and I miss it a lot so I'm here supporting a great fitness program for others who might benefit. Give it a go. Totally worth your time. More...

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