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About Ester Zaltsman
What I believe:

I am a woman that has seen and heard it all and understand that no matter what happens it is never too late to pick ourselves up and change for the better. I am a woman who has a background in sociology and psychology, worked with trauma victims of domestic violence and understand how some women may not love themselves enough to move forward.



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It feels very rewarding to help other women and couples out in their romantic issues. To watch other women who struggled in love overcome their struggles and magnetize love to their life is the most amazing feeling.

Overcoming my own issues in my love life, watching others struggle and hearing their stories, and witnessing how difficult it is or some people to have the love lives they want is really what motivated me to get started as a love and relationship coach.

Clients should choose me if they are ready to invest in themselves because I have done that myself, i constantly evolve and change and embrace love and life. I will honor client's need to create a vibrational energy shift and that they are ready to make those changes they need to have the love life they want.