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Emeryville, California



Emeryville, California



Architectural design firm with 20+ years of experience with new single and multi-family homes along with renovations and additions. We also have experience in commercial tenant improvement projects.

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John P.

26 March 2019

I asked my A-1 designer, Vaso Peritos if she could suggest a 1st class architect. Patrick Perez DESIGNPAD came to mind. I looked Patrick's work over at DESIGNPAD on line, checked out his professional backround and liked what I saw.  After setting up a meeting with Patrick, he was at my door ON TIME for our appointment.  We spent most of an afternoon going over my condo.  I agreed with his keen taste for design and remodeling. I was so pleased that Patrick knew the code here in San Francisco. His designs are all in agreement with today's never-ending building code upgrades. What a relief!  Patrick and I signed a contract within a few weeks. Patrick is shy, soft spoken, cool-looking and sharp as a tack!  He's not pushy but has a head full of all the right stuff for a very fine remodel to with today's world in the City by the Bay.  Holy Smokey, can he design, almost read my mind and draw!  Patrick refined plans to fit all my needs & desires and then refined them again and made gorgeous fully-detailed color renderings.  We did a lot of communications usually daily by email which saved much time and got so much done!  Patrick did everything I needed from an architect including pulling permits.I really knew I found a golden nugget when I choose him.  At the end of the beautiful remodel I owe everything to Patrick (BTW, Patrick's wife is a designer).  I feel I got lucky and appreciate Vaso's reference.  What a highly skilled and sharp mind they both have.  I employed just the right architect for a seriously eye-blowing $300K remodel in a San Francisco 3-story town house up in Diamond Hts.PS:BTW Patrick suggested a few remodlers. I choose his 1st choice, C.H. BURNHAM Inc.  Patrick took me over to his design and the work on a large 4-story Victorian home in the Noe Valley/Castro area.  Wow, what a show!  Patrick's design is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!  ***** of 5 stars.J.A. PommonPSPS: I choose the remodler doing Patrick's design, C.H. Burnham Inc to do the remod.Chris Burnham Construction is a first-caliber remodler w/ an excellent job-supervisor (Chris D).Having Patrick Perez DESIGNPAD and finishing w/Chris Burnham is the answer to a lifetime dream home.  Thank You Patrick!FIVE out of ***** stars. More...


North Bay Construction

30 September 2017

We worked with Patrick on a full home remodel/new addition. Patrick is extremely professional, always quickly responds with any questions we had. Patrick is an excellent mediator between the client and contractor.

North Bay Construction would recommend Patrick on all of our residential projects due to his character and ability to execute high design.


Nina Flyer

20 August 2017

Patrick is wonderful to work with. Had innovative ideas and produced plans on time. There are two windows he added to our home that bring in light in unexpected places. His design for our kitchen was super. He also is very level headed and when we didn't agree with one design plan, he produced two more with zero rancor. He also helped us choose a contractor and worked well with the chosen contractor. We love our home now; thanks Patrick! More...



28 February 2017

We had a great experience working with Patrick. He has an excellent attention to detail and really took the time to get to know us and our style and aesthetic. He always presented different options and was very adept and creative at problem-solving, particularly when dealing with challenges from city planning. More...


John Mullan

13 October 2016

It was a pleasure to work with Patrick. His attention to detail in the extensive remodel design and his careful focus on finishes made sure that the project was a success. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone that is looking for an architect or designer to be a part of their project team. More...



17 November 2015

When we hired Patrick on to our project in Noe Valley we had a lot of ideas swirling around. In a nutshell, we wanted to take our home from a 2 bed/2 bath to a 3 bed/3 bath. Somehow he was able to decipher our vision and get it onto paper. He was VERY patient as I threw out several ideas and “what do you think if we did this or that?” sort of statements. After several revisions and numerous discussions with a problematic neighbor, we finally filed with the City. After a few hiccups (mostly of our own making) and a complete design change, 18 months later we finally had the necessary approvals. Patrick was instrumental during this entire process, he was patient, professional, and followed the progress of our application through the many departments San Francisco requires. He really seems to know his way around the Building Department, which we've learned is extremely valuable. As we are in the world of design, this was the extent of our need for his services, or so we thought.

We recently came to the final stage our our remodel, the Final Inspection. Unfortunately we ran into a snag due a not well thought out decision during construction and found ourselves in need of Patrick's assistance once again. 12 months after our last conversation, I was able to ring him up in a panic and asked for his help. I explain what it was we needed to pass our final inspection, and within the week we had it and passed.

I would be happy to work with Patrick again on future projects, and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an architect



8 July 2015

Patrick helped us with a our kitchen/dining room/entry way remodel. We took the space down to the studs, moved walls, and reconfigured the entire kitchen/ dining room area. We hired Patrick because we felt he understood our need to blend existing spaces with the new space. From the start, Patrick was responsive and easy to work with. His design has resulted in a kitchen/dining/ living space that I truly cannot believe is our own! The end result is just beautiful. He is thoughtful, patient, and detail oriented. He was a great support for us throughout the construction project. Having an architect was a must for us. He was able to work well with our contractor and helped keep us all on track. My husband and I both highly recommend Patrick. Working with him was a wholly positive experience. More...


building Lab, inc.

30 November 2014

building Lab worked with Patrick on a new media / living room project that required extensive cabinetry and furniture grade woodwork. While the project piqued our interest for the level of craft and precision it demanded, we were also quite curious about how effective the design would be in real life. Any doubts were completely unwarranted. Patrick's vision for the project was abundantly unique and yet appropriately restrained. He brought a previously non-descript, appendage of a room into the life of the home and was extremely effective in addressing the client's needs.
As with all projects, questions and concerns came up during the course of construction. Patrick is known for bringing a calm, attentive and highly collaborative demeanor to all of his projects. This was no exception. We able to resolve all issues productively and expeditiously and look forward to working with him again in the future.



31 October 2013

Patrick is an amazingly creative, patient and flexible architect. He found a way to balance San Francisco victorian style with a modern layout. Exactly what I was hoping for. I love when people come by for the first time. And now all of my friends who have since remodeled their homes have worked with him....that's saying something. More...



31 October 2013

This is my first Houzz review. We met Patrick on Houzz.com via a series of photos in our ideabook. I called Patrick to ask questions about the stain he used on a house he worked on. Patrick was incredible generous with his time and explanations. He then texted me the name of the stain. A few months later, we wanted to install a fireplace in our bare living room. We thought of Patrick. Patrick met with us at our home and we noticed his very calm and professional demeanor. He asked us a lot of personal questions about how we use the space--we have 3 children. We talked about our aesthetics and he walked around the house as we explained the kinds of things we like. He took a genuine interest in our home and our needs. That seemed very unusual.

After a short time, he came over to show us 4 design ideas. They were all brilliant! We ended up choosing his first design. It was modern, yet had a very traditional function, it wasn't cold in its design. Patrick also recommended we use a ventless, bio-ethanol fireplace. We were hesitant at first, but now that we have it, I can't imagine going any other way. It's green and safe!

Patrick helped us find a contractor by securing bids on his own. We ended up using a contractor friend of ours, but Patrick's recommendations were pro.

Before meeting Patrick, we had begun work with another architect on a different project. This architect charged for every email and phone call and visit to our home. It got to a point were we simply stopped calling or emailing him for fear of being charged too much. By contrast, Patrick does't do that. He's generous with his time and ideas. He's very accessible.

The fireplace is complete and it looks better than we expected. It is a central feature of our home and we watch less TV since we hang out in the living room more often.

In summary, Patrick has a very friendly demeanor and seems genuinely concerned with personalizing his projects. He shows great artistry in his design, is very affordable, and is an absolute professional. We highly recommend him!!



25 June 2013

I have worked with Patrick on two renovations, a condo in San Francisco, and a country home in Sonoma County. Patrick has a great sense of space, always figuring out creative solutions to accommodate our ambitious "wish lists" within existing constraints. He is easy to work with, collaborative, understands the needs of young families, and truly cares about his clients' satisfaction. Patrick excels at creating spaces that are both beautiful and livable. I'd happily work with Patrick again! More...



17 June 2013

We approached Patrick with a specific brief: to create a functional, modern home for an active family of four. We were really pleased with his flexibility to work closely with us, the contractor and the subs when necessary. He clearly understood the balance between achieving our desired aesthetic while staying on budget and schedule. His design was clever in that he was able to achieve privacy in a mostly open-plan living area. We were thrilled with with the entire renovation. He delivered a high-quality, contemporary family home that will definitely stand the test of time. More...