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We are filmmakers at heart! Storytelling is our passion and we believe every project can be a cinematic experience. Whether we are preserving the precious memories of your wedding day, documenting the important moments of your special event, or creating a visual lifestyle piece for your brand;


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Martha Tasinga

19 July 2019

Wurld Film Productions team are very professional and made my family and I confident they were gonna give us an amazing video. Thanks Jeff and Luke


Joyce Buendia

13 January 2019

Jeff & Luke are great! I found them online, after talking to them I know I can entrust them and they will do the job right. During the event, they were filming really close to the performers (few guests even asked me to tell them to move away). They gave me a heads up about this, they just wanted to deliver a great video that I of course wanted and it is all worth it. After I received the first and second cut, I had multiple edit requests, they edited it right away and I am very happy with the outcome. These guys are amazing! I hope them more success in everything they do! More...



29 December 2018

Wurld Film Productions captured our once in a lifetime moment. They were respectful of our guest and made them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Jeff and Lucas are professional, easygoing and are masters of their craft. I highly recommend them if you want to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. More...


Syreeta Smith

27 November 2018

Got married 10-21-18 and I love the choice I made with world films there very professional the photos and videos were edited within a week we love the service they provided I definitely will be using them again



26 November 2018

Got married 10-21-18 and I love the choice I made with world films there very professional the photos and videos were edited within a week we love the service they provided I definitely will be using them again


Madelaine Kolisnyk

6 October 2018

The video is awesome..Wonderful guys that aim to please.. pros


Aileen Del Rosario

25 September 2018

From the very beginning, Wurld Film Productions impressed me with their professionalism. They responded to my initial inquiry within minutes. As Jeff consulted with me, it seemed he was really interested in making my event special, and gave me ideas of what they can offer. After watching a few of their previous projects, I felt confident in hiring them. Their finished work presents itself like a movie. Jeff and Lucas have a talent in telling someone else’s unique story through film. They have a good sense for background music, angles of the shots, and overall flow. Best of all, they care about producing exactly what their client wants. For my Mom’s 80th birthday, I wanted her to feel honored. Days before the event, I gave Jeff our tentative program with notes on what and how to cover the event. On my Mom’s birthday, they had my notes memorized to the minute, better than I did. They covered exactly what I asked them to. If anything fell short, it was because I didn’t do my part the way I meant to, for them to cover what I had envisioned. Jeff told us in advance what to expect from him... how long it would take to edit, and what the next step would be. Our event was quite unique with additional features, but Jeff and Lucas did an excellent job incorporating them. They also were very patient with me during the editing process. They always communicated with me with kindness and utmost respect. The only complaint I got was that when they were filming, they seemed like they were in the way of the audience view. But, the way I think about it, is they had to be positioned where they were in order to capture the moment, permanently on film. Overall, I would go with them again and again, not only for their top quality films, but also because you get a sense they genuinely care for their customers. It wasn’t just a gig they booked, but for them, it was an opportunity to bless yet another family, through their talent. WFP are experts in their craft and customer relations. More...



19 July 2018

Very creative and fun videographer duo. Very happy with the product, highly recommend



19 July 2018

A pair of very creative and fun videographers. Extremely happy with the product and the journey to create it.


Kerry Mac

17 July 2018

It was a pleasure working with Jeff. He is a pro, and he really knows what to do to produce quality work. After he finished editing, the recorded event actually looks and feels better then the day of. He was also very flexible with editing the footage to the way I preferred. Thank you More...


Robin Carder

26 June 2018

They were wonderful to work with. We communicated back and forth with what I would like in the video and it was done exactly as I had hoped. I would highly recommend this company to everyone looking for a video production for your event. More...


Vrajendra Pande

19 June 2018

Great crew , amazing work. Fun people to work with. Would highly recommend!



3 May 2018

Jeff and his team were great. They showed up an hour early like they said to go over everything for my model shoot. Highly recommend them.


Ben Lupejkis

25 April 2018

Great working with Jeff and Luke. They were receptive to my needs, came in the day before to scout the venue, and were creative with an otherwise tame digital capture. The results are great.


Tina Coury

24 February 2018

Jeff and his team were awesome!!! I needed to hire a production company to film a memorial service for my best friend. Including testimonials by guests. Wurld Production were professional, prompt, creative, cooperative and as nice as could be. AND VERY REASONABLE!!!! I am a book trailer producer and I highly recommended them. More...



3 November 2017

Jeff & Lucas captured our Wedding January 2017. Words cannot express how happy we are with the outcome of our video. We never thought using a drone for our beach setting was so powerful.
Wurld Film gave texture and life to our wedding that will remain fresh and live on forever. They are super generous, kind and really fun to work with...We highly recommend them.



31 October 2017

Great experience working with these guys! Willing to work with your ideas and suggest improvements. Finished product very professional!



31 October 2017

Wurld Films was very professional throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail was top notch, and they were very enjoyable to work with. All expectations were met.



25 October 2017

Wurld Film Productions did work for my daughters wedding. They were very easy to work with and their work was high quality. Very friendly guys.



23 October 2017

I hired Wurld Film Productions for video and photos of my wedding in April 2017. We sat down to discuss all details of what I wanted from the beginning of the day getting ready, during the ceremony, and until the end of the reception. They were very professional and detail oriented to setting up what needed to be done that day. The whole process was painless. The cinematography approach captured every moment beautifully like a fairytale. The prices are very reasonable for the high quality that most other videographers would charge more for. I would highly recommend hiring these guys! More...


The process of creating our own material without any outside influence. However, we like to bring this mentality to our clients when creating videos for them, as well. It is our goal to understand the vision each client has for their company/brand and bring that into a visual medium that they feel expresses the heart and soul of what they are about.

After working odd jobs in the industry for a number of years, we started our own YouTube channel where we could create our own material and release it for people to see. Once we built up a wealth of material, it was decided that we wanted to use our skills to help companies/brands promote themselves in a unique, visual way while also continuing to build our own brand, Funnywurld.

Our production company only has two employees at this point, so it's very easy to communicate directly with us on a creative level. When it comes to the creative process for bringing any kind of visual medium to life, we believe that communication is key and we are here to serve your needs creatively. We've had a lot of experience working with different actors, writers, and creators in the industry who put themselves before their co-workers and it hurts the final product in the end. When we work with a client, they become like family to us, where we want to be sure everyone is happy with the results.



It's your special day. Let us create a video in a style that you and your family can remember it forever.

Selling a house or office space. A video tour of your property can make any potential buyer feel like they already live there.

It's your product. It's your brand. Your commercial video will stand out and attract the right kind of customers, therefore making your business, and more importantly, you stand out.

A view from above tells the whole story. Let's show everyone the whole picture with some aerial footage of your event or subject.

Represent your company creatively with a testimonial video, interview video, or at a corporate event. Our corporate videos will bring the right attention to your business.