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Writerz Blok

Chollas View, California


Writerz Blok

Chollas View, California


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Becky Lisman-Diehl Cross

24 October 2019

absolutely amazing place ....full of great Creative energy! Jose was amazing mentoring a young artist and educating us on the World of this amazing Art! Highly recommend Writerz Blok


Robin Tufono

30 July 2019

Family Man. Get Right ouR geT Left!!


Daniel Murphy

30 June 2019

Creative space with tons of potential


Meyers Will

11 June 2019

Best artist from all over the world showing their skill and they come to San Diego every year


To-oanh P.

14 May 2019

My son loved that he has a place to express & practice his art! The hour drive from Orange County is well worth it. There is also a lot of great talented graffiti art murals to view also. A lot of space to create & the staff are awesome!! Their shop is stocked with quality staple products which next time we will purchase to help support this community & their purpose/mission!! Thank you for having a venue such as this!! More...


leon rainbow

8 February 2019

Great place to be creative. I came thru on a recent trip to San Diego. Bean set me up and gave me some tips about the local area.


Heriberto Beltran

8 December 2018

Awesome spot for perfect events.


Pete Large

8 December 2018

The best place ever!


Oscar Gonzalez

8 November 2018

Wonderful place to have an expression session. Some of the worlds best graffiti Artist and pieces all in one location. You can buy spray paint or BYO! Pick a wall as your canvass that have been readily laid out. Go to town without getting arrested. Its a hip hop culture with intellect your sure to enjoy!! More...


Bryan Farrell

8 October 2018

such a cool place, I photographed a cherish the dress shoot a while ago and part of the shoot was at Writerz Blok, loved it, the staff were chilled and helpful.


Christopher Castillo

8 July 2018

a place that supports/an outlet for creative street artist


osigbeme donaldson

8 June 2018

Cool people, great space


Jaime Favorite

8 June 2018

Greet place to spend half an hour!


Nico Ricoy Photo

8 June 2017

There truly is no other place like it in the WORLD.



4 December 2016

To begin, we worked with Jose, who is an extremely kind and hardworking man. We rented the space for a recent photo shoot. The price was very reasonable and Jose met us promptly at the time we agreed upon. If you want the coolest photo shoot or album cover or back drop, come check this place out! Additionally, they offer school field trips and private events. Check out their website to see some of their custom graffiti art at well known San Diego institutions. I look forward to going back with a group of kids to learn some graffiti art techniques. How kool that this is a place where youth can express themselves with graffiti versus vandalism in public spaces? Hope there will be others like Jose and Sergio that replicate this idea in other places! Keep up this amazing work!! More...


Jasin Dollin

8 June 2016

Coolest place ever! The art is always amazing. Fun events for the community. Support the youth and they won't let you down.


Carmen V.

21 August 2014

A great place to express yourself! If you consider graffiti and art, either to practice or just to appreciate, Writerz Blok is for you. You will love the vibe, the location off the beaten path, the creative flooding and you will leave rejuvenated. From cavemen and women painting the walls with whatever they found to today's sprays, graffiti is more alive than ever, so keep tagging! More...


Jan A.

20 August 2014

The place was awesome full of creativity and the guy sergio showed me around and even gave me tips for using stencils #thesicshop


Joey K.

11 August 2014

Love this spot! Just walking around the pieces by amazing artists. Allowing kids to have a spot to express themselves on the walls.


Vincent L.

21 May 2007

Come here to appreciate the fine graffiti around you, OR participate.  There is no fee involved.  Just walk right in and take a stroll.  If you are gonna paint, then tell one of the workers there and they will sometimes pick a spot for you. More...